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Justece (inlovewithdance) Magyk walked into the room confidently. She walked up the the gamakers said, "Magyk Shade, District 7," in a loud voice that got the gamemakers attention and rang throughout the huge room. She was racking her brain. What can I do? she thought almost panicking.

She glanced up at the gamemakers again and realized they were no longer paying attention to her. Perfect, she thought. She raced to a table covered in paints and
other things for camouflag. She took several paints of red and brown. She then ran to a group of trees that where situated in the room. She darted up a tree then yelled, "Hey!"
She quickly ducked back into the tree making sure that the gamemakers did not see
her. She kept jumping through the trees, occasionally poking her head out and yelling at
the gamemakers, but never letting them spot her. They could constantly hear her and she
could see them trying to spot her, but not once where they able to spot her.

Magyk sat down on a branch hidden in the trees from view and took out her paints. She started painting herself to look as though she was a scratched up and bleeding with gashes and cuts all over her body. When she was done she "fell" from the tree. It looked to the gamemakers as though she has had a hard fall and she was hurt, she could see it on their faces.
"Ahh!" she screamed, pretending to be hurt. The way that she had painted herself made it look like she was actually hurt.
"My leg! Ahhh!" she continued to wail. The look on the gamemakers faces was just what she was looking for. They were believing her act. She continued acting to be hurt untill she was sure they were going to have her taken out, then she stood up abruptly and ran over tongue camouflag table. She wiped herself clean of the paint and did everything she could not to laugh at the gamemakers stunned faces.

Magyk walked over to the weapons table. She grabbed a quiver full of arrows and slung it over her back, a bow and also slung it over her back, a beautiful silver sword and took it in one hand and four knives, one in one hand, one held in her teeth, one strapped to her arm and one strapped to her thigh. She told an Avox to go stand against the wall and hold her arms out. She told 5 others to grab a sword and defend themselves as best they could. She ran at the Avoxes with swords and they were all soon locked in combat. The Avoxes where surprisingly good fighters, but Magyk had them disarmed and laying on the floor, clutching some part of their aching bodies groaning within minutes. "Sorry," Magyk muttered to them. She then turned on the Avox against the wall and threw the four knives, all in a row at her. She was pinned to the wall. One knife in the sleeve of each of her arms and one knife in each of her pant legs. The Avox had not been hurt in any way but was very stunned. "Haha, sorry," she said to the Avox unpinning her from the wall. Then she quickly took the bow from her back within seconds had hit each of the dummy's in dead center of the target.

When Magyk had finished she walked back up to the gamemakers, curtsied, said, "Thank you," in her loud impowering voice then walked proudly out of the room.

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Eva Noe entered the room, thinking hard about what he could do. The last few days he had been thinking about what he could do at the private training session, but he didn't have a clue what to do what was really unusual for him since usually he always had a plan. ALWAYS.
Fast he let his eyes run across the room, searching for - he didn't even know what. Maybe a gigantic bath tube so he could show his swimming skills? The gamemakers were eating, but then one recognized him standing there. Quickly Noé said: "Noé Animi, District 4." Now he had the attention of all of them. Great. He would definitely get the highest score possible for just standing there and doing nothing, he thought to himself sarcastically.
Noé tried not to panic, inhaled deeply and then started running. His destination were the ropes at the other end of the room he arrived at after a few seconds. Without stopping, he took one rope, made a knot in it so he could use it as lasso and dashed to the entrance door again. He knotted the rope to the doorknob and changed his direction again. In a minute he succeeded to make a gigantic net in the whole room.
He looked to the gamemakers and saw that noone was watching him anymore. Nobody saw how fast I can run?, he thought scared. He whistled loudly, found a knife under the great amount of weapons and started running towards the gamemakers. He threw the knife at them, and one gamemaker jumped of his seat because he thought he would be hurt by it. In the next moment the knife bounced back and only with a quick jump at the left he could save himself. He continued to throw weapons at the forcefield and always sidestepped them without ever stumbling across the net out of ropes. Finally, there weren't any weapons left, so he bowed, said "Thankyou" and then ran out of the room as fast as he could - hopefully now they would see how fast he was!

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Anika Frill walked in and walked right up to the gamemakers proudly. "Frill, District 1." She said in a loud voice. Since she would only be the second to go she knew they would watch her carefully. Luckily she had planned out what she was going to do already. Since she was skinny she didn't look the strong, but she really was, so she walked over to the weights and threw some really heavy ones around. Once she was done she looked over at the gamemakers and they seamed surprised. She smiled happily at them while walking over to the bow section. She grabbed the bow and an arrow and shot it at the dummy. The first arrow hit the eye. The second arrow hit its forehead. And the third hit it perfectly in the heart. Good. Just as I planned. She thought. Frill was okay with knives to she walked over to the knife section and threw a few at the dummies. All hit its body and one in the heart. After she was done the gamemakers dismissed her and she walked out smiling.

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Anika Dana walked in confidently and said to the to the gamemakers, "Dana Rey, District 2" She didn't have to worry about them not watching her because she was a career. She walked over to the spear area and pick one up and threw it at the dummy. It hit the dummies heart. She threw another and it hit its eye. She threw one last one at a different dummy and it hit its heart. She was very happy inside, but tried not to show it. She went over to the sword section and asked one of the training people to spar with her. He agreed and Dana won. Then she went over to the edible plant section and did a test (It was on a giant screen so the gamemakers could see) and she got 100%. Dana knew she probably only had time for one thing, so she ran over to the fire building area and started a fire on her second try. Then they dismissed her.

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Eva When Evangeline walked in and said her name, she could see that the gamemakers were stunned by her beauty. But she knew that this wouldn't give her a good score or much rather would lower it. Like, who excepted a pretty, innocent looking girl to be good at fighting? She smiled at the gamemakers and then walked over to the weights. She took the most heavily looking one, lifted it up and threw it as far away as she could. By doing this, she still tried to look pretty since this was definitely what the gamemakers liked the most about her.
Then she walked to the ropes where she found a rope as thin as a thread which she finespun quickly to a noose. It looked really fragile, but she knew that it wasn't. She went to the weights again, put the one she threw just a few minutes ago into the noose and started to rotate it around her. At first she needed all her energy to do this, but as it got faster all she had to do was lean against the weight und spin around. While doing this, she searched for a place she could throw the weight at. Then she spotted the dummies at the other end of the room which were supposed to be hit by arrows and speers. She let the weight fall, it hurtled towards the dummies and then crashed into one which was destroyed completely. She smiled to herself - that was more luck than she could have wished for! She turned to the gamermakes, said "Thank you" and walked out proudly.

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Amitykitty | 9 comments Lamilla walked into the training room nevously. ``Lamilla Whittier, District 9,`` she said nervously, but barely any of the gamemakers looked at her. She then repeated it louder and they all stared at her. Ok, she thought, now that I have their attention, what can I do with it? She walked over to mthe healing station. Rustling through it she found, hidden at the bottom, a poisonous mushroom. I could give them a good scare, she thought. She gathered all of the ingredients for the antidote with her and then climbed nimbly up the complicated set of ropes hanging from the ceiling. "As you can see," she shouted, "I am holding a highly poisonous mushroom." This caught all of the gamemakers' attention. She then quickly ate it. "Now, within 15 minutes, I should die. But, thankfully, I know the antidote." She then made it in no time and then, just as quickly as the mushroom, ate it too. After she was sure that the whole thing was down, she slid down the set of ropes and said, "Thank you," with a large grin on her face. Lamilla left the room feeling very proud of herself and hoping that her parents felt the same way.

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Payton (paytonthedancer3) Coralia walked into the huge room, she goes straight to the spare computer parts table. She quickly began to arrange a bunch of chips and bolts and screws and soon she had her self a bow and full quiver. She walked over to a huge trampolin and asks an Avox to come with her. She whispers in her ear and soon she was back with a bunch of tiny ping pong balls. Coralia climbs onto the tramp, takes put a vile of purple liquid that she made earlier and pours a drop on the side of her bow. Then she starts jumping, after getting relatively high she nodds to the Avox. The Avox starts rapidly throwing the ping pong balls up in the air. Coralia fires one practice arrow and the ball she hit instantly incinerates in a puff of black smoke. Coralia nods again as she jumps higher and does a back flip, shoots the ball and lands on her feet. She does this again but this time she does an airiel and the next time a front flip and the next she twists on her side in the air. All of which the ping pong balls fall to the floor in piles of dust and and smoke. Then she rapidly fires a bunch of arrows up and a black smoke rains down in the room. This gives her enough time to run to she camo station and paint her self the colour of the walls. She grabbs a bunch of knives as well as a vile of green liquid that she made. The training she did in 13 had reflexes exersises which made her VERY fast at working. As the s one finally cleared Coralia was nowhere to be seen. All of a sudden a frenzy of knives are thrown at the main wall. Soon they all start to melt and sizzle. Coralia runs out of the room without the gamemakers seeing her. And in her wake on the wall is the word "goodbye" written in goopy melted knife. 

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Calla walked in without looking at the gamekeepers, she walked up to the bow and arrows and picked one up, then she went to the climbing station and climbed the complicated pattern of ropes, from up high she shot her arrows each one was an almost perfect bullseye, then she jumped down. After landing on her feet she went over to the spears, she chose one and walked off the mat, when she was about 20feet away from the target she stopped and threw the spear, it pierced the dummies heart with ease. Then she started to throw knifes, she hit various targets all over the room, she didn't care which ones the knifes hit just so long as they hit something. Then, after seeing nothing else that she wanted to show off, she left with a nod in the gamekeepers direction.

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Monika (katprim) Aria walked in the room,knowing that the gamemakers won't pay much atention to her.That's why she just jelled her name and district number at them and went to take some knives.She took five and started throwing them,one by one.Three knives hit precisely in the middle of the puppets "hearts",but the other two missed and hit the shoulders.Then she walked to a big tree and started climbing.After she climbed up all the way,she looked at the gamemakers.She noticed that only half of them were looking.That's why she climbed down and took the bow and arrows."If I'm gonna do this,I gotta do it right",she tought.So she shot five arrows,and most of them hit the puppets hearts.She was quite happy with what she had done so far,but she wanted to gamemakers to remember her so she coughed on purpose loudly to get their attention.When they all looked at her,she knew she had no time to waste.She took the last arrow,went to one of the puppets she already shot in the heart,walked on the 40 meters distance from it and shot right through the arrow that was already there.She smiled proudly and turned to the gammemakers,slightly bowing at them and saying "thank you" while leaving the room.

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Justece (inlovewithdance) Damon confidently entered the room. He stood before the gamemakers and said in a voice that rang throughout the room, "Damon Shaw, District 13." 

He went over to a table that had a bunch of electrical stuff. He started on something with his back to the gamemakers. When he was finished, he went over to the workout station holding the remote he had made. He ripped off his shirt and winked at the lady gamemakers in the balcony. He then turned to the machine he had created at the electrical station and pressed a button on his remote. All the lights in the room suddenly started to change colors and the song "Sexy and I Know It" began to play. Damon dropped his remote and did 130 chinups without hardly breaking a sweat. He then did 180 pushups and then he quickly went through a particularly difficult obstacle course (the song and lights are still going BTW). 

When he had finished he ran over to an Avox and whispered something in his ear. The Avox returned with two swords then handed one to Damon. He picked up his remote and pushed a button. The song changed to an intense battle song and the lights changed to a spotlight centered on the Avox and Damon.  "Deffend yourself you beatle-headed, flap-eared, knave!" Damon yelled at the Avox then charged. They were soon locked in battle, the music playing in the background. Damon soon had the Avox lying on the floor moaning in pain. He picked the Avox off the floor then sprinted to the weapons table. 

He quickly threw knife after knife at the wall. When he finished chucking knives at the wall, "Wasup!" was spelt in knives on the wall. Damon then walked over to the gamemaker's balcony bowed, said, "Thanks," with a note of sarcasm in his voice, then turned and left the room.

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Softreflection Salvador runs in and bows, with a smile on his face.
He runs and grabs a few arrows and goes to the camoflouge area.
There he grabs a few stuffed animals and a dummy, and paints them into the backround. 10 minutes later, you can't even tell that there are animals there.
He goes to the complete opposite side of the room and takes aim. He hits every single thing in the neck.
But he shoots the dummy with his eyes closed, and shooots three arrows.
One at each hand, to make sure he can't struggle, and one in the throat.
After that, he grabs a dozen knives, closes his eyes and throws them in the air.
They each land a millimeter away from him self on the ground. Not one of them has touched him or gone away more than a few inches. He steps over the knives with his eyes still closed, and grabs two more dummies.
These he rips to shreds with his bear hands, tearing the head apart from the body.
He concludes his session by making various convincing animal calls which make you think there are animals near to hunt, but no, it's only him.

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Pyney walks proudly into the room holding sword that he thinks is called a bat. Going up to a dummy, he thrusts the sword into its right leg which comes off. He's very, very, proud that he just un-legged someone. Next up he goes for another dummies chest. The only problem is that this dummy is wearing a shield. Pyney thinks he can just cut through it
Pyney was wrong.
The sword bounced back and the hilt hit Pyney in the chest. HE stumbles a bit, but bounces back and goes for the dummy again, thinking he must have dented the shield. Pyney makes the same mistake 3 more times before removing the shield, and proudly thrusting the sword into the dummies chest. He finishes up his presentation by giving the judges a little tap dance, thinking they will grade him well for his advanced dance moves.

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Leah (Eddle) | 98 comments Ryan stormed in to the training center with anger rising up him. he had no idea why he was so angry but he needed something to take it out on. he sprinted to the sword section and swiftly slices his sword through one of the dunnys then quickly through another dummys head then cleanly through another dummys heart. or were it should be anyway. he then grabbed 4 knifes from the throwing knifes section and threw them and all 4 of them landed on bullseye on each one. he then quickly showed his knowledge by completing one of the edible plants test then feeling angry again grabbed a trident and shot it at a dummy. the dummy got caught between it and pinned to the wall. he stormed out of the training center

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Kaitlyn  (mtrench) Hayden walked into the room confedintly and with a big smile, he was smiling and ready to get a high score. he just passed Ryan in the hallways and was wondering how he did. Hayden cleared his throat "Hayden cardoso district 10" Hayden ran to the water section, testing the water. once the water was safe to drink he took a few sips, then he walked over to the tabel and mended a fishing pole. just a few tips his father taught him.he ran over to the long-range section and was working on his bow and arrow skills. he wasnt good but he did his best and hit 2/4 times on the bulls eye. he saved his best for last. camoflage. not only was he an expert fisher , hayden is a hunter, he was good with sneaking up on people and catching his prey. he painted a rock desighn on lis arm then slapped the wall with his covered arm. you couldnt see it! incredible, then hayden is very very strong. he chucked a 175 pound ball over his head and smooshed a dummy that was on the floor. then hayden left the trainging room with the gamemakers watching him

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