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A Tharian Healer is vital to the army. But again, there are many types of healers. Some healers cure sicknesses (minus Thornthroat), some heal external wounds, some internal, etc. And again, Healers may have only one type of healing power. One. The male/female ratio for Healers: females outweigh the males by a little bit. That’s just saying that there are more female Healers than male Healers.

Age: (An average Tharian is about 4 years old; which is like 30 human years. 3 years, probably 21. 2, 13 years. 1, 9 human years. Then you go into months, but I would just stick to years.)
Type: (Sicknesses, external wounds, internal wounds, etc.)
Appearance: (I would go into detail here. Remember, they are half-human, half feline!! Maybe a pic ***anime probably will be your best bet!*** and at least 4 sentences.)
Personality: (Again, go into detail, and at least 4 sentences.)
History: (Same as above.)
Crush: (If applicable, and you have to ask!)
Spouse: (Same as above.)

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Name: Mia

Age: 13 years in human, 2 years in Tharian

Gender: Female

Type: External wounds, particularly limbs


Mia's cropped black hair is about an inch above her shoulders, with black-tipped ears poking out. Her mahogany eyes shine whenever she heals, but then again, they always do. Her pale skin makes her eyes pop, and she blushes frequently. She has an hourglass shape, and her tail is tipped with black on both ends. The fur on the small of her back is also black, in the shape of a rugged diamond.

Personality: Mia can be a mood changer. No, she is a mood changer. What is a mood changer, you may ask? Well, it quite simply means that she has frequent mood swings. One moment she can be quiet and keeps to herself, then the next she can be blowing up in your face. You never really know what mood she's in, except for when she's healing people. She has to be sad in order to use her full healing powers. Well, any extreme emotion can do, but sadness is the one emotion that she can easily tap into, and it's the strongest. Anger is the next strongest, and happiness the weakest.

History: Mia had a sad, grief-filled life. Her mother died when she was only a little Tharian girl of 4 months (about 5 years in human years). Her mother, also a healer, had gotten very sick from an illness, and she had too severe of a case that there would be no hope of recovery. Her father, a fighter, died when Mia was only 13 Tharian months old (about 10 in human years) which is why she can easily be sad. She takes care of her little brother, Todd, ***pictured below WITHOUT THE PAWS FOR HANDS!!!*** who is only 1 Tharian year old. Todd, a rare case, is a grower. He specializes in trees.




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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Bagheera a.k.a Baggy

Age: 3

Gender: Male

Type: Specializes in external, but with extreme concentration, can fix internal bleeding and ruptures.


Baggy usually hides behind his clothes. He's actually a rather slim and slender boy with lean muscle, but he thinks he's scrawny (see history) The only thing he likes about himself is how well his hair coperates with him and the striking color of his eyes. Usually, he has a medicine back pack over his shoulders ( ) and a medicine/potion belt ( ) around his hips under his jacket.

Under his clothes are giant, faded burn marks on his back, left side and left arm, as well as his left hip and thigh.
(See history for explination)

Personality: Baggy is a well-rounded, well-liked and patient fellow whom has a knack for putting smiles on peoples' faces. Though firstly percived as a sad perosn, Baggy is simply a pensive and thoughtful person who plans out his moves. However, when Baggy makes a decsion, it's final, and he doesn't take forever to decide. He's learned to be quick in wit and body, and will slide into your heart without knowing it.

History: Sadly, the saddest pasts shape some of the nicest people. Baggy grew up in a small home with his mother, father, two younger sisters and three elder brothers. They always teased and made fun of him because besides their aunt, he was the only known healer in the family. Everyone else fought or were spies, or something of the nature. Until one fateful day when his sisters didn't properly put out the fire. Long story short, because Baggy was shy of his abilities, he didn't know how to treat sevear burns, so they all died.

Crush: X
Spouse: X

Other: Has created the PERFECT treatment for burns of all kind. It's a murky purple liquid that he keeps in the globe-shaped glass on his belt. Just a few drops cures it faster than a snake blinks.

Sometimes he hums to himself while he's just relaixng or working, or logging his work, but it's hard ot catch because he stops as soon as he hears someone near,a nd let me say, he's got a BEAUTIFUL voice.

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Bam (bam_bam) Name: Silvana (Silver)
Age: 17 human years (2 and a half Tharian)
Gender: Female
Type: Sicknesses.

She is a tall, slender girl with bright green eyes. Her hair is bright red - not ginger - her cat ears are a lighter shade of her hair. She has striking facial features such as big eyes and a pointed chin.

Personality: She is a feisty girl and always sticks to her own opinions, she isn't one to be headstrong but she often ignores initial instructions. She is a calm healer but won't be told what to do, if she thinks something's right or wrong then her gut instinct is usually right. She is somewhat awkward around boys and tries her best not to act like a klutz around them, she finds things easier when she works by herself but will happily help others if they need it.

History: She grew up with her mother (healer), father and older sister - she evidently takes after her mother where healing is concerned but her feisty behaviour is charged from her father. Her mother first taught her that she was a healer and they both learned their skills from each other and she was lucky to have such guidance growing up.

Crush: ~ TBD
Spouse: ~ none

Other: She has practised treating sickness for years and one day would like to progress and learn how to treat injuries etc. She is naturally gifted at healing but craves to learn more.

ali  ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵘᵗʰ ˢʰᵘᵗ (time_wont_fly) Hey, Ninja, Can Alissa like Baggy??

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sure, but I'm not one to plan relationships, so we'll see how their chemistry works, but yes, she's free to like him.

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All characters are accepted.

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