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RP on Half Blood Hill.

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Savannah | 2093 comments Tyler sat up at the hill, looking at the demigod camp. He remembered when he had first arrived with nothing but a sword. His satyr had died. And it was all his fault. If he hadn't put up a big fight... Tyler shook his head. That was in the past. Here he was at camp, and he loved it! He looked back across the boundary line. He loved his old home too. Tyler rolled his eyes and smiled. Stop with the mushy stuff, he thought. Relax and have fun. Don't live in the past. He jogged down the hill.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments Anya walked towards the hill and looked around to see if anyone was there.She wanted to be alone for some time to gather her own thoughts.The last few days were cray.She had no idea what a big change she was going to witness until she came to the camp.

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Chewy "Hellooo" drake called "anyone need a replica trdent or lighting bolt"

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments Anya turned around as she thought she heard someone's voice.

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Chewy "The best in the land nearly as good as the original" Said Drake.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "I am sorry...but what?????"Anya looked extremely confused."Who are you?"

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Chewy "Oh I am Drake, the assassin one of my hobbies is recreating weapons of the gods," said Drake.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Assassin?Let me guess,son of Hephaestus?"

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Percyfreak- (coltofpersonallity) | 163 comments Hilt lokked out on the hill to see two people.

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Chewy "Why yes was it me false arm with razor sharp claws or my robotic eye that gave it away, but also grandson of hades," Said Drake.

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Chewy "Hello would you like to buy a replica weapon of the gods" said Drake.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Ummmm...everything gave away the secret."Anya smiled.

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Chewy "So would you like my services, or my goods," Said Drake.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Nothing now,but maybe later."Anya said it genuinely and sincerely.

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Chewy "Ok, wait I have somthing you might like, pick a dead guy any dead guy," Said Drake

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Oh thanks."Anya said and smiled warmly.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Poseidon."She said proudly,"you?"

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Oh,ok."She replied shortly.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments Anya looked at her and smiled.

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments "Anya...Anya Aron."She said without taking her eyes of the girl."And you are....?"

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Gatha  (gatha) | 18 comments Anya nodded and looked away.

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