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Sis (ontheroadreader) | 3 comments FREE ON AMAZON KINDLE for 5 DAYS - “The World Eve Left Us” by Boston Teran. Starts June 7th and runs through June 11th. After that, “Eve” will be 99¢. Three other Boston Teran books also available for 99¢.

Publisher's link: or go direct to Amazon Kindle.

“The World Eve Left Us” was first published in France as “Trois Femmes” and an immediate hit – both a bestseller and now a classic. A great love story.

There are few novels where the protagonist is a deaf girl and the story such a profound triumph – a coming-of-age love story. “The World Eve Left Us” by Boston Teran is the story of a deaf girl in the Bronx, but it could be any woman anywhere in the struggle to achieve identity and purpose. A story about how three women rose above the demeaning of their lives, their rights and their femininity. Teran has set apart Eve's signing and those responding by using a separate symbol rather than traditional quotes. Eve signs, she does not speak and the reader's experience of signing is brilliantly embedded in the text.

Reviews include:

“'The World Eve Left Us' is armed with the phantoms of Faulkner and Tennessee Williams...imagine 'The Divine Comedy' or 'The Odyssey' by way of Abel Ferrara.” – OBSEDES TEXTUAL

“... tough, strong, moving ... in biting and inspired language an extraordinary plea against the injustices that are dealt out to the very weakest. We will not soon forget the destiny of these three deeply moving heroines.” – Delphine Peras

“An important work. A plea against injustices which overpower the weak.” – NOUVELLE

“One of the great literary works about women and living proof Boston Teran is not a man.” – FAB 40

“The world is the Bronx of the 1950's to the 1970's. Two women, one an uneducated Italian, the other a survivor of Nazi barbarism, give their lives to raise a deaf girl named Eve, guiding her from uneducated waif to profound artist. ... What we have here is a magnificent portrait of wounded but combative women and a portrait of the Bronx... a beautiful hymn to solidarity, profoundly moving." – PARIS MATCH

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Sis (ontheroadreader) | 3 comments Thanks. Newbie here...Wanted to report that another of Boston Teran's books is being prepped for a film by the producers (Cross Creek) who made The Black Swan and Woman In Black. It's been said that based on the book, this will be a Western as if Fellini and Peckinpah created it together.

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Mona Ingram (monawrites) | 24 comments FREE June 9, 10, 11. FULL CIRCLE. Pregnant and alone, Bella leaves home but is determined to return some day on her own terms. As she strives to succeed there’s little room left for romance. Will she deny what’s in her heart for the sake of her business?

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