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"Everyone come alil' closer! Come ter me everyone! We'll be learnin' abou' this here Hipporgriff!" Professor Hagrid called, patting Buckbeak.

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Beth stood half behind a big tree. Animals hated her, except for her pet owl, Dragon, and snakes, with her being a Slytherin and all. She was sure a Hippogriff would be no different.

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"Come on Beth. Alil' closer!" Hagrid called.
"This here is Buckbeak! We call him Buck! Now who like ter come an' pet Buck!" Hagrid asked.
Ginny's hand flew into the air. "Ari' Ginny! Come over here!" Hagrid said.

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Beth took a deep breath and stood a little closer to the middle of the group.

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Elin "Yay Animals! Can i pat him too?" Luna (Li) asked

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Beth was so glad that other students were volunteering. That way Professor Hagrid would pick them, and not her.

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Hagrid smiled. "Yes, yes of course! Yer all can pet this here Buck!" Hagrid said happiley. "Now, come to 'im slowly and bow, don't blink fast or breath loudly. Keep yer eyes bowed to." Hagrid said.

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