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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
Twilight Princess is the thirteenth game in the Zelda series, and it was originally released for the GameCube. You can roleplay about it here.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora moved around the tables, pollitely asking what people ordered. Mr. Seff was behind the bar, carefully concocting drinks and small snakes for everyone. When someone got to drunk, he passed out the drinks. After, he headed to the person and guided them up the stairs to their room, or helped find an escort to where-ever they needed going. Over all, it was quite peaceful...even they were drunk.

Finally that night, after all the people had gone, it was closing time. Mr. Seff took a deep breath, more of a yawn, with his arms stretched above his head. Allora followed suit. It had been a long work-day/night, but she couldn't help but wondering if there was someone outside...If they wanted a room though, they didn't need to ask her!

Mr. Seff closed down the bar, and carefully put away all of the bottles into the cabnet behind him on the wall. He whistled quietly; to loud and he would irritate the people in the rooms above. It would be a long night ahead.

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
After a long day of battling what seemed like endless monsters, Link and Epona galloped into the sleeping Kakariko Village. He just wanted to check in on things; it had been a while since his last visit. He wanted to see how Ilia and the kids were doing, but thought it would be best to wait until morning. As he approached the Elde Inn, he realized that the place was already closing down. Hoping they'd still let him in, Link knocked on the door and waited.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Mr. Seff moved towards the door, and opened it. "Sorry, you came a little late for the bar! We've got three rooms left, though, if your willing to take one." Mr. Seff moved away from the door, back to the bar to clean a mug he forgot. "If ya wan' breakfast, that'll cost ya extra," the said over his shoulder.

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Link nodded and proceeded forward, not saying a word. He felt bad for coming in late, but at least there were still rooms available for him. Naturally, he was hungry, but he was running low on Rupees; he'd have to go see Agitha later and give her more golden bugs. But right now, his feet ached and all he wanted to do was sit down.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments "It's twenty five a night, plus five if ya want some food," Mr. Seff explained. "There's a stable for your horse, warmer than outside, for ten rupee's if ya'll take it. Bu' I guess I can lower it down to five, yeh look a little warn down."

Allora wandered around, cleaning tables. Every chance that the man wasn't looking, she glanced at him.

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Almost emptying his wallet entirely, Link counted out thirty Rupees for the room and the stable and handed them to Mr. Seff. Link figured he'd get some food from Renado soon enough. He smiled, saying "Thank you" with his eyes.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Mr. Seff simply nodded, "First room on the right. Oh, and there's a hot spring up top, very up top. That's free if ya ever wanna get up there." He handed Link the key, and went back to his own business.

Allora moved over to Mr. Seff and whispered to him, "Doesn't he look familiar?"

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Hot spring... that sure sounded nice. It was late, but Link needed to relax. He climbed up to the top of the building, fought off some Keese, and planted himself in the steaming water next to some Cuccos.

It wasn't until later, much later, that Link got out of the hot spring. Link squinted to see since the sky had grown quite dark. Finally, he made it to his room and went to bed once and for all.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Mr. Seff thought for a moment, "I guess so...But maybe you've only been up for to long!" He gave a large hearty laugh. "Go ahead and get tah bed; I'll finish up for the night."

Allora thought about her warm bed and, nodding, headed home. The thought of tomorrow just being around the corner.

((Is this post- or pre- Twilight Princess? I suppose it is post 'cause Link's not in Ordon...)

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((I guess... ^^;))

Morning arrived much too quickly. Link yawned, stretched, got dressed, and headed downstairs. He knew he was low on Rupees, but he was too starving to resist a hot breakfast. Link placed a blue Rupee on the counter and waited for Mr. Seff to arrive.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Mr. Seff didn't arive for around ten more minutes. His hair seemed on end, and his eyes filled with worry. "Sorry, 'bout that. Have ya seen that girl around the Inn at all? Just keep your head up for her, could you?"

He took the blue Rupee, "Anyhow, what'll you be having? Scrambled Cucco Eggs...or just choose your pick." Mr. Seff handed him a menu and cashed the Rupee into the safe under the bar. He tried to mask the worry in his voice.

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Mr. Seff's voice sounded uneasy to Link, but he tried to ignore it, although he was concerned. He figured it was none of his business. Link studied the menu and decided to go with Mr. Seff's suggestion: scrambled cucco eggs. He pointed to his selection.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments "Good choice, sir." He walked back to the kitchens to tell them what Link had ordered. Usually this would be Allora's job...He shook his head. She was probably sick, and she forgot to have someone come over to tell him. But...That didn't make sense! She always sent someone to help him, or tell him that she couldn't work! He bit his lip. He was probably just paranoid from the last attack on Kakariko.

He returned to Link, "It'll be done in a jiffy. Really 'bout six minutes, but I'm no mathmatition."

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Link nodded and took a seat at one of the tables. The smell of hot breakfast traveled across the room, making Link anxious to eat. As hungry as he was, though, he tried to think about other things while he waited.

The Ordon kids came into Link's mind; it had been a while since he saw them last. They didn't even know he was coming today. Link smiled to himself when he thought about how surprised everyone would be, how their faces would light up when they saw him.

But he couldn't keep his mind off of eating for long. The tempting smell of eggs returned to Link's nose. His mouth watered and he hoped the food would be done soon.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments The eggs were done pretty fast, and delivered to his table even more so. This suprised Mr. Seff, considering that Allora hadn't been there to help. Once Link had his breakfast, he headed back to the bar.
Allora woke up tied in a dark place. "Huh? Where?" She wondered, not yet having the situation regester in her mind. Then it hit her, "Gyah! When? Where?!" Allora forced herself to calm down. "Deep breaths..."

"OK," She told herself, "It's going to be okay. So how did I get here?" She remembered heading home...and then. It was no good. She couldn't remember. "Seff, please find me!" She called out.

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Link finished up the last of his food and left. He smiled to Mr. Seff as he walked out of the inn.

The first thing he saw when he opened the door was a Bulblin. And when there was one, he knew there would be more. Like he had done so many times before, he unsheathed his sword and prepared for battle.

Once the Bulblins were gone, Link followed the tracks of Bullbos that they were riding. He'd have to visit the kids later; he had no idea where he was going right now. The only thing he did know was that he was heading into trouble.

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✐Monica | 5 comments Mod

Princess Zelda awoke from her giant, soft bed. Just like every other day, she headed to her window and examined her kingdom, making sure every town was at peace. Hyrule Field was empty, as always... well, almost empty. A boy in green raced down the field with a brown horse.

It was Link.

Zelda looked closely at him. His blue eyes screamed worry and urgency. What was going on?

The princess tossed her black cape over her shoulders and snuck outside to the field. Obviously there was trouble, and she needed to know exactly what was happening.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments The darkness was starting to get to Allora's head. And the silence. Yes, definately the silence. She tryed to whistle tunes and even talk to herself, but eventually her creativity failed her.

"Oi!" Allora shouted, "Whoever was looney enough to kidnap me better show his face!" She shouted. No one appeared, "Hey!" Still nothing, then something did. The darkness around her seemed to have shifted, and she plumped over onto her side. She could hear someone, something, heaving. She was in a BOX! What sort of inconsiterate, monster of a Hylian...She shivered. What if...

Allora had seen a monster first hand before, when Gannondorf had taken over Hyrule. It'd been a large, frightening, black beast. His head had been a plate with a strange symbol on it, hairlike streamers hung from the top. She shook her head, praying that wasn't the creature carrying her Box.

Actually, Allora prayed even more than that, to the goddesses, that someone would save her. She didn't care if it was Mr. Seff (she some what hoped that he wouldn't, the man was gaining years) or Renado or...or...even that guy from the Inn the night before.

The gears in her head began to turn. What if that hadn't been the night before...what if...what if it'd been longer than that. In her Box, she couldn't know.

"Oh, Goddesses, please!"

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Link followed the gang of Bulbins, a look of determination etched on his face. He pushed Epona to her limit, and although she was tired, she maintained a good speed.

The Bulbins, all clustered together, lead Link into a tight cave; he had to crouch down to fit through the opening. When he entered, he heard -- although quite faint -- an exasperated, desperate plea for help. Link dismounted Epona and followed the voice, knocking the Bulbins out of his way as he went. He knew he had to help this person.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora felt the Box drop. She screamed when it hit the floor, jaring her legs against her face. What was going on? She heard, outside of her Box, something yell. She shivered.

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Call me Random | 360 comments "You must be diligent in your skills, my young apprentice." Quetzalxochitl was coaching her swordsman apprentice, Kanoro, who was a bit more rambunctious than normal today. He must be getting anxious for his quest... she thought to herself. Kanoro was fiercely defeating the training dummies she had set up in a forest.

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Call me Random | 360 comments ((...Does anyone wanna Roleplay?))

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
((Sorry! I didn't get a notification. >///<))

Link jumped when he heard the scream. He followed it and eventually found an odd looking box. Link unsheathed his sword and hit the box, revealing a girl. The face looked familiar... had he seen her before? At the inn, maybe; yes! He extended his hand out to her, trying not to be frightening.


Meanwhile, in Faron woods, Hakumei heard noises outside. She automatically cringed. Cautiously, she peeked through the window in her bedroom, only letting the top of her head show. Seeing that there weren't any real monsters, she relaxed and let out a sigh. It was interesting to her, though, that they were training so hard. Why? She wasn't about to ask, but she couldn't help but wonder. Hakumei continued to watch them.

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Call me Random | 360 comments ((No worries.))

Quetzalxochitl rose her hand to signal Kanoro to stop. Kanoro's sword touched the ground. He tried to catch his breath. Quetzalxochitl hopped from her perch and approached Kanoro.
"You're doing well," She said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "I think you are ready for your quest."
Kanoro put his sword back in his scabbard. "What quest have you been training me for?" he asked anxiously. Queztal leaped onto a thick tree branch. Her hand extended, and began to glow with light. Kanoro felt an odd sensation around him, mostly on the back of his hand. He looked down at it. He saw a illusion of a Triangle that was split into three smaller triangles on his hand.
"What is this?" He asked, almost mesmerized by it.
"This world's greatest treasure," Queztal responded. "Protect it...with all your being and courage."
"But why?" Kanoro asked. "Who should I protect it from? And who will I know is friend or foe?" He had many questions.
"Trust yourself, and remember your training," Queztal said. The light in her hand grew brighter, and had almost blinded Kanoro. When he looked up, Queztal was gone. "Queztal? Where did you go? I have a lot of unanswered questions."
Trust yourself... Queztal's voice echoed though the forest.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments "Who-o are you?" Allora's voice quivered. "Were you the one who killed the monsters?" She looked behind him, looking to see if there was any corpses. She shuddered. "You were the one weren't you?"

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Link nodded, giving Allora a warm smile to ease her worries. It was growing dark, so he got out his lantern and held it out in front of him, gesturing Allora to follow him as he lead her out of the cave. Unfortunately though, he had to figure out where exactly he was. He wished he drew a map as he went. Hopefully, Link would remember.


Hakumei's eyes grew large as the light from the girl's hand illuminated the woods, but she found herself squinting after the golden ray became blinding. When she could no longer decipher what was happening outside, she quickly ran from the window, not wanting to be seen.

The scene replayed in her head. What "quest" were they talking about? Like Kanoro, she also had many questions, although she knew that it was none of her business. She heaved an exasperated sigh.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora followed the man. He looked vaguely familiar. She tried to remember, but she couldn't. "Where-where are we going?" She asked him. She hoped he would take her back to Kakariko...

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro thought he heard a patter of feet behind. He decided not to worry about it. He scurried qucikly out of the forest, trying to find anyone in need.

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
Link shrugged with an apologetic look on his face. He didn't know where they were going yet. He scratched his head, turning corner after corner with Allora. After ages of walking and guessing, they found the exit. He wondered where they were, but he soon realized that the crisp air he knew so well could only come from Hyrule field. He decided to take Allora back to where she came from, hoping that there would be no more monsters there.


Hakumei saw the boy take off. She was tempted to follow him. Why was she so curious? For all she knew, his quest could be to destroy the world and bring even more twilight to Hyrule. He looked slightly older than her, maybe a couple years, and well-cordinated when he trained. And when he trained, Hakumei couldn't help hearing the talk about his "quest." What was it? Was he trying to help Hyrule or make it worse? Was he the legendary hero she had heard rumors of, or was it someone else? Hakumei's curiosity got the best of her and started to follow him, keeping a fair distance and staying as invisible as possible.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro noticed a person in a green tunic walking out of a cave. He hid deep in the bushes. Was he friend or enemy? He was leading a small girl out, holding a bright lantern. Kanoro began to reach for his sword.

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✐Monica | 5 comments Mod
Princess Zelda rushed out onto the field. Now she was at ground level, so it was a lot harder to find who she was looking for. After hours of searching, though, she found Link, joined by a girl on his horse. This gave Zelda a sudden burst of energy that she used to approach Link. "Link!" she shouted, running towards him.

She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she saw a young girl trotting behind Epona.

Who's that girl? Zelda pondered, curiously examining her. Does Link know that he's being followed? The princess hid behind a nearby tree to see exactly what the girl was up to.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro noticed a girl in a long dress hide behind a tree that was pretty close to him. He tried to remain unmoveable to not frighten her. He moved ever so slightly toward Link, but stepped on a branch that make a loud snap.

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
Link swerved around when he heard a startling snap. He cautiously examined his surroundings and eventually found a boy who looked almost motionless. Link looked for signs to see if the boy was a friend or an enemy. Since the boy wasn't really moving much, all Link could do was wait for the boy to attack, if he was going to.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro just stared at Link. "I...I..." He stammered with hesitance. He swallowed nervously. "I'm....a...friend..." He finally said. He was shaking now. He wasn't sure if he just allied with a friend or an enemy.

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
Link noticed how uneasy Kanoro was. He smiled and nodded at him. Link just hoped Kanoro was telling him the truth and not trying to fool him. He still had to take Allora back to Kakariko Village. But what was Kanoro trying to do? Was he looking for help or did he just want to team up? Link had no idea.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Trust yourself... Kanoro heard his wise mentor's Quetzalxochitl's words echo through his mind. Kanoro steadied himself. He put his sword back in his scabbard. "Don't worry," Kanoro said with much more confidence. "I'm on your side."

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Nina Sakura (SakuraNina) | 58 comments Mod
Link nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. He was more relaxed now and not as tense. He was glad that he didn't have to worry about another enemy, or it would take even longer to get where he was going. Link made a motion with his arm, telling Kanoro that he could join him if he wanted to.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro noticed Link motioned to him. He stumbled out from his hiding spot and stood by Link's side. "My name's Kanoro," he introduced himself.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora smiled warmly. She now felt better; no longer shaking and no longer afraid. "I'm Allora," she spoke aloud stretching out her hand for a handshake. She knew handshakes were a bit oldfasioned, but hey! So she was.

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Call me Random | 360 comments Kanoro greatly took Allora's hand and shook it. "Nice meeting you," he smiled.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora nodded. "I hope you've been traveling without any incident. The monsters have begun to come out of hiding." She grinned mischievously then grew serious, "They are not very nice..."

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Call me Random | 360 comments "No, not yet anyway," Kanoro said. "But I have been in training, so I'm prepared for almost anything!"

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Call me Random | 360 comments ((This group is a little dead...))

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments ((I'm sooooooo sorry.... D: I lost my gmail account password.... I feel awful... Feel free to reprimand me as much as you want. I feel really bad.))

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Call me Random | 360 comments ((Reprimand? and don't feel awful. Sometimes I'm inactive cause of life.))

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments ((Derp. I spelled that wrong, didn't I? I just found the password a couple of says ago. It was on a paper stuffed behind the computer desk along with my other passwords. It was a pretty important paper to lose. :P I'll go and read back up at the top so I can remember where we are in the story.))

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments "I wish I was as confident as you are, Kanoro - er, you don't mind if I address you so informally do you?" ALlora asked, not sure where the man's boundaries were. When working at a bar, you tend to get to know people whether you want to or not. That makes you also tend to talk to people as though you've known them for a long time.

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Call me Random | 360 comments "It's not a problem," Kanoro said calmly.

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Laurel (Lauizzle) | 91 comments Allora smiled warmly. ((Gosh, it's hard to think up the next major plot points without other people. Just a sec while I think...))

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