Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Does anyone admire Carlisle?
Snigdha Prakash Snigdha Jun 04, 2012 11:27AM
I do...kinda respect his character.

Oh, absolutely! Carlisle is the prime example of a noble vampire.

I also have this theory that when the "kids" aren't around, Carlisle is really romantic with Esme. I think after all this time, they're even more in love than Bella and Edward are. My suspicion is that if you were going to have a Twilight vampire husband, you would really want him to be Carlisle.

Zino absolutely :)
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I love the way he walks into Bella's hospital room like he's Dr Cool. Definitely one of my favourites. Shame his little kissing Esme scene was not included in Twilight as it showed the fun and oving relationship he had with her.

Yeah, exactly. I especially like the way he can word his thoughts and talk to people.

I also respect his character. He has spent so much of his life giving back to the people around him despite the effects of doing so. His self-restraint is admirable.

I admire his personality, and how strong his is when it comes to blood.

Yes! Not only is he handsome in the movie, I love his heart and kindness. He is the most gentle vampire. I also admire his strength working around blood all day and not going crazy.

Yes i do. He has a lot of patience and he's very nice with people. Of course he should be cause he's the doctor of the town but still. He's cute too. He knows how to solve problems and doesn't dwell on the negative.

i think that you have to respect him. he's not only really kind and even tempered - who he was before he was a vampire is something that's really amazing. he wasn't on the same page as his father who was so anti anything that wasn't religious and he tried to do the right thing even back then.

once he had his own life to live - he tried to make it as 'up standing' as he could. it's something that i definitely see respect in. he tries not to hurt people, he teaches people the best way to live how they can be happiest - what's not to be impressed by there!

Ya. He has so much self control and i admire him for not letting fate decide who he is, but deciding himself, instead

Cat (last edited Jun 07, 2012 11:00AM ) Jun 04, 2012 09:34PM   0 votes
Without Dr. Carlisle Cullen, none of the Cullen's would exsist. He saved them all out of the kindness of his heart. They would all be dead if it weren't for him. Henceforth - Twilight would not exsist without Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

Snigdha Prakash True :)
Jun 05, 2012 11:08AM · flag

I don't normally read stories about vampires, but besides the love story, I enjoyed these books because of the good that came from Carlisle and his family. He was dark, but tried to make the best of his immortality and to lead as close to a normal life as possible.

definitely! he's one of my favorite vampire character of all time. also my friend's dad is the guys who played carlisle in the movie! so i alos have a little favoritism going on haha

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