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message 1: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Jun 02, 2013 07:07PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I'm leaving the original post here but I have since desired to use my own pictures
despite the loveliness of forgotten colours. Let me know if you like!

I just couldn't find anything else that grabbed me. I don't think the author would mind but if you know otherwise feel free to have them contact me.

Its just appropriate for my purposes which will not be commercial. let you know,its from a delightful illustrated story that is excellent for kids and adults that I believe is unfortunately only available as an app right now. At least here in the U.S. and I couldn't find it on goodreads. The book is written by Silvia G. Guirado. The icon was taken from their wallpaper app which was illustrated by all of these lovely folks:

David Garcia Fores, Desiree Arancibia, and Marta Garcia.

I don't usually get app books but this one is worth a look. Its certainly inspiring.

message 2: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Wait....what is the app called?

message 3: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Forgotten Colours? That's the book...

...wallpaper app by the same name with wallpapers and dash first.

message 4: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Oh! Okay...I found it I just didn't know it was it. Thanks. :)

message 5: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
I hope you've been enjoying it,love the colors and the words are equally full of the kind of great imagery I look for in my stories. Not all of the themes are my thing but all are well written.

message 6: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Hurumph! It won't let me get it on my iPod "not compatible with your iPod touch". *scoffs* I'll try to get it on something else sometime. :)

message 7: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Jun 20, 2012 10:43PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Yeah it's not that kind of app sorry. I'm actually not that Into this stuff myself,it was a gift of sorts,they wanted the newest bestest version of device.

It was a book as well somewhere at one point I think...might have been a limited release or something. You could try checking their facebook if you do that sort of thing.

I think the book book might be in Spanish only though...

message 8: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ Haha! Okedokee. :)

message 9: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
My regular computer has been down for quite sometime but is now fixed! I decided to add my own touches to the look and take down the forgotten colours pic. Though it was lovely,i felt it was time but let me know if you don't care for the new pics.

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