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Miranda, your article is so good!

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message 1: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) Miranda, I just read your article on cyberbullying in the newspaper and it is awesome! You did a really good job. Not to put you on the spot or anything, but you should really post it on A lot of people would like that!

message 2: by Caty (new)

Caty yah it was really good! i made my sister read it! and you should totally post it!

message 3: by Stella (new)

Stella | 2 comments We should make a group that has all of our articles in it!!!

message 4: by Caty (new)

Caty that is a really good idea! do you think sean would care?

message 5: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) I think that's a great idea Stella!! And Caty i don't think he would care!

message 6: by Stella (new)

Stella | 2 comments remember to put them on your flash drive on Thursday!!!!!

message 7: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) Yes, definitely.

message 8: by *Brendan (new)

*Brendan (cogitarepositivum) | 3 comments Will do.

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