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Can I read it and skip the second one?

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Menna  Emad I want to read that one and skip the second book because it has no Sophie or Howl, but I'm afraid of not understanding the third. Did anyone read them and tell me what the best to do?

Rebecca You can read the third book without reading either of the first two. Though I suggest reading the second because it is rather amusing. I personally prefer the 2nd book to the 3rd.

Spoil alert:

Howl and Sophie are in the second book. You just don't find out where until towards the end, but they are there throughout most of the story.

Menna  Emad thanks a lot (:

Robin i didn't care much for the third book, but it wasn't bad. Book two was more fun and, as mentioned above, You'll catch Howl and Sophie in there too- and Calcifer.

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Usagi You can skip the second one yes, but at least should read it. It will explains some constulations of new charakters in the third book.That´s all.

BTW I love the first und third book. The second one is okay, but i would not miss it, if lost it.

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I accidentally skipped the second book, but the third book did spoil the second one a bit.

fureshiiness No! Personally I think the second book was better than the third. But you can skip it since it's an entire different story and not too connected with third.

Sabrien Abdelrahman The second was my least favorite but u can read the third one without reading the second book.

Menna  Emad I finally read the three books, and i'd like to thank you all for responding.
For me as an Arab I didn't like the second one very much. I know the writer made the characters lovable, but she didn't know about the Arabic society, there is a lot of mistakes.

I know it's all fictional but I can't help it.

I liked the third but the first still my favorite, it's just so funny.

Clementine Schmidt has anyone here read the Chrestomanci series?
If not you really should, its by Diana Wynne Jones.
Same person who did Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways.

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