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"Everyone take a seat! We will be practicing the spell Verevartoe!" Called Professor McGonagall.

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Ginny yawned and sat down in the middle row. She pulled out her wand and faced a toad she was suposed to change on her desk. Ginny sighed. "Verevartoe" Ginny said bordly. It changed to a perfect glass cup. "Good job Miss Garfeld. 10 points to Gryffindor" Professor McGonagall said proudly.

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Beth sat in the back of the class, pointed her wand at the rat, and said "Veravartoad" on accident. The rat turned into a goblet... with toad warts and webbed feet!

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Ginny smiled. "Veravartoe." Ginny whispered to her.

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"Thanks!" Beth whispered back, while she blushed. This time she said it correctly and the goblet lost its toad look.

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Ginny grinned and gave her a thumbs up. ((What house is Beth in?))

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Slytherin, but she doesn't really hate other houses like most of them

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((Okay! Thanks! Remember when you are talking about something with an accual person and not Roleplaying to put (())!))

"5 points to Slytherin!" Professor McGonnagall said, smiling at her favorite Slytherin.

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((sorry, i forgot)) Beth gave her a small smile, then bent her head down so nobody could see her blushing.

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((That's alright!))
McGonnagall smiled again. RRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!! Class was over.

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