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Vixen  | 136 comments Considered one of the many arts in New York. You can learn various styles of fencing
Note: this topic is here mostly because my charrie Melanie is into fencing and is top of her class so she spends most of her free time here and am hoping to rp with people here too!
Melanie has a lot of plaques hanging alongside one of the walls as well as ribbons and trophies in cases on display here, having won a lot of championships

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie Larroche walked out of the locker room in the New York Fencing Academy, holding her fencing mask under her left arm and against her hip, her silver foil with a gold hit in her right hand. She was already dressed in the protective clothing, loving the familiar feel of the cotton material and the way it stuck to her skin like a second coat, though it was loose enough to still move in. Melanie was dressed in all white, the material and colour fitting her body and helping accentuate curves she didnt really have. She was tall with long legs and thin, a body like a models, so she had been told many times. Though that sort of thing did not appeal to her. Over the years of fencing, she had perfected moving with grace, despite her long limbs, and she did not move with awkwardness. She was light on her toes and poised with a good posture. It was Thursday night and the academy was closed but her instructor knew Melanie always liked to come for extra practices and being the top student and an assitant instructore herself, she was given a set of keys. Turning on the light, she walked onto the gym floor and put on her mask, even though it was unnecessary since she wasn't fighting an opponent. Melanie preferred using a foil because one had to be painstakingly accurate to hit the target spots while dueling. And she was determined to be the best. With the foil, you were only allowed to hit the torso and the back, and only with the tip of the blade and nothing else. Everything else didnt count. Taking her side stance, she lifted up her right hand, holding the foil, while her left hand behind her was up in the air, fingers pointed tothe ceriling, and took a deep breath. "En Garde!" She shouted to the empty air. Melanie advanced, moving her leading foot forward, lifting the toes, straightening her leg and pushing her heel out in front. Landing, she brought her back foot up to the en garde stance...

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby was in a damn near full sprint by the time he had gotten to the fencing academy. Only a little out of breath he took a side alleyway and traced an energy rune on his forearm. Also before he emerged he put on a glamour so no mundanes could see his runes. He reached the front doors and went to turn the knob and let out a frustrated sigh. Jacoby put his hand up to the window and squinted, to see if any one was inside. He saw no one when he looked. "Well no one would miss a volume or two of manuals.." he smirked and traced an OPEN rune on the door of the academy and short after traced a SOUNDLESS and a NIGHTVISION rune on his wrist. Jacoby slid in, opening and closing the door quickly. Jacoby stayed against the wall in the shadows as his feet moved silently across the floor. He heard a door opening and stopped short and pressed himself flat against the wall, sliding behind some practice dummies. His NIGHTVISION rune helped him see the girl emerge from a door on the opposite side of the expansive room. His jaw instantly fell. Jacoby was absolutely stunned by her long limbs, the grace she carried herself with, her golden brown hair and eyes.. everything about this girl was just.. just absolutely stunning. When the lights flicked on his eyes hurt a tad bit from the large light change with the NIGHTVISION rune on but Jacoby was over it shortly. He was totally unprepared for what he saw next. When she put on her fencing helmet, and began to bounce around he got a slight grin on his face. She moved with even more grace with a sword in her hand. Jacoby was leaning towards her unknowingly, slowly leaning off of the wall towards her. He tried taking a step towards her but his feet basically felt like gelatin. He fell instantly and if it weren't for the SOUNDLESS rune he would have made a huge bang. Jacoby winced slightly but kept looking at her, while laying on his stomach on the ground. Little had he known he wasn't sitting behind the dummies anymore and was sprawled out on the ground..

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie had been practicing nonstop, lunging and attacking here and there, dacing around, two steps forward, two steps back. All the while she felt exhilerated, adrenaline coursing through her. It wasn't as good as being in a competition of course. There was something about it that made her heart beat so fast that eventually everything slowed down and she could hear herself breathing as she watched her opponent move to strike. That was her favourite part, when everything slowed down. Here, Melanie was moving quickly, back and forth, attacking, defending. She did a Balestra, which, being French, she didnt have to know fencing to understand that it translated to 'sudden leap'. She beat her imaginary opponent, running her blade along the blade of his, leaving herself open before, perrying the pretend blow. She counter-attacked and lunged, striking the air and hitting the torso of where the person would be. Grinning widely behind her mask, she bowed slightly and turned around. A gasp escaped Melanie's lips and she put a white gloved hand to her chest as she took in the sight of a boy, she guessed around her age, lying on the ground. Her first irrational thought was I locked the doors behind me...

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby felt the blood drain from his face as he looked at the mask with the hand covering it looking at him. Jacoby slowly raised himself to his feet and was stuttering. "I um.. I.. well you see..." Jacoby looked just about as nervous as he sounded. He finally worked up the courage to finally say something to this stunning and graceful girl. "I was supposed to be at a beginners class today, and, I, uh, was looking to see if there were any manuals here that I could study.." There was an awkward silence for a moment before he finally chimed up. "What you were just doing there was.. beautiful.. I don't think Ive ever seen a mund- I mean another human, move with such grace and skill.." Jacoby tried looking through the mask to see those golden eyes of hers again, slowly it dawned on him. 'You fucking idiot, first almost calling her a mundane.. then saying she was beautiful and graceful? Gooood job Jacoby..' Jacoby rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly while waiting for a respones.

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Vixen  | 136 comments When the man rose to his feet, Melanie took in his full height and full appearance. He was actually taller than her, which was rare to fidn in a guy these days. He was ruggedly handsome yet boyish at the same time and his chocolate eyes seemed like the type that would always be smiling. She was suddenly greatful for the mask hiding her face because she was sure she was blushing behind it. Oh! He's a beginner here? Melanie was slightly perplexed by his choice of words. "Another human?" she muttered to herself quietly, knowing that the mask would make sure the boy would have no way of hearing her. She looked at him fidget around and rub his neck. He's nervous...and cute. She thought to herself. She blushed again behind the mask at his compliment. "Thank you. Well, I'm afraid you've missed the class already." She said, her french accent hidden and unclear through the mask. She looked up at the clock on the wall. "By a couple hours...How did you get in here? I locked the doors behind me." She asked in a somewhat curious yet accusing tone. Melanie walked a couple steps closer to him, easily closing the distance in a few graceful strides.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments "They were unlocked." he said quickly and defensively but then it finally registered that she said the doors were locked. He made a sort of wincing face as if he were about to take it back though he changed his mind and decided to stick with his story. "I am sorry about showing up late though, I was hoping to learn another style of sword fighting. I will just grab a book and be on my way out and out of your hair." While he rambled on like a total idiot, Jacoby was looking around for any sort of book. He didn't care what it was he just wanted to get out of there and stop creeping this poor mundane out.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie raised an eyebrow, though it was hidden by the mask, which she realized was still on. She placed her foil gently and lovingly on the bench and reached her hands up to her mask, lifting it off of her in one swift motion. Right away, her wavy hair cascaded down her back and she shook it out slightly, the golden blond sun streaks in her otherwise light brown hair, dancing in the gym lights. The hair that was closest to her face was somewhat plastered there with sweat and she took a deep breath, welcoming the fresh air. Holding her mask under her arm and against her hip, she said, "Well, I'm usually very careful with locking zee doors, but I suppose I could 'ave forgotten." Melanie said, her slight french accent more evident now. She smiled then when the boy said 'another style'. So he's good with swords... While he was busy looking around for a book, which wasnt here, she knew, Melanie quickly lunged for her foil and and held it to his neck just under his chin in one swift motion. "I like to think zee best way of learning is to take the hands on approach. En garde?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, though her smile was sweet. When she wasnt fencing, Melanie was a very gentle person, sweet and honest and serene. But when she was fencing, it was like she was possessed by someone else.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby was taken back a little bit by the French accent but it only made his heart beat faster and harder. He was about to speak when he turned to meat the foil right at his neck. He'll admit that it made him jump just a little bit but being a shadow hunter, it wasn't the first time he had a blade held to his neck. Jacoby was close enough for her to see the nervous sweat beading up on his forehead and hear his heavy breathing. Some how though, with the sword held to his neck he felt more relaxed and calm. Jacoby smiled at her for a moment. His smile was full and large, and when his lips curled up his eyes reflected a bit of the light from the gym lights even though they were a tad bit dark. Jacoby glanced behind him and turned back to her. "En garde.." he said in a soft more relaxed tone then he had spoken with earlier. She didn't have much time to notice it though because he had lunged backwards, flipping himself over, springing himself off of his hands. When his hands met the mat there was a foil where his left hand landed. Jacoby had noticed it earlier when snooping it around. So when he was standing upright he had it held firmly in his left hand. The smile returned on his face as he stood in a defensive position awaiting her next move.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie's nose twitched up slightly when she smiled, something she was never aware of actually doing, when she saw heard him breathing a little heavily. She had caught him by surprise, she thought, but then frowned slightly, a curious look on his face when the boy seemed to visibly relax when the tip of her foil touched his neck. A strange reaction for a beginner? She was almost breathless at the full effect of his smile, and her hold on her sword faltered slightly when she saw his eyes light up. Melnaie saw him look behind him and she quickly glanced over his shoulder but wasnt sure what he had seen. She gasped and openly gaped when suddenly the boy backflipped to a couple yards down the mat, grabbing the other foil that she had placed there, decidedly not wanting to use that one. Now, Melanie was graceful and she could jump pretty high and was very flexible, but she was no gymnast. Well, she could do a cartwheel and maybe a forward flip here and there at best but this boy...was something else. He moved with such speed and agility and ease...and he was waiting for her to move. Steeling herself, she grinned and took careful steps forward and noticed his handling. "You are a lefty?" Melanie switched her foil into her left hand. She had practice both hands, her right hand dominant of course, but her left hand could use the practice. But now she was skeptical, seeing the relaxed yet confident grip the boy had on his foil. You're not a beginner... She thought to herself as she advanced, moving her leading foot forward one step.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacob't smile only widened when he saw the slight shock in her eyes. He tossed the foil to his other hand and swung it around though he had almost dropped it due to it being so light. He was used to the some what heavier seraph blades but none the less he felt as if he would adjust quicker. "I'm ambidextrous actually. But I do prefer my left hand. I will use my right if it is your wish." Jacoby was confused by how smooth his voice had sounded. It reminded him of Nick, his parabatai, and how smooth he usually was with women. Jacoby was.. well was not so much. He had many friends over the year that were women, but just friends. No matter what he did all they seemed to want is just to be his friend. At a restaurant a few months ago he thought he heard a mundane call it something along the lines of the friend-zone. Jacoby realized he was lost in his own world once again, so he shook his head as always and looked at her, and locked eyes with her. Instantly Jacoby was lost into his own world again. Her eyes were just so.. enticing. The dark brown, accented by a little bit of bright gold, also like her hair... 'Damn it Jacoby pay attention!' Jacoby looked away from her eyes and looked at her foil instead.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie watched with interest as he tossed his foil, though she saw his grip falter slightly when he caught it. She was already storing away information.So he's not a beginner, he's skilled in swordsmanship, but has never fenced, never used a foil. She wasn't ambidextrous but she was working towards that. "How about we play our strengths then. You're left versus my right." She eyed his stance and thought it could use some slight tweaking here and there, the instructor in her wanting to stop and correct him, but the competitor telling her to take advantage. She saw him give his head a shake and wondered what was going through his mind and when they locked eyes, her golden brown eyes meeting his deep dark chocolate ones, she found herself faltering again. She looked away quickly, the same time he did, though she didnt know it. Taking a deep breath and shaking her head slightly this time, her streaks catchign the light, she wished she had a hair tie. Oh well, i'm not putting my mask back on, especially since he's not wearing one. it seemed only fair. They were both poised and ready now. She regarded him coolly, though avoiding looking directly in his eyes. This was the best part, the anticipation, who would make the first move, who would become impatient, who would slip up

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby couldn't tell that she was avoiding his eyes either, he thought she was just better prepared then he was. He knew she was only a mundie but after watching her pure grace and balance when she had fenced with herself made him begin to double guess himself. Jacoby handed his foil off to his left hand and stood with that side facing her. Jacoby thought a moment for what he was going to do. Was he going to strike first or not.. Jacoby decided. Jacoby stepped forward with his left foot but went back again, just a small jump to get a reaction out of her. Jacoby smiled and he looked up at her face for only a moment. He wondered if she knew that when ever he looked into her eyes he had to tear himself away from them. If she did Jacoby was screwed.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie watched him switch hands and she switched as well, back to her right. They were both leading on the same side now. She automatically moved a step back when he advanced and then advanced herself when he stepped back. They were back to their starting position. She smiled, her nose twitching slightly. He was teasing her, trying to judge her movements. Taking up the en garde pose again, she advanced slightly but then stamped her front foot on the ground instead of advancing all the way. It was a distraction move, a half advance. "Appel." She said suddenly in perfect french, the instructor in her taking over. "I don't know if you're interested in zee terms or simply want to know how to wield your foil." She smiled slightly, her tone taking that of a teacher's. "That was an Appel or a half advance, often preceding a lunge, which im sure you know to be an attack. It is meant to distract or startle your opponent." She took up her en garde pose again, her eyes twinkling with obvious passion for fencing

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby smiled when he heard her voice. He instantly tried to hide it but it wasn't exactly that easy. "Where I'm from it's called 'zee loonge and treek'." Jacoby said in a horrible french accent. He hoped that she took it as a joke and not offensive. That would be just his luck though. 'Stop trying to be like Nick, just be yourself Jacoby..' he was telling himself. He wished he could be more like Nick, alot more like him infact, when it came to women. Nick always knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Jacoby thought he always made things feel awkward and boring.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie saw his lips twitch into what she thought was a smile but he looked like he was trying not to laugh or something. She started at his absolutely horrid french accent and looked at him curiously before her own lips started twitching. Not being able to hold it in any longer, she laughed, her shoulders shaking with the action, making her foil shake upa nd down as well. She held her stomach with one hand. "That was....that was terrible!" She finally got out between wheezes. No one had ever broken her concentration before when she was fencing, except for Chloe. Chloe, her best friend who was like her sister, who could sit there cracking jokes until Melanie had to give up all together on practicing. She brought up a hand to wipe the tears in the corner of her eye. She then went back to an 'en garde' pose but her shoulders were still shaking slightly with laughter, as she tried to maintain a serious expression while openly snickering. Finally, she waved her free hand in front of her face in a 'stop' gesture. "Suis desolee, desolee!" She said in french. "I'm sorry I can't do it!" She said still laughing until finally she stopped and straightened up, giving him a sweet smile, with her nose crinkling again into that half twitch.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby let out a laugh at the same time. There was shock mixed into the laugh as well. He never made any one laugh like that, not even Klaus. There was a huge smile on his face. He couldn't help but think about how her laugh sounded nice; not obnoxious yet boisterous at the same time. This was the first time he noticed her noes twitch up. Jacoby thought he saw something before and confirmed it this time. He thought it was kind of cute though, it was different. Though everything about this girl (whos name he didn't even know yet) was different. In a good way. Jacoby had stood in a normal defensive stance, but irregular for fencing. His smile had gotten smaller as he awaited for her to make a move. His eyes locked with hers again but this time there was no looking away. He could feel his body slowly relaxing and not as tense and defensive. There was nothing he could do, he just hoped she hadn't noticed while his eyes are locked with hers.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie stared up at him, and once again their gazes met and locked. And her smile faltered slightly, her expression turning from amusement into wonder at the boy who so easily broke her concentration. She tried to refocus, and yet again her thoughts were irrational. I swear...I locked that door. Some reason, this thought was enough to draw her focus back to the duel. Her grip tightening slightly, she saw his relaxed pose, not in a fencing stance at all, and she immediately took advantage. She lunged forward and feinted to one side,before running her blade along his to the base of his hilt. With a flick of her wrist, she disengaged his foil from his hand, dropping it to the floor, before bringing her foil back in a sweeping cut motion. The tip hit his chest lightly, because he wasnt wearing the protective armour, and the blade bent into an arch. Smiling innocently, she said, "That is a coupe followed by a cut. And that're dead."

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby was so lost in her golden brown eyes that he had barely any time to register what was going on. By the time she was done swinging her foil around he had absolutely no clue what to do. He stood there for a moment with a sucked expression on his face. Jacoby began to laugh though. He nodded in approval and dropped his foil. He extended his hand and smiled at her. "This is a handshake and a congratulation.. Besides being dead I am also Jacoby." Jacoby smiled at her, he was enjoying his personal fencing lesson but he couldn't take not knowing more about her much longer. As much as Jacoby wanted to know very thing about this new girl he just met he was simply dieing just to know what her name was.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie frowned for a split seocnd when he dropped his blade, wincing at the sound. She was definitely too attached to her swords. But her frown instantly turned to a shy look when he laughed and spoke. She straightened up and put her foil in her left hand, extending her right hand out to shake his. Her eyes twinkling, she blushed slighted and said "Thank you. Besides being passionate about fencing and way too attached to my swords..." her eyes flicked momentarily to the foil Jacoby had dropped before flicking back to his dark eyes, she said, "Je m'appelle Melanie." She smiled before looking down, realizing she was still holding his hand. Melanie was about to let go but frowned, her eyes furrowing into confusion at Jacoby's hand. "What kind of tattoo is that?" She asked, lifting his hand gently in hers to her face as she peered at the tattoo of what looked like some kind of an eye on the back of his hand. She then caught sight of another tattoo, on the inside and she gingerly began turning his hand around, palm up to look at his wrist

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments "Melanie.." he repeated to himself mostly. He had a smile on his face until he realized the way he slowly said it and the big dopey grin he had. Jacoby cleared his throat and coughed a little bit. Why? He didn't know, he figured it would some how make it less awkward. He saw her glance at the foil and after her comment he shot his free hand down and grabbed it, a sad look made it's way onto his face. "I'm sorry.." Jacoby began, "The swords Im used to are sacred to me, I should have known better to treat some one else's with disrespect." Jacoby attempted to give Melanie a half smile, though he still felt bad. When she looked down at his hand he also realized they were still holding hands. Jacoby heard his heart pounding in his ears. He barely heard her question but he caught the last part about tattoos. His eyebrow raised, "What?" He looked down at his hand and his face went white. 'She can see them? She's only a mundane though?..' Jacoby stuttered again for a few seconds. "Well you see.. I, erm.. it's a funny story actually.." Jacoby couldn't come up with any thing. Of course on a moment when he really needed to focus he is completely blanking. He let out a long sigh. "It's.. apart of my culture!" He exclaimed. Jacoby smiled because he hadn't lied to her yet hadn't told a full truth either.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie glanced back up at his face, tearing her gaze from his hand when she heard him say her name in a tone that...she couldnt exactly place. But she saw him smile, and it was nice. And she genuinely smiled when Jacoby picked up the foil. She didn't let go of his hand though. "Thats okay. But I'm glad you feel the same way about your own swords. I would also like to see them one day." She added the last part as a murmur, speaking more to herself than him. Melanie saw his face blanch and she dropped his hand, an apology on her lips when he started talking. Well, stammering was more like it. She tilted her head to the side and stared at him quizzically. At his exclamation, melanie blinked. "And what culture is that, Jacoby?" She asked, his name rolling off her tongue in her french accent. She liked his name, and she said it with a soft J sound. The J in "Je" not in "Jay". Melanie began walking along the walls towards the supply room and signalled for him to follow. The walls of the gym were covered with plaques and awards and trophies, most with the same name on them

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby was about to respond to her when she began to walk away. Which he was thankful because he wasn't sure what would have fallen out of his mouth next. As they passed the plaques he noticed they all had the similar names. He stopped to look at one of them and saw Melanie's name. Jacoby couldn't stop the smile coming onto his face. "Melanie Larroche.." He whispered. He began to think how well her name flowed and how sweet it tasted on his tongue. "I see you're a fencing champion?" Jacoby lightly jogged to catch up to her but when he got near her his smile grew.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie glance back over her shoulder to see if Jacoby was following or not and she blushed when he saw him stop to look at one of the awards. She quickly looked forward again, still walking. She was already blushing when he jogged up to her and it only intensified at his question. She cleared her throat, "Yes, I have been fencing since I was old enough to hold a sword." She glanced at him briefly and saw his smile, her own answering smile was genuine and sweet, her nose twitching slightly. But then she thought she saw more tattoos on his body and on his other hand. "I'm sorry, what culture did you say those are from?" She asked curiously, coming to a stop in front of the suppliy closet

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby saw her noes twitch again which made his smile widen. He thought he noticed her face slightly blushing but dismissed it because he knew he couldn't make a girl blush to save his life. When they stopped he looked slightly confused at the door, then back to her with a smile at his face. "I didn't say." Jacoby's face went a bit red too. He hoped she would just ignore the question and move on. "I've been the same way with my own swords. I've held just about every single blade imaginable to man and then some. All except the foil though. Which is why I cam here, hoping to learn a little bit more about the style." Jacoby smiled at her, though I wouldn't put it as he did it again. Since he first saw her that smile has been stuck on his face. No matter how hard he tried to get rid of it to seem more cool, like Nick, he couldn't.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie frowned slightly at his answer but she wouldnt push for him to tell her. She respected other people's opinions and their secrets as well. But she grinned when he talked about swords. "It seems I'm the opposite of you. I 'ave only held the fencing swords: rapiers, foils, sabres and epees of all kinds and sizes. But no other swords. I would like to see your collection some day. I'm glad you came, Jacoby." She said, smiling when she realized she really did like saying his name. And she really liked ther permanent smile that seemed to be on his face. Melanie opened the door and put her foil away and held out her hand to him for Jacoby to give her his foil.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments He handed it over to her as he peered into the closet to see all of the other materials. But soon Jacoby's gaze had fallen back to Melanie's face. It was so soft and golden yet it had accents of toughness in it. Every thing about Melanie seemed just golden to him, he finally realize. Her glowing skin, her fair hair and her shimmering eyes, all of it was golden. She was by far one of the most beautiful girls he had seen. And the fact she enjoyed blades made her that much better to him. "Well then I guess I will just have to have you over some time to check them out." He laughed but the laugh faded away. How could he invite her to the institute? She was a mundane. Not a shadow hunter like he was. But she could see his runes... maybe she had the sight and knew about the shadow world? Jacoby brought himself back into this world and stopped day dreaming. He realized he had a scowl on his face which soon vanished. Jacoby studdied her for a moment then lifted his sleeve, showing more 'tattoos' as she called them. He was silent before he said anything. "Can you.. see these? the rest of these anyways?" Jacoby was hoping she said yes, and had the sight. If not he was in deep shit with deciding how he was going to word his next few sentences.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie took the hilt of the foil from his, her fingers accidentally grazing his, but she willed herself not to look back as a slightly shiver ran up her spine. She put the sword away and closed the door, turning back to look at Jacoby. "I would like that." She smiled but faltered a little when she noticed how quickly he stopped laughing. Odd, why is he scowling? Her eyes shifted to his arm when she noticed him rolling up his sleeve. Oh mon Dieu! Jacoby had more tattoos inked over his arms, beaufitul intricately designs of swirls. Melanie had never seen anything like it and her eyes sparkled with interest. She slowly reached over, her hand moving on her own, and she traced the lines of the tattoos. But his question irked her into looking up at him. Jacoby's expression was strange, somewhere between hopeful and fearful at the same time. "Oui, I can see them." Melanie said slowly, in a wary voice. Why wouldn't she be able to see them? She liked Jacoby, and found him interesting, but she had to admit, he was weird at times. "I am not blind, Jacoby." She said in her gentle voice, tilting her head to the side and smiling a soft but confused smile at him.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby saw her smile and liek usual it forced a smile to come onto his face. When she began to trace them he got the chills and shook a little bit, goose bumps covered his arms. But once her comment about being blind reached his ears the smile was fading. 'Shit.. she doesn't know about the Shadow World.. I don't understand how people can do this sort of thing to their children..' Jacoby had thought to himself. He stared into her eyes for a few minutes, not saying anything but just looking deep into her eyes. He was debating whether or not to tell her she was a mundane with the sight. Those few minutes seemed to drag on and on as they looked at one another. Jacoby finally decided he wasn't going to tell her. He didn't want to scare this poor girl off. Jacoby was really interested in her already and couldn't risk scaring her off. Another minute or two had passed by with out them speaking, until he finally broke the silence. "I apologize, for the silence and the odd question it's just that.. just that people don't tend to notice my tattoos or me for that fact." Yet another half truth.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie looked at him, waiting for him to explain. She saw again how his smile seemed to fade and she wondered if she was causing that. She really hoped not. She wanted to do something for Jacoby, anything, to bring that smile back. She met his gaze, unflinching, again wondering how someone's eyes so dark and deep could still light up like his did. She wanted to say something, anything to comfort this boy with the strange tattoos, but she didnt, letting the silence fill the space between them. patience was something Melanie was good at. Being with Chloe, she had learned to wait to let her friend come to her, to tell her her problems on her own time, when she was ready. Melanie learned that when you push, sometimes you push too hard, or push them away. And she didnt want to do this with Jacoby, so she would wait. Wait for him to tell her what he was thinking when he looked at her, when he fixed that penetrating gaze on her. Instead, though she didnt take her eyes off him, she couldnt help but trail her fingers lightly against the tattoos on his arm again, feeling the raised skin there, wondering what they meant. She stopped, and Melanie furrowed her brows when he finally answered her. "Mon dieu! How could someone not notice you?" She asked, truly perplexed but then blushed realizing what she said. "And your tattoos." She added hastily.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby heard the protest in her comment and his face became a darker shade of red. When he spoke his voice was softer. He didn't realize that he had moved closer to her, they were only a foot or two apart now. "Well, I'm not that good looking and I don't make myself known as much. I enjoy it that way to be honest though. I let my.. brother Nick gain all of the attention. He needs it more then I do." Jacoby finally smiled down at her, with a half smile, but none the less a smile. He truely meant what he said, he didn't find himself attractive and he enjoyed giving all of the attention to Nick, his parabatai. He said brother because that what Nick basically was to him. He would never have Nick's looks though, and never have women falling at his feet the way Nick did.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie watched him blush and mentally kicked herself, wondering if she said something wrong or had embarrassed him. She didnt know, and she was really rather oblivious when it came to the opposite sex. She looked up at him in amazement, again liking that he was taller than her, though she hadnt noticed that they somehow got closer. Melanie was incredulous at his answer. How could he not know how handsome he was? ruggedly so, she had to admit, but with a boyish smile that never fully disappeared. Ever. She guessed unless it was something very serious and dreadful. How he spoke, it was similar to herself. More in the fact that Chloe was the more outgoing one, very blunt and witty and she was very beautiful of course, with a spunky personality. Melanie was more serene and quiet, somewhat in the background though she liked it that way. She was there to support her friend whenever she needed her. "You do not see yourself clearly then." Melanie said, a soft smile on her lips. "je pense que tu es beau." She said in french, wondering if he knew enough to understand her. I think you are handsome.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby hadn't learned much French but he knew that phrase from Nick, who made girls swoon with French and many other languages. Once the phrase clicked in his head, Jacoby's face got a lot darker shade of red and his smile went into a full out smile. He shook his head nervously. "You can't honestly think that. You're just creeped out by me most likely, because I broke in and have weird tattoos. Theres no way you think I am beautiful. Unless you could see yourself in my eyes and were looking at yourself. Because you are the one who is beautiful, not me." Jacoby's eyes widened. He didn't expect himself to say that at all. 'Yup. You sure did it this time. Now you sent her over and she's going to kick you out of here.' Jacoby realized they were even closer, less then a foot separated them. They were close enough that he could feel the heat coming off of her fencing uniform now. Jacoby also felt nervous sweat beading up on his forehead.

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Vixen  | 136 comments When Jacoby blushed even redder, Melanie knew he had understood her and it was her turn to blush though she was smiling kindly up at him while he shook his head. But something he said made her start. melanie stepped back to look at him, her mouth gaped open but she wasn't made, just really curious. In fact, her eyes were still dancing with kindness. "So you did break in!" Her voice was filled with wonder and awe, though surprisingly no anger. Just...fondness. "J'ai su que j'ai verrouillé la porte derrière moi." She said more to herself than him. I knew I locked the door behind me. Melanie had a habit of doing this. When she was excited or worked up she would speak in french and Chloe often voiced her annoyance at this.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby couldn't help but laugh. He had absolutely not a clue what she said but he could feel her excitement from the tone of her voice. "I'm not even gonna bother with asking what you said. I feel as if it isn't too bad of an insult." Jacoby joked. He felt a bit more calm as the tension in the room eased. "Yes I did break in. I did want a manual though. I just didn't plan on meeting some one else here. But I'm glad I met you though instead of some one who would have kicked me out." He laughed once again, his eyes lighting up when he did so. Jacoby's laugh lines were becoming a lot more visible with the more time he spent with Melanie.

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Vixen  | 136 comments She looked back up at him when she heard Jacoby laugh. "Oh Je suis desolee." Melanie grimaaced. "I'm sorry." She quickly ammended. "I have a bad habit of speaking in french when I'm excited or worked up or happy." She said honestly, her voice calming down to its normal serenity. Melanie nodded, "I thought so. What I said was 'I knew I had locked the door behind me.' But I didn't know I would be dueling with someone who is an expert in B&E." She said in a teasing voice. "Oh but I'm not mad!" Melanie said quickly, hoping he wouldnt think she was. She loved listneing to him laugh, the way his eyes seemed to sparkle with amusement as well. "I'm glad you did. I mean I'm not glad you did because you shouldnt have and it's wrong...but I'm glad you did." She blushed and looked at the ground. Oh mon dieu, what is wrong with me? I sound crazy. Melanie had never felt so flustered in her life. She was usually so calm and serene and...poised. Not this.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby smiled at her and tilted his head noticing a sight change in the way she talked. 'She sounds.. nervous... but why?' "Don't worry about it Melanie. It's fine I understand. It's just one of those things people don't realize they do. Like when you smile your noes twitches up. And I-" He stopped mid sentence and felt cold all of a sudden, he felt the blood rush to his face and he was back being warm. 'Can never just shut up can ya Jacoby..' he thought to himself. He tried to correct himself. "I mean uh, how when I speak when Im nervous I tend to be at a loss of words at times.." he laughed a little bit and hoped that she didn't notice what he said about her noes. "You're not crazy either. I've met plenty of crazy people and you are nothing like them." He added in quickly.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie looked up at him, shock written all over her face. "It does...?" She asked slowly. He noticed that about me? A slow smile started to form her lips and, true to his word, her nose twitched up slightly. Something he said earlier registered with her finally, before her breaking and entering excitement happened. He called me beautiful. Melanie thought to herself. When he talked about his own habit when he's nervous, she added absentmindedly, "Or how you never really stop smiling, even when you're nervous. There's always a permanent smile touching your lips, even if it's really small." Melanie laughed, thinking it was really an endearing quality Jacoby had.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments "No I don-..." Jacoby trailed off as he realized he was doing it right then. Smiling. He covered his mouth for a second, not knowing what exactly to do or say. But then he made eye contact with her and his smile widened. "Damn it!" he said loudly, but before he could say much more he burst out laughing. Jacoby moved his hand away from his mouth while he laughed and just looked at her. His dark eyes met with her golden ones again. 'There I go again, thinking how golden this girl is... You barely know her Jacoby calm down before you finally say something to scare her off..' Jacoby couldn't take his eyes away from hers, he was trapped. But at this point he didn't care. He enjoyed looking into her eyes, he was noticing that there was actual flecks of gold in the iris of the eye and not just brown.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie merely raised an eyebrow and gave him a knowing look when Jacoby began to protest and deny it. But soon she was laughing as well with him, holding her stomach but her eyes were always on him. She loved the way he laughed and the way he got embarrassed and tried to cover his mouth. It was all so cute. His eyes danced and physically brightened and she felt like Jacoby's presence would light up any room he walked into. His dark eyes alone had already lit up hers! She smiled back at Jacoby when her laughter died down. And she realized that they were both just staring at each other, deep into each other's eyes with goofy grins. Melanie was the first to look away, reaching up with her hand to brush a piece of hair behind her ear. She felt hot all over, her body heating up and she looked down, realizing she was still wearing her fencing armour. "Oh. I should probably change." She said randomly.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby shook his head like he was freeing himself from a trance. He looked down at her outfit before he let out a little laugh. "Well I mean you don't have to, the outfit is pretty cute looking, the way it accents your hips and the way it hugs your torso." Jacoby began to laugh again. He spoke in a playful tone. Jacoby truly meant what he said though. When she entered the room he saw how tight the outfit fit her body, but in a good way. It's not even that it turned him on (which it sorta did but thats besides the point) but it just made her seem that much more beautiful to him. Even in an outfit meant to make you look rough and tough she made it look cute yet dangerous.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie looked up and blushed at his compliment. "I...thank you." She said, a soft smile on her lips. But she looked at the clock again and realized it was getting pretty late, and she was planning on meeting Chloe at Pandemonium tonight. "I would keep it on since you said that and you like it, but I do need to change." She crinkled her nose, laughing with him. She was about to turn to walk to the changeroom but thought better of it. "I don't want to go, but I actually have to meet someone later." She said, wondering why she was telling him this.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby felt his heart drop when she began to walk away. He just met her but he wanted to know everything about this girl and just talk to this girl for hours on end. "I have to meet my brother later as well.." Jacoby stated begrudgingly. "At the Pandemonium club down a few blocks? Dunno if you've heard of it or not. He usually goes there to hook up with irks but I just keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get I to too much trouble." Jacoby gave a half hearted laugh as he looked at her from farther away. He wished she was closer to him again just so he could feel her energy and her heat coming off of her.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie started when she heard him mention the Pandemonium Club. Walking back to him, her long legs covering the distance in only a few graceful strides, she smiled. "Oh good. I was wondering if I was ever going to see you again." she grinned but then elaborated in case Jacoby didnt know what she meant. "Im going to Pandemonium tonight too. It's actually my favourite club. Je l'aime!" she said, her excitement back before smiling apologetically. "So maybe I will see you there?"

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby's smile had gotten huge at that point. "Not maybe, definitely." Jacoby thought for a moment, she spoke in French again so she must be excited. Even better is she was excited to see him later. "It won't be to hard to find you though. I just have to look for the girl with golden hair, golden eyes and long long legs." Jacoby was so excited he felt his heart slamming against his chest. She looked good in he fencing uniform but he was excited to see her in a dress or skirt. 'Melanie would be absolutely gorgeous..' he was thinking to himself. Saying her name. En in his head gave him be chills and made his smile big and dopey.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie smiled, "Definitely maybe, then." She joked, though she definitely wanted to see him again. But she blushed and said, "I still'ave trouble believing zat people don't notice you, Jacoby, especially if you go around saying zuch sweet things like zat." She said, her french accent particularly thick right now. It tended to be more evident when she was embarrassed or feeling shy. And Melanie was definitely not used to people complimenting her. Except for the model agents here and there that have 'spotted' her, but they just see her figure and like it. It's like she's just a walking body and nothing else. But nobody had ever really complimented her the way this boy did. Jacoby thought she was all golden and Melanie was definitely liking that he was so sweet.

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments Jacoby chuckled at her 'Definitely maybe' comment. "I don't just give comments out to every one. Then they would be meaningless. And well I just prefer to not be noticed. People tend to.." 'take advantage of me..' he thought to himself. Jacoby had trailed off and not realized it as he spaced off into his own world; thinking about the numerous Shadow Hunter girl's who wanted to have their way with him and take advantage of his niceness. Jacoby would eventually just shrug those girls off to Nick and just be on his way. He pretended it didn't bother him and told Nick it didn't bother him, but it did. He snapped back into reality and finished his sentence. "Tend to ignore me anyways!" he quickly had added. Speaking of ignoring, he was purposely ignoring the rest of the 'noticing' conversation. He was feeling bad for not telling her the full truth about him being a shadow hunter.

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Vixen  | 136 comments Melanie frowned, noticing the way he trailed off and seemed to just space out. While she waited for him to finish, she used that time to move closer to him, her eagerness to devour every word Jacoby said making her move on her own. Melanie was now 2 feet from him. "Well, I would not ignore you, Jacoby." She said, speaking honestly. Though Melanie wouldnt ignore anyone, it just wasnt her. She was a listener and a helper and she could never ignore someone in need. Even though Jacoby seemed like the kind of boy who could take care of himself, she still wouldnt ignore him. Mon Dieu. Who could ignore your presence in a room? She thought to herself. "Tu n'es pas comme les autres garçons" She said softly in french because she was too embarrassed to say it in english. "You are not like other boys."

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LegendOfCasey | 47 comments When Melanie had said the first thing his smile grew from a minuscule one, into a half smile. And one he said the second thing, his smile widened to a full one. He took a small step so now there was only one foot between them. When he spoke, he spoke in a soft tone. "Well, I'm glad you wouldn't... but what do you mean by I'm not like other boys?" Jacoby still had a smile on his face but he cocked his head to the side a tad bit, and looked slightly confused at her. Jacoby was curious and interested in what she had to say, deeply.

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