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How concerned should we be about the consequences of overpopuation on our planet?
Barb Mode Barb Jun 04, 2012 12:58PM
Just finished this new 2 book series and loved it! Although it's a work of fiction, it really made me think as the story line is based on factual stats from the UN. I discovered, in this book, that global population is on track to hit 10 billion by 2050 and 15 billion by 2100. I think those facts should worry every parent and anyone under 40. Lots of news coverage coming out of this and the author does a great job of working in a fictional plot about a Mayan life extension formula and the greed of a drug company with real world social issues. It’s a good book for anyone who likes to learn something while reading. Check it out. Is anyone else concerned out there??

PROGENETER The Complete Series by Steve Bareham

The shocking statistic and story in the book is that by 2050 there will be the equivalent of another China and another India, that's 3 billion more people and only 38 years away. The other thing most people don't know much about is the genetic predisposition people have toward violence and races and nationalities that are different. We've seen this all down through history, but this book explains it in an interesting way by building it into the plot. Progeneter Mayans, the Skull & the Chimera of Immortality by Steve Bareham

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