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Steve Cohen (bystevecohen) | 14 comments This book blows the lid off the top-secret, diabolical world of professional travel writing and exposes the dirty underbelly of a filthy business that is obviously responsible for all the world's ills, including many actual diseases.

Travel To the G-Spot by Steve Cohen Travel To the G-Spot|13635466 is the darkly comedic story of Danny Gladstone, a 50-year-old travel writer who learns he's dying and looks back at his stories from around the world to figure out why things have turned out as they have.

This book has received seven five-star reviews on Amazon.

Check it out at:

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message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve Cohen (bystevecohen) | 14 comments There's a racy new cover for

Travel To the G-Spot -- The Guide Book Travel To the G-Spot -- The Guide Book by Steve Cohen

And there's an author interview posted by a nice Goodreads blogger named Jennifer at

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