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Plot of Henry - Understand?

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Ethan Devitius I'm having trouble understanding the Henry plot. I just can't seem to nail it down (about 70 pages through).

This is my first time reading Peter Carey so maybe I'm not use to his prose, but I can't stop thinking I'm not clever enough to understand?

Ethan Devitius I've finished the book now and I'm still very confused about the Henry plot. I started to enjoy the Catherine story and followed pretty much all of it, but couldn't understand how the stories culminated in the end.

message 3: by Ellen (new)

I have the same problem. Of course I understand the "big themes" of the book. But I wouldn't mind a simple synopsis of what actually happened or might have happened in the events alluded to in the Henry notebooks. (Not his home life, the first village or the loss of his fortune. That was all pretty clear.)

I was also unable to understand the relationship between the assistant and her boyfriend. Did he know that she was mentally ill before he saw her become violent? If the boss was aware of her history of obsession and bipolar behavior, why on earth would he ask her to keep secrets from Catherine? I'm also unclear about what happened to the notebook Catherine threw across the room. It sounded like it crumbled and she threw most/all of it away. But when she returns the books, her boss doesn't mention that it's missing. I kept thinking there were pages missing from THIS book.

Anyone who can connect the dots in Henry's notebook, specifically anything he wrote after arriving at the second village, please help us out.

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