Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3) Eclipse question

Is Bella's part of the marriage compromise stupid or clever?

Edward was the one telling her she had to fit in all these experiences while she was still human, so you can't blame her asking for that. Did she really think through how dangerous it might be (from an Edward losing control POV)? No, probably not, but then it wasn't until she became a vampire that she could understand how controlling the urge for blood is.

i think it was a good compromise because, either way, she loves Edward so much that she isn't possibly taking advantage of him. She wants him and she would love to marry him eventually, but just doesn't want to marry so young. It is definintly part of her plan though.

i think that Bella just wanted to step up in their relationship. its not like she blackmailed edward to hurt him like some people do. besides, compromising is what saves this country from ruin sometimes. therefore i think that what she did was clever, not stupid

I didn't think it was stupid, but I'm not sure I would classify it as clever either since it insinuates deviousness.

I think the reason she did it (like she told Rosalie in the movie--I can't remember exactly how the scene went in the book) was because she wanted to be with Edward while he was the thing she desired most--more than blood.

I think she did it because that meant a lot to her. As a seventeen year old girl, I'm sure she had illusions about her first time and wanting everything to be perfect, and this was probably part of what she thought would make it that way.

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