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April My college English instructor assigned the class to read this novel during the summer semester of my Freshman year. This story is about a man named Oswald T. Campbell, a resident of Chicago who suffers from emphysema and is faced with a rather grim outlook after a visit with his doctor.He is advised to elude the cold, damp and polluted city of Chicago and move to a warmer climate to live out the rest of his days. Mr. Campbell has never really felt like he belonged anywhere and he heeds the doctor's advice. He moves to a small town in the southern part of Alabama called Lost River.
Oswald quickly makes friends in the tiny community, with everyone from a small crippled girl namde Patsy to a little redbird named Jack. This book keeps you entertained from cover to cover and is not your traditional Christmas story. Christmas just happened to be the time when the story took place. You will laugh and you will cry but not one chapter will leave you anything less than entertained.

Nerina i agree, i love this book - always re-read it when i'm feeling down, it always cheers me up, lovely message in it

Linda Miller I loved this book! It's a fast, fun read like all of her books.

Heather-Lea I was just told about this book in my book club last year when we read it for Christmas. I think this will be a yearly read for me!

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Pat I can always count on a Fannie Flagg book to re-ground me when I have over-indulged in the murder mystery or the usual case of dilemmas we tend to read about.
Pure and simple, her books are, for me, like comfort food for the mind. Chicken and Dumplings, and Rice Pudding....five stars!

Fabiola Carmona A touching story with comedic moments that make the reader remain interested in knowing the outcome of this unique character and its peculiar neighbors.

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