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"Please sit down everyone! We will be practicing the spell Wingardoin Leveousa!" Croaked Professor Flitwick.

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Ginny came in with her bag over one shoulder. She shifted it to her other shoulder and sat down in the middle row. "Did you hear that someone in gryffindor is dating someone in slytherin." Mckayla whisperd in Ginny's left ear. Ginny spun around to see Mckayla. "Your joking!" Ginny laughed. Mckayla shook her head. Ginny giggled and faced to the front again.

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Beth tapped her wand on her desk nervously, she was terrible at charms... suddenly the place she was tapping grew eyes! She got rid of them quickly, hoping Flitwick hadn't seen them.

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Ginny giggled. "That was cool." She whispered to Beth.
"Are you doing what I asked?" Professor Flitwick asked the class. Quickly, Ginny did what she was suposed to.
"Wingardion Leveousa!" Ginny said. Her feather flew high. "10 points to Gryffindor!" Said Flitwick. Ginny grinned.

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Once Flitwick had walked away, Beth turned to Ginny.
"Thanks." she whispered back, "Do you think Flitwick saw?"

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Ginny shrugged. "I don't think so." She whispered back.

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"Oh good, I was afraid he'd take away house points!"
((I am soooo sorry I have to go clean my room... bleh. I'll be back in a few hours!))

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((Okay! Bye!))

Ginny nodded.

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