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Bri (mythbri) | 26 comments Mod
I've noticed that quite a few members of the group are fans of Terry Pratchett (and justifiably so - the man is uber-awesome). Let's talk Discoworld! Here are some discussion questions:

1. Which is your favorite Discworld book?
2. Who is your favorite (human) Discworld character?
3. Who is your favorite (non-human) Discworld character?
4. Do you have a favorite set of books (i.e., the City Watch, Lancre Witches, Unseen University Wizards, etc.)?
5. Did you try to read the Discworld books in chronological order, or did you give up on that as quickly as I did?
6. What is your favorite Discworld quote?
7. Is there a Discworld book that has particular meaning for you? Why?

By the by, this thread will likely contain spoilers for any of you who haven't read all of Terry Pratchett's books. I think that in these types of threads, everyone should expect spoilers and be cool about it in case you come across something you didn't know. If you'd like to be extra-courteous and post spoiler warnings in your comments, that's perfectly fine.

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Bri (mythbri) | 26 comments Mod
Here are my answers:

1. My favorite Discworld book is still Small Gods. It was one of the first of Pratchett's that I ever read, and it was an amazing read. It was fascinating to see so many aspects of human life and society (and by extension, god life and society) distilled into one book that it's become a yearly re-read. I give copies to friends as gifts.

2. My favorite human Discworld character is definitely Granny Weatherwax. It's like pulling teeth to decide, though, because Sam Vimes is awesome too - and so are all the other characters. I just love how badass Granny is, though.

3. My favorite non-human Discworld character is probably Greebo (I know, I'm kind of sticking with the witches on these choices). But Greebo is nearly a force of nature, and he is every bit as much of a character as his human counterparts. He just doesn't get any dialogue.

4. My favorite set of books (the witches notwithstanding) are the City Watch books. Those have a really nice flow to them, and the characters are so well fleshed-out that it's a pleasure to re-visit them and see them grow.

5. Yeahhhhh, I tried reading the Discworld books in order after reading Small Gods and The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. Pratchett's Rincewind books just don't do it for me, and that's how the series starts.

6. My favorite Discworld quote is probably from Reaper Man, when Death faces Azrael and the Auditors, and he says "LORD, WHAT CAN THE HARVEST HOPE FOR, IF NOT FOR THE CARE OF THE REAPER MAN?" It still brings me to tears every time.

7. I think that the book that has most meaning for me is The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. As one of my other favorite authors (Tamora Pierce) said, "Terry Pratchett will take out your brain and play basketball with it." Pratchett has an enormous gift for layered storytelling - you have surface story 1, which is lovely and entertaining and nice. Then you have surface story 2, which is a little troubling when it boils its way to the surface and lets you know that something deeper is going on here. And then there's mind-fuck story level 3, in which you realize that all along, Pratchett has been building the plot to smack you in the face with THE POINT, and even when it doesn't come as a surprise it always has an impact. Amazing Maurice is a fantastic example of this.

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Laura (ratatosk) | 8 comments I'm not a favorites person. I'm partial to, and have used, "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, especially simian ones. They are not all that subtle." "Out of cheese error" and "librarian poo."

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