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Splash *Written by Bookmark8*

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Disaster Chapter - Part I -The Possession!

Demons , mysterious and evil creatures that have haunted down the people since the ancient times. Yet no one believes that they exist , but here , in an separated and small town , they still remain.And a particular case , is that of grade 9 class 3!
“Dear Diary!
Today its my first day at school! Now I’ve grown up , and I am at the 9th grade! I know that I don’t “talk” often with you , but I always tell you the best and important moments of my life , and this one is one of them! Wish me good luck!”

“Dear Diary! As u know by now, my family and I moved to another town. My grandmother is asthmatic and she needs to live in a quiet and fresh air town , just like this one we’re right now. Today it’s my first day at school , wish me good luck and imma gonna praise so I can make some good friends!”

-Anna , come! Breakfast is ready!
-Coming Mom! Hmmmmmm , it’s delicious!
-Eat this too!
-Now , I’m late so I don’t have more time! Wiosh me good luck ! Byee!
-You won’t need it sweety!

-OMG! I’m so late , I have to rush!
*And as she starts so run , she crushes with another person*
-Uh , I’m so sorry! It’s just that I am late and ….
-No need to worry , I am late too.
-You seem new here. My name is Anna! Nice to meet you!
-My name is Alicia! Nice to meet you too!
-You must be at my school , cuz in this town that’s the only one!
-Yea sure!

-Hello class! I just want to say that may this year be the best , and the more lucky for all of you! Pluss , we have a new student!
-My name is Alicia Wells! I am 15 years old and I’ve moved here recently with my family!
-Great Alicia! You may seet there , next to Anna!

-Who would’ve thought that you’d be in the same class as mine and sitting right next to me!
-Well I think , that the most important is that you seem to me as a good person.I’m glad I met you!

*As the day passes , the night comes! Everyone goes to their houses , to be with their family! In this town , the demons are a real thing! That’s why , everyone goes to their homes immediately after the sun fall! But somewhere , is the midst of the darkness , someone is getting possessed by a demon*!

-NOOOOOOOOOOOO! UGHHH! GHAAA ! *and after a moment of silence a creepy smile is heard”

Hope You like it x)

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Disaster Chapter - Part II - Ogre’s Hill Demon

*The morning has come in Ogre’s Hill , and everyone is ging out of their homes! Some to go to their jobs and some other to go to school after a good night sleep.*
*as a person is going oh her way to school , finds Alicia , on the ground , sleeping!*

-Alicia?! Is that you!
-Ughhh! Who are you!?
-We’re in the same class, but why are you here?
-OOOUU CRAP! It happened again!
-What’s the matter?
-I am a sleepwalker! I usually just get up fo the bed and sleepwalk around house , but this time I’ve ended on the street!
-Hahahahah , it’s funny! Well I’ll see ya at school!
-Yeaaa , see ya at school!
-I’m leaving mom!
-Good luck today Anna!
* and then Anna meets up with Alicia”
-Goodmorning Alicia!
-Goodmorning to you too , eventhough it wasn’t that of a “good morning” for me.While sleepwalking I ended up sleeping in the street.
-It seems good to me! Hahahhahahaha
-Stop joking! *and they both smile as they arrive at school*
-Hey , Anna ,Alicia , whats up?!
-Hi Abby!
-Hi again!
-Where did you too meet anyway?
-While I was sleeping on the street!
-OOuuu , kay! Shall we enter ! *and they enter in the class*

*and as the time passes by , its time for the lunch break , and Abby goes in front of the class*
-I have an announcement to make!So please let’s stay here for the lunch break!I , as the head of the countermeasures , have to tell you all something!
We all know that this town, Ogre’s Hill is a town that’s been haunted by demons since 100 years ago!And for some reasons , these demons , haunt the 9th grade class 3!”Exactly 100 years ago , on the 9th grade class 3 a girl , named Maria , was bullied by the other classmates.She was so frustrated that one day , she summoned a demon.This demon took over her body , and made a deal , that the demon would kill her classmates each week for a month full , while each night the demon would feed on her.But something unexpected happened.The demon started to like Maria, and he wouldn’t fed on her.But their demonic pact had a time limit, a time limit for a month.After a month , the host would die , and come back as a dead person , who lives among the living.The after a week the demon must possess the “ghost” again , so they could be inseparable.But the class found out who the dead was.Al these time they hadn’t stayed in the dark , bu they made research.And if they could kill the dead with a cross that his end would be sharp as a blade they would stop the “calamity” and no one would die.And they killed Maria , but the demon got angry , and haunted they down.And ever since the demon haunts the 9th grade class 3, but in a particular year , in the year when the number of girls is twice as big as the number of the boys.With the transfer of Alicia Wells in our class, now we are 20 girls and 10 boys.Which means ------- THAT THIS YEAR WE WILL BE HAUNTED BY THE DEMON , AND SOMEONE WILL BE POSSESSED!

Hope you like it and comment xx ;)

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Awesome. :D

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thank you :)

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Disaster Chapter - Part III - 1st victim

-B-but , why this year the demon will haunt us?Is there any importance to the numbers of the students?*A student from the class asked out of curiosity*
-Well yes ,’cuz the year that Maria was into , the number of the girls was twice as big as the number of the boys , so that’s why!
*then the whole class starts glaring an Alicia*
-STOP GLARING AT HER! It’s not her fault , she couldn’t possibly know , so it’s not her fault, and together we will surpass this.Now to make sure that everyone of you will be okay , we will give each one of you a cross that in its bottom has a sharp blade.Use it when you are in danger!That’s all I had to say!And again sorry to take the time from your lunch break.
-Anna , I really feel like I am the culprit!
-No you aren’t Alicia! And don’t torment yourself , you will be alright!

*The school has finished for today , and everyone is going on their way to home.Then as a student from class 3 is walking home , he hears some footsteps , and when he turns around , no one is there.And as he turns forward he is captured by a person wearing a hood and dark clothes!*
-Don’t bother! No one will hear you
-Who are you!Your voice …. Its so weird , I can’t identify you if you’re a male or female!
-Mwhahahahha! It’s not that easy!
*And then with a sharp knife he guts him alive , and with the blood writes:”THERE WILL BE OTHERS!!!”
*then the body is found at the door of the class and the writing was written in the class’s walls*
-Noo , please don’t do anything to me!
-Stop this nonsense! Once a person is possessed , no one can change the fate of class 3 ,did you hear me?!! NOOO ONE , SO DON’T GO AROUND AND BLAME PEOPLE OK?
-Yea , it’s exactly as my brother said!
-Thank you -----! My name is Michael , Michael Woods! Abby’s twin brother!
-Seriously! You don’t resemble at all!
-That’s cuz we are fraternal twins(the both said simultaneously)

*And this day also ends, on their way home , the two twins are talking*
-I’ve never seen you defend a girl like that!Do you like Alicia brother!
-Well , yea , I mean I find her cute and interesting!
-My brother is in loo-oo-oove!
-Hahahha ,stop it you!
*and as they are talking , Anna was listening*

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