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"Sit down please! Intoduse yourselves to your partner next to you!" Yelled Professor Burge.

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Beth started biting her lip nervously. This class was made of a lot of other houses, houses that weren't big slytherin fans.

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Lucey eyes Beth suspishiously. What is she doing here? She's a Slytherin! Slytherins hate muggles. Don't they? Don't they think that they are like, the weirdest thing ever? Don't they want to kill them? Don't they wish that they weren't invented? Lucey thought.
Lucey was sitting by Beth. "I'm Lucey Granger. I'm in the Gryffindor house. I was born in London england. I'm Muggle-Born. And you better call me that. I know you're a Slytherin." Lucey said in a whisper.
Lucey waited for her to ask, "If your a mud-blood then why are you here? Don't you know all about muggles?" and then Lucey would get up and find a different partner. Unless she was different. If she was then she'd say, "If your a muggle-born then why are you here if you know all about muggles?" but she might not say that. Lucey couldn't tell the futer. She couldn't know what Beth would say.

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Beth was surprised, not a lot of people talked to her because of her house.
"If you're muggle-born, how come you're taking this class?"

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Lucey smiled slightly. Good she called me muggle-born. She is different.
"Well, yes. But I want to figure out more things about muggles. I mean, I dought I know everything. And I could figure out more about electronics and how to work other things like that." Lucey said smartly.

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"What's electronics?" Beth asked. She had grown up in the wizard world.

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Lucey sighed. "Phones? Compeuters? Televisions?" Lucey asked.

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Lucey sighed. "Never mind."

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"Sorry, I don't know a thing about muggles."

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Lucey shrugged. "It doesn't matter because you'll learn about them here." Lucey said, smiling at her.

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"That's why I'm in the class." Beth said, smiling back at Lucey.

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Lucey nodded. Still smiling.

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((What's the teacher's name again?))

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((Professor Burge))

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"Hello class!" Professor Burge yelled, "Today we'll be studying..."

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Aera started twirling her hair over her finger, letting go of it when it got too curly. She was sitting alone until Dominique slinked in, looking late, and sat by her. "Hi," she said. Aera was surprised. "Hi," she replied breathlessly-she was actually speaking to a Weasley! "Dominique." "Aera." "Pleasure." "Quite."

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