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M.K. Wilke (mkwilke) | 15 comments Hi I was wondering if we could get a group together to read my book. We need roughly 20-30 readers to test the book before It is released on

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) (mlpmombookreviewer) | 839 comments Do you have a synopsis for it?

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M.K. Wilke (mkwilke) | 15 comments Yes here is my Synopsis for my novel Possessions. It is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance.

16-year-old Scarlett Hanson has just moved from big time New York to the small city of Savage Minnesota. She never planned to stay, but on her first day of school, she is invited to join a group of the most aloof kids in school, the question is why? She is later witness to a beautiful man standing over the body of a stranger in a secluded corner off the school’s football field. After running to get help, she passes out and wakes up in the hospital, the beautiful man from before lounges in the shadows of the room awaiting her. His cryptic messages and intimate words elude and confuse her, his open invitation to join him and the others, she pushes the man from her wanting nothing to do with them.
Her first weekend in her new home and she just needs time to think, Scarlett goes for a run only to run face into the things she doesn’t want to confront right now. Charmed by the handsome, funny blonde, she finds her minds being pulled in two different directions. Tall dark and handsome Mr. Zane or the heart crushing gorgeous blonde Kaelan Jones., Both have made passes at her. There is something going on with the elusive group more than they are letting on to the outside world. Nightmares haunt her; a symbol recurring never leaves her dreams, following her even into her days and class times. She wants to know what, but she cannot figure out why and that scares her. Kaelan takes her to his home, and she encounters a locket a locket no one can open, a locket with the symbol of her nightmares on it. She does not want to face the reality of the things this might mean and runs from it all.
When Zane corners her in an empty classroom demanding her to be his, will she give into the stirrings of feelings she has been carefully avoiding over the past few days. A deep and passionate kiss sends Scarlett running for the parking lot and home as her body burns inside and out, with the pain of awakening. The transformation has to be started before its time in order to save her life, and the only question is now that it’s started will she transition okay or die?
Scarlett awakens to the day fine and herself 100 %, but that’s the problem her other half Lilith should have been restored so why wasn’t it. Scarlett learns of what they are and what has been kept a secret from her all this time, by none other than her, it’s not every day you get to find out you’re a daemon, let alone the only one who can save the others from the fallen. Scarlett spends time trying to cope with her new life, learning how to become what they all expect her to be along with the advances of two men who are madly in love with her.
Caught between what she was and what she is now Lilith keeps popping up unannounced to add a little surprise into Scarlett’s already taxing days. Having to deal with two people living in your head especially when they are both you is never easy. It doesn’t help when the Fallen send their little pet V’s, vicious blood sucking creatures that are no longer human along with their werewolf friends to come take care of her before she can figure out how to stop them. After fighting a high V Scarlett and Lilith, merge bringing Scarlett exactly what she finally needs to get the upper hand. She makes a friend and losses one while the V gets away from her now it’s a race against the clock to find the cure before the leader of the Fallen kern comes to kill her. It’s an all-out battle for humanity and their only protectors are a handful of daemons that must fight to save them or have their body possessed in the most horrific sense possible. There are no angels here only daemons.

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C.C. | 219 comments M.K. wrote: "Hi I was wondering if we could get a group together to read my book. We need roughly 20-30 readers to test the book before It is released on"

As in the actual book? And do we have to read a review and do we have to be near your area?

sorry about the questions. I'd like to try it out :)

Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) (mlpmombookreviewer) | 839 comments It sounds really interesting.

If you have ecopies of it I would be more than happy to read and review it for you. I do have a few books I need to read first though. Are you looking for reviews within a certain time frame?

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Maggielou (maggielou618) | 12 comments Well i just read your synopsis and it seems interesting. i would love to read and review it for you.

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M.K. Wilke (mkwilke) | 15 comments you don't need to be in my area we are trying to see if it has mass appeal for the public or not before we launch it into bookstores by December. I am looking for reviews within the next 2 months. I have uploaded the first ten chapters here to the sight under my works thank you for your interests it is appreciated.

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M.K. Wilke (mkwilke) | 15 comments Feel free to tell your friends as well we are trying to find the age range it would sell best for as well, but we believe it to be any wheres from ages 11-45.

Nadene  (Totally Addicted to Reading) (nadz2012) | 9 comments I am interested.

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M.K. Wilke (mkwilke) | 15 comments Here is the link to the story guys feel free to leave reviews or comments of any kind. Thanks a lot!

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