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"Everyone please take a seat! We'll be discusing the plantets sarowneding our dear earth!" Called Professor Sinistra.

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Beth stood in the back, same as she always did.

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"Now. Which one is closest to the sun?" Sinistra asked.
Lucey's hand flew into the air. "Yes Miss Granger?" Sinistra said.
"It is Venous." Lucey said with a proud smile.
((Sorry, I think that is how it's spelled. Haha!))

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"That is correct. 10 points to Gryffindor." Sinistra said with a smile.

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Elin "Actually venus is not a planet, A lot of years ago a wizard named Dario Solman tried to combine a patronus charm with an engourment charm which resulted in a big ball of light that flew into the space and grew bigger until it was hit by a solidus charm and became what a lot of people think is a planet but really is a solid ball of good memories and positive energy. At least that's what the Quibbler says"

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(( Quotation marks? " ", you know...))

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Beth raised one of her eyebrows. She had no idea what Li had just said, but it sounded brilliant. Next book I check out, will be one on Astronomy, Beth thought.

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Lucey shook her head. "How many times to I have to tell you that the Quibbler isn't real! It's all made up! Venus really is a planet, got it?" Lucey said angryly.

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Elin "No I am sure it is true, Lorcan and Lysander's grandfather is Xenophilius Lovegood, and they told me the Quibbler don't lie. there are probably just some wrackspurts in here making you confused" Luna said, looking around her and trying to sense if there were any wrackspurts near

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Lucey shook her head. "I'd rather believe a Professor and not some dumb magazine!" Lucey snapped.

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