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Best Fantasy Novel/Series of All Time?

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Priyanka this is definitely the BEST FANTASY EVER!!

Simplyminali HARRY POTTER!!

message 3: by Blujeanbooks96 (last edited Jun 05, 2012 02:00AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Blujeanbooks96 You know, I'd probably say Harry Potter, because I love Harry Potter and it's THE best series I've read in the fantasy... but then I'd stop and think because it's hard to say that I won't read a realllllly awesome fantasy that I haven't come across before... so it might be a contender.

Richard For series that are fantasy in a broad sense:
Steve Aylett - Accomplice.
Roger Zelazny - The Amber series.
Philip Jose Farmer - World of Tiers.

But you probably mean sword-and-sorcery type fantasy, don't you? In that case:
Michael Moorcock - Elric.
R Scott Bakker - The Prince of Nothing.
Robert Holdstock - The Merlin Codex.
Terry Pratchett - Discworld.
Raymond Feist - The Riftwar saga (the first three)

For single books (* indicates high fantasy):
Zelazny - Creatures of Light and Darkness
- Lord Demon
*Moorcock - The War Hound and the World's Pain
GK Chesterton - The Napoleon of Notting Hill
Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
JG Ballad - The Unlimited Dream Company
*John Wright - The Last Guardian of Everness
*David Gemmell - Druss the Legend
*Paul Hoffman - The Left Hand of God
Kurt Vonnegutt - Galapagos
- Slaughterhouse 5
*Alan Garner - The Weirdstone of Brisengamen (children)
Clive Barker - The Great and Secret Show
- Everville
SP Somtow - Riverrun
*Peter Morewood - The Horse Lord
Robert Rankin - Dance of the Voodoo Handbag
Robert Silverberg - Tom O'Bedlam

And it's worth reading Tolkein and Rowling too ;-)

Juliet Well I haven't read that many fantasy books before, but of course I am going to say Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling is such an inspiration, and a genius.

Blujeanbooks96 Richard wrote: "For series that are fantasy in a broad sense:
Steve Aylett - Accomplice.
Roger Zelazny - The Amber series.
Philip Jose Farmer - World of Tiers.

But you probably mean sword-and-sorcery type fantasy..."

Brilliant List! I must have a look at some of these :)

Colin Harry Potter is the best that I have read...
I'm actually obsessed and admin a Harry Potter page on facebook...

Richard Bluejean - these are my favourites, so I have not mentioned George Martin and Joe Abercrombie, which i am looking forward to reading, but have no opinion on yet.
Also, I have tried to give a spread of different interpretations of what people call fantasy, so I hope there are at least a few that you will enjoy :)

M.R. Jenks For me its a toss-up between Lord of the Rings and Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. Raymond Feist's Magician series isn't far behind.

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Max For me, it is definitely this series because it's the only sort of epic fantasy series I've read. I have listened to Lord of the Rings though, and I plan to read them soon, and they are great too. There's a ton out there though, so I don't think I could properly judge for a broader scope. But personally I think this series is it.

♥ Alexia -Team Malec ♥ Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer) Harry Potter hands down! LOTR too.

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Ky IDK what the best fantasy series is but it is definitely NOT Harry Potter. Harry Potter sucks so bad it hardly makes the top 50 or even top 100!
Worst books I have EVER read! A complete WASTE OF TIME!
~Kyla Marie Rich : )

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Mary Lord of the Rings and the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Harry Potter is right on up there too.

message 15: by Kaeri (last edited Aug 14, 2012 04:04AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaeri 1. Lord of the Rings, which includes Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the works.

2. A Song of Ice and Fire, but not if you get too attached to your characters. (Lots of deaths), this is a more grounded and realistic fantasy

3. Bartimaeus Trilogy, funny, witty, a different take on the world of "magic" and sorcery

4. Harry Potter, very accessible esp. to younger readers, nice story and flow. Easy read but is beaming with substance.

5. Chronicles of Narnia, great story, somehow a christian allegory (at least to me), brilliant fantasy.

Avani The Harry Potter series. Simple but intricate, and just magical.

Adina  (myriadbooks) Game of thrones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Lord of the Rings. Always.

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Bine I'm for Game of Thrones, too. Even though I'm still reading the second book. It's amazing from its very first page.

Linda For me, it is the best fantasy series yet (I won't say ever. Ever isn't over yet) simply because I grew up with it.

Justine Saulnier best fanasty series ever!!!!!!

Cookie Harry Potter tops the lot in rereads, by a mile. On the other hand, I've read too many fantasy series to remember and compare. By the way, Twilight is definitely not my thing.

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Jo HARRY POTTER! I will live my whole life loving Haryy Potter. He's my companion through life. What would I do without J.K Rowling's wise words, they have gotten me through everything! Aboslutely the best fantasy book/series of all time, and it doesn't matter how old you are because it suits everyone!
'After all this time...?

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Maanasa I'd say the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

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Kyle 1. Definitely The Lord of the Rings.

2. Harry Potter

3. The Chronicles of Narnia

4. A Song of Ice and Fire (except for its sexual explicitness. *shudder*)

Justine Saulnier i agree i love lord of the rings

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Pamela Su So hard to define best.

Lord of the Rings was among the first stories to breathe life into what we know now as epic fantasy. But "the best"? The pedantic writing style hardly makes it accessible to today's generation of fantasy readers.

I know everyone praises these books to the high heavens, and it certainly has a lot of merit, but I see this as a type of history book. To see how fantasy got a foothold to become what it is today. This and some other books led the way.

On the other hand, many renowned fantasy authors today credit Lord of the Rings as inspiration for their epic works. So maybe, in that sense, yes, it's the best.

HP definitely does not have my vote for the best fantasy novel/series.

Maybe the best Young Adult's Fantasy Series. :)

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Paul Vincent Kailey wrote: "Harry Potter forever. I'm 21 and have read a lot but nothing has ever compared. Even if you think parts of the story are childish, you can't deny the writing's phenomenal."

lol - I can. The first book bored me half to death. Eventually I had to listen to the audio book version of it, read by Stephen Fry - even he could not save it. It's a longwinded children's book and I don't feel it brought anything original to the genre. Maybe the later books do, but I have no plans to subject myself to those.

Mitali Erika Etherviere wrote: "1. Lord of the Rings, which includes Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and the works.

2. A Song of Ice and Fire, but not if you get too attached to your characters. (Lots of deaths), this is a more ground..."

Great list! I agree with all of these, though not necessarily the order. I'd also throw in the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett, which I adore. And while I liked the first Bartimaeus book quite a bit, it's the only one I have read of the trilogy (coincidentally enough, I ordered the other two just yesterday), so I can't speak for the series as a whole.

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vampire academy

nedy ann ginez It's definitely HARRY POTTER and I'm not saying this because I am a Potterhead, but because J.K.R is just a asdfghjkl writer! I can't even explain! haha

Justine Saulnier shes an amazinghly awesome writer

Elizabeth Day You know what... this probably is. :) Harry Potter forever!

Justine Saulnier yeah Harry Potter forever!!!!!!!!!

Nicole A Song of Ice and Fire. It gets you hooked from the first page, but I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers.

Harry Potter, I would put it under best YA fantasy. Definitely not best of all time.

Maanasa Definetly Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

message 37: by Paul (new) - rated it 1 star

Paul Vincent I could not narrow it down to a single best, but I wouldn't put Harry Potter in the top ten.

Tamara Figueroa Harry Potter is Optime! But Hex Hall Bene.

message 39: by David (new) - rated it 1 star

David Wheel of Time Robert Jordan, Riftwar Saga (first three) Raymond E Feist, Mallorean/Begariad David Eddings, Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician

Never Harry Potter!

message 40: by Richard (last edited Jun 11, 2013 04:39AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Richard David wrote: "Wheel of Time Robert Jordan, Riftwar Saga (first three) Raymond E Feist, Mallorean/Begariad David Eddings, Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician
Never Harry Potter!"

David, I'm glad someone has put the Wheel of Time. I was reticent to read them because i thought it was going to be rather cliched, and actually, quite a lot of it is, but the first one was actually fairly good - it is certainly one of the most involved and complex series out there.

I have to disagree with Eddings, though. I have only read the first of the Belgariad, and I found it the most childish writing I have read in years, coupled with the fact that in the whole first book, almost nothing happens! In a YA book, getting the action going quick is paramount!

glad we agree on the Riftwar though :)

While i have enjoyed Potter and LOTR, I do wonder how many people say either of these because they haven't actually read any other fantasy at all. To all of you who have put either Potter or LOTR, what have you read to compare them to?

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David Thanks Richard, I have been a WoT fan almost, but quite since the start. I have read them through several times, except A Memory of Light. For that I was up at the crack of dawn to get it from my local Waterstones. Yes, Eddings isn't good, but the Belgariad and Mallorean were some of the first fantasy I read. So I have a fondness for them. HP, in my opinion is garbage. When you have people claiming it's the greatest fantasy series of all time, have these people actually read any REAL fantasy? Probably not. It annoys me that people see HP as nothing short of brilliance, it's not. The characters are paper-thin, the stories weak, and you could drive a bus through the whole series. Now sit back and watch as HP fans froth at the mouth due to their series being trashed.

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In my opinion? Harry Potter, hands down. But if it wasn't in my opinion, if it was for the best fantasy series of all time, not just what I think, Lord of the Rings would win. Because JRR Tolkien did something that no one else has ever done. Lord of the Rings is, I'm pretty sure, the best fantasy series ever.
But Harry Potter for me. :)

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Oh, that's easy.
Circles in the Stream (Avalon Web of Magic, #1) by Rachel Roberts

Taygus Harry potter, is an enjoyable series, but it is NOT the best fantasy series. Not by a long shot. Too many plot holes.

WoT is an excellent fantasy series.

Probably the only one I could suggest. I haven't read many series yet.
The Farseer Trillogy was brilliant in my mind.

message 45: by Vicky (new)

Vicky Vouvoussiras Glen Cook - The Black Company
Steven Erikson - The Malazan Book of the Fallen
Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time
Frank Herbert - Dune
Terry Pratchett's Discworld books
Anything written by R.A. Salvatore

There are more but these are my favorite.

Babafaba(Hypnos)((Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore))(((Scuttle)))((((Scar)))) 1)PERCY JACKSON
10)Harry Potter

message 47: by Gavin (last edited Apr 19, 2014 09:22PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Gavin Nah, the Dark Tower is the best or LoTR, I can't really choose between the two

message 48: by Somerandom (last edited Apr 29, 2014 06:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Somerandom I don't know about best. I love Harry Potter, don't get me wrong. But there's just a whole host out there to discover and indulge in.
Percy Jackson is imaginative and engaging. Narnia Chronicles are still enjoyed even to this day. The Golden Compass/His Dark Materials are also enjoyable. Lord of the Rings are fun to get lost in and a Song of Fire and Ice (or The Game of Thrones) are grounded and rich in detail. To name but a few.
I will always have a place in my heart for Harry and the Wizarding World Rowling brought to life. But I won't constrain myself to that one series, simply out of nostalgia. There's just too much out there to miss out on.

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Gwen You can't be asking that. All the books I've read are like this. And exactly how many books have I read?

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