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The New Kindle Fire Review

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Vera Sacrifice The Kindle Fire is Amazon's first foray into the tablet market. Although it is still technically being promoted as an e-book reader, it can actually do a lot more than that. It is a fully functioning 7" full color touch screen device, capable of delivering not only books, but games, apps, video and a lot more. It's a great crossover between e-book reader and tablet, and at a very low cost. This Kindle Fire review will look at some of the main benefits and features of this wonderful device.

How Does the Kindle Fire Compare with Amazon's Previous Kindles?

The biggest difference between the Fire and previous incarnations of the Kindle is the function. The original Kindles (which are still the best e-book readers on the market) performed one function, and that was to enable the user to read books. They do have secondary functions such as on board mp3 players for audible books or music and a basic web browser, but that is all they are.

The Fire is different because it is more like an all in one mobile entertainment center. It takes book reading one step further, and provides a fantastic screen to enable magazine content reading as well.

So far, this Kindle Fire review has covered the basic specs, reading, videos and music. What else could it possibly offer? The other main use people have for their tablets is of course internet access. The Amazon Silk browser is nothing short of amazing and offers smooth and speedy browsing. It also supports Flash, so while your iPad using friends struggle on flash web sites, you'll be displaying them with no problems at all. For complete information you can read at kindle review

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Allen Crowe Vera wrote: "The Kindle Fire is Amazon's first foray into the tablet market. Although it is still technically being promoted as an e-book reader, it can actually do a lot more than that. It is a fully functioni..."

I have been using my Kindle Fire none stop since I bought it. Typing is easy and has a auto speller built in. Lightning fast on everything with any good wifi connection. So if you have, or your neighbor has a cable modem you can watch movies from netflix or Amazon 's vast library or free movies in second seconds. I make my watchlist with one click and then add all the movies I come across or like. Add them and watch in seconds. The books of course are fantastic and Amazon has thousands for free with dozens added each day to the free list. I have about one hundred or so added this month alone... all for free. I also have my favorite games like Angry Birds and Pinball. Load super fast and run superb! I also have my favorite apps, many for free, at the touch of the screen! And all shown on a wonderful size screen in HD with really incredible sound. Like I said... everything and in a size that still fits in my pants pocket. Try you favorite magazines for free for fourteen days and if you like them keep them for as little as one dollar a month. Oh, and wait until you start facebooking on it! I do all my posts from my Kindle Fire because my wife hogs the laptop. But you know what... I love the Kindle more. In all reality it is the best purchase and the best present I have ever made or received. Oh and one more thing. I was worried I wouldn't like to read books on it. Kind of not the same feel you know. Since I love reading and just collecting books. But it turns out I like it better. In fact I got so use to touching words to automatically look them up or research them on the Internet or search In the book itself, I find myself touching the words in my paperbacks I don't understand like I do my Kindle! I've done it three times so far. And man was it easy to learn. You just touch on what you want and go. Apps,
books, streaming music & movies, You Tube, Pandora, Facebook... it does it all. You will enjoy it!

Xenia I was very resistant to buying a Kindle. When I decided to stop bei9ng stubborn about it I went and purchased a Kindle Fire and not just a Kinder e-reader. I figured if I am going to buy one I might as well go all the way with the purchase.

I still prefer real books, but I do love the Kindle Fire.

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