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We all know that PETA is quite possibly the most annoying and certainly the most arrogant of all the leftist groups currently attempting to alter our way of life. However, I doubt that outside of a few nosy people and former PETA employees anyone knows how they care for homeless pets in Hampton Roads, Virginia (their headquarters, right)...They kill them!

That's right, this warm fuzzy bastion of animal rights kills every once beloved family pet who has the misfortune of being carried through PETA's doors. People take animals to PETA instead of local shelters because they believe that they will be placed into a home and will not be put down. Unlike local animal shelters, PETA doesn't even bother trying to find homes for these pets. All of them are killed within a few hours. In fact, PETA has gone through several area vets, and they refused to euthanize healthy animals. Finally PETA constructed their own facilities for this practice.

A former PETA employee spoke of one particular incident that burned into her mind forever: A teary-eyed man showed up at PETA headquarters one day with his beloved pet rabbit. The man had grown old and sick and was no longer able to care properly for his friend. He supplied a cage, bed, toys, and even vet records for this pet. He was assured by PETA workers that they would take "good care" of his rabbit and find him a home. The man left distraught but no doubt believing that his friend would be able to live out the rest of his life in a loving, compassionate home...PETA workers carried him to the 'death house' immediately and ended his life!

PETA doesn't stop with animals who are dropped off at their facility. No, they actively seek out animals throughout the community to kill. PETA sets traps to catch roaming animals all over Hampton Roads. These traps are designed to catch cats, many of these are not just strays but people's pets. They have even ventured onto a local federal installation, where they captured dozens of cats and immediately killed them. The cats at this particular facility were living in a 'feral cat colony'. They were well fed, spayed and neutered, and received regular veterinary care at the expense of the government workers. PETA in their renowned arrogance decided that they knew better and illegally entered the installation several times, stole these people's cats and ended their lives.

PETA employees and volunteers regularly enter private property to capture animals, which according to former PETA employees are often times people's pets - someone's cat out for a midnight stroll or even just sitting in their owner's yard! Car loads of cats are regularly brought to PETA headquarters by employees and volunteers whose job it is to 'round them up'. One such volunteer has brought in hundreds of cats, many wearing tags bearing the name and address of their owner. The animals are loaded into a small storage shed, where they sometimes sit for several hours in the heat and cold...awaiting their date with the executioner.

We have all seen the outrageous costumes worn by PETA wackos. As an example of just how callous and truly bizarre these people truly are, two of the employees who perform the euthanizations came to a PETA function dressed as syringes! PETA's co-founder (Alex Pacheco) left the group over its absurd policy of feline genocide. PETA's mission statement, written by that group's leader Ingrid Newkirk states "We believe that animals have an intrinsic worth of their own". So Ms. Newkirk...Did you forget your mission?

In researching this article, I spoke to former PETA employees as well as people whose pets have been stolen by PETA (which were undoubtedly killed). Everyone of these people were willing to talk to me but insisted I not divulge their names or even the cities in which they now reside! When I asked one of these people why she was so afraid of retribution from PETA, I was told..."They will take it out on my animals".

Ingrid Newkirk is not only hypocritical but incredibly cruel. Euthanasia is something which is at times necessary, I know this all too well as I have had to make this heart-breaking decision. It is something that is done as a last resort, not a first response. It is a decision which must be made out of love and compassion, with a great deal of soul-searching. It is not something to be committed out of haste and blind loyalty to some feminazi. It is done to end suffering or when all efforts to find one a home has failed. It must never be done to animals that don't belong to you!

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I copied from article, too lazy to write my own sorry, it's been a LONG day.

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Jessica  (jessicaafrank) | 257 comments Mod
Bells, Interesting. Where did you read the article? It sounds more like an editorial, so I'm curious if these are facts or opinions.

It is truly a horrible story and hard to imagine; sadly, I would not be surprised if it was true, knowing the cynicism and hypocricy that goes on.

I hope your days are better, Jess.

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Adrianne Mathiowetz Yeah, I'd like to see a source on this. I'd also like to see some effort to address this directly to PETA. They launched a strip-tease animal rights quiz a while back on their website, and I wrote them a strongly-worded letter about their concern for objectifying animals combined with a lack of concern for objectifying women -- someone got back to me within a few days with a really thoughtful response. It made me rethink my knee-jerk reaction.

If they're euthanizing animals *within a few hours* and ALSO *not informing the former owners* before doing it -- first of all, I find it unlikely, and second of all, if this is indeed the case, I'm willing to bet they have a ready answer for *why*. Obviously an organization like PETA is not going to be needlessly cruel: even if only for PR reasons.

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