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Fade or Stalker?
Paola Paola Jun 03, 2012 07:24PM
I think that Stalker would be a good choice because he's always honest with Dulce and with Fade acting cold towards her....

FADE! FADE! FADE! Even after all thats happened I still love him.

Fade and Deuce are PERFECT!!! I can't believe he's been ignoring her in this one!! I think they should be together. Stalker should just find some girl in the salvation.

stalker. i would like to see deuce with him than fade, hands down. stalker shouldn't be judged based on his past but the character he strongly developed into now from reading the second book. i really like stalker. i like his persistence towards deuce. he truly cares for her. unlike fade, he took the time to practice new moves with her, even when she chose fade. stalkers a strong character and i'll like to see more of him. more of stalker and deuce.

to me, fade seems to be too needy. he's an emotional rollercoaster. it's not right for deuce. this wouldn't be the first time he pushes her away. in that, fades character is being selfish. he's not man enough like stalker.

stalker fights for deuce, its been proven countless of times. fade, doesn't.

i feel more of a connection with stalker. i really like his character. i didn't feel anything for fade, i didn't feel the connection between him and deuce. i feel more of a strong connection with deuces character and stalkers.

i would really love to see deuce and stalker together.

Salala Nessie: i agree too

Courtney: Stalker says somewhere in Outpost that he knows better now than to rape etc. Also, i disagree with you - i think that it
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Paola wrote: "I think that Stalker would be a good choice because he's always honest with Dulce and with Fade acting cold towards her...."

I'm sorry but him acting cold towards her isn't all that unwarranted. I love her and all, but she isn't that great at communicating and he has basically been working his butt off to get her talking to him. He just doesn't know if she wants him or not and I ABSOLUTELY don't blame him for being frustrated when he loves her so much and she's hanging out with the competition - Stalker. I applaud Fade for not being willing to deal with the love triangle. I applaud him for being annoyed that he was even put in that situation from the start. And I am SO glad that she chose him in the end and that stalker seems to have gotten over the whole thing!

Stalker...Fade is broken by fear.

So true how disappointing that Fade had to go back to his moody roller coaster self. Stalker's devotion for Deuce has always stayed true, why can't Deuce see that? Even while being jealous of Fade, he never turned his back on Deuce and gave her the silent treatment. Instead he actually goes and saves his own competition, all for Deuce! I just feel like, are you kidding me Fade! Use your words and help me understand!

Fade is perfect for her. If she didn't end up with him it would eat at her soul forever. Fade does need to man up though and be there for her like Stalker is in this book and the next.

STALKER 4 ME..!..!

The way Fade was after(view spoiler)what happen, made me think very little of him, I was irritated! I can understand the misunderstanding the first time, but really? again? He's going to have to step up and prove himself in the next book.
I never liked Stalker but in this book he was a better character. He's reliable, he's persistent, always seem to be there for Deuce and Yes he is strong in ways Fade isn't(I hate myself for saying this!) Overall, I wish this book was better.

I am quite late to add to the discussion, but I'll add on anyway. I hope Deuce sticks with Fade. It seems like Deuce made that clear in this book and I hope it's consistent in the next one. I think that all this expectation for Fade to man up and be strong is a bit much. Fade had a difficult upbringing and were always in situations that were adverse to his self esteem and self worth, so it's understandable that he needs affirmation. Stalker just seems like he's used to getting what he wants (he was the leader of the gang... the thing about rape), so I'm not as convinced whether his intentions are "honorable." At least Fade made his intentions clear. I think Deuce recognizes the difference, too. I hope Deuce doesn't get together w/ Stalker and I hope Stalker does not get together with Tegan. That would be so wrong.

Tangent: Aside from the Fade/Deuce/Stalker thing, I'm wondering if the reason for the Freaks/Muties becoming more organized and intelligent is because they've mated/raped humans (ewwww!!), and so transferred some human genes to the Freaks/Muties. I guess I'll have to wait until the next book!

Stalker may have become less heartless but he still should know that Deuce and Fade will eventually discoverthe love they have for eachother

I agree with Nessie.. Fade is too much of an emotional wreck, and chooses to distance himself from Deuce. Stalker, on the other hand, is so persistent and tough.... super sexy. I really like how his character has evolved, and blue eyed boys have always had a certain effect on me

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The Chemistry between Stalker and Deuce is great but I agree with Lindsay. He is too much like her. She is better with Fade but Fade needs to get it together. He keeps taking out all his emotional baggage on deuce and it is not fair.

Leti Del Mar
The Inadvertent Thief by Leti Del Mar

I think she's meant to be with Fade, he brings out the girl in her and recognizes not just the huntress in her. But doesn't everyone feel some sympathy for Stalker? He's so persistent and shows that he really cares about Deuce, but she just shoots him down every time. Fade is just a wreck in my opinion, I would choose Stalker, he's just a lot more passionate.

i fancy stalker far to much

Fade is her best choice. He recognizes both her feminine side and hunter side. He also has her back at all times, even getting whipped to make sure Deuce is safe. Stalker is a former rapist and got Pearl (Fade's friend) killed.

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No offense to Stalker or anything, but it's painfully obvious that she will always chose FADE no matter what. She even said that she would fight for Fade and that Fade was hers as she is his. FADE!!!!!! <3

i think that Fade really is the good match for her even though i have such warm feelings towards Stalker. t here's something to be said about a guy changing who he has been up until now and trying to get in the good graces (i.e. the changes that Stalker makes) but Fade seems to have the same soul and 'bones' as Deuce and ultimately that's what she needs i think.

Oh hell no she better be with Fade after all the shit he went through for her DX

I like them both and I know that's who she will end up choosing but I like stalker more. He's exciting and she doesn't have to try hard with him, while with fade she never knows whats going on.

I have to admit I was team fade for most of the first book until Stalker came into the picture and I knew something would happen between him and deuce. I am wholeheartedly team Stalker. There are no justifications for his past actions (do we even know definitively if he raped someone?), all of these characters (excluding Tegan) have arguably done something cruel. This just happens to be the world they are in. Stalker strongly cares for Deuce is fiercely loyal to her. Especially now since Fade has "pulled a Peeta" (view spoiler) I am even more team Stalker and was so happy to see their relationship further explored. Unfortunately, i am almost certain deuce will end up with Fade but I really am holding out hope for Stalker. I am proud of him for learning to see women as equals and to see that he is capable of genuinely caring about someone else.

Salala your probably right - too bad - would really like her to end up with Stalker
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I'm a tad late, but oh well. I just wanted to add my thoughts about the whole "Fade's actions/emotions" in the last book.

Although it's been awhile since I read Outpost, I believe we don't know the WHOLE story on what happened to him (view spoiler).

I think it's important to keep in mind that events do change people, and it's possible he's going through far more than we realize. Everyone reacts differently to various situations. So I think there is a good reason he's pulling away.

Guess we'll find out in book #3 :)

I'll have to go with Fade. He and Deuce are perfect for each other. If you take their fighting relationship and turn it into a romantic one, its the same; they will have each other's backs. Fade is just going through a rough time at the end of Outpost, but he'll get over it hopefully in Horde.
Stalker, on the other hand, is trying to create something that was never there. Deuce never thought of him romantically, but as a friend. I think that's as far as they will get, seeing as Stalker tried to kill her and Fade before. But I'm a Fade lover.

Fade Fade Fade!!! Stalker is redeemable as a person, he deserves a second chance (especially since he didn't know much better, as This book explained much better than the first), but him as a potential romance interest?? NO!!!! Just no! Fade has gone through so much with her/for her. They have a much deeper connection.

Fade all the way!!!

Still rooting for Fade. Stalker can never redeem himself in my eyes. Never.

^^^ Im with andrea LOL

I love them both, they are perfect for her in their own way

FADE! i love stalker, but him and deuce are just to much alike. fade brings out the feminine side of her and they balance each other out. even though fade is an emotional wreck right now i think he will eventually come back to deuce. and anyway i kind of think stalker and tegan will have something....

i personally was super pissed when stalker became a love interest.
I loved fade in the last book and i still love him.. but he needs to man up. I am not angry with his actions.. more like angry with the author. she made him seem weak in this book when in reality..or in the first book at least he was a strong character. you cannot change the personality of a character.
like you did with stalker. it doesnt work that way.. humans cannot change so much in so little time and as for Deuce.. she was just sad. She cannot seem to grasp the idea of human emotions when she herself feels them.

his name is stalker...that alone shows you what the author is interested in. team fade.

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Fade is the obvious choice, i mean really, i hear people telling me that oh Stalker is sexy, reliable, always there, and whatever. Let's not forget he was a potential raper! Like wft??? How could you possibly want someone with that past? In reality how can he change so fast? So i was very fishy because i couldn't knpw for sure if he was or not. I told myself that if he was a rapest, then no matter how good hearted Tegan is, she would never forgive him for that, i know i wouldnt. But when she did forgive him, that gave me the strong idea that he didn't rape, but he didn't do anything to stop it. im not saying this makes his situation better, but it doea clear up a lot of things. and yes i believe that he can have a better future, because he knows his actions are wrong, and this is a post-apocalyptic novel, but no he can anything, but a romantic potential party for Deuce, just no... all those good qualities about him are expected not because he loves Deuce it should be expected because their friends. Stalker reminds me of Jacob in the twilight series, " i won't give up until your hearts stops beating." Now Fade, yes i understand that in begging of the novel he was being a girl, but if you can overlook Stalkers horrible past, then please take in consideration Fades past, his parents died and he couldn't do anything about it. Like Deuce he moved into a new society where he had to fit in, no friends, 2 of his friends die, and the other one gets eaten alive, and he was beaten to death, give him a break! Fun fact but when a human being is through some much inhuman pain, our brain can't take it anymore,thus we go into some type of fantasy land, because reality is too much for us to bear. yes fade was not the toughest but he had a reason, a very strong one, and he strong because he choose to fight. Lastly he had honorable intentions with Deuce, we don't really know what Stalker wants and he needs to take a hint. I don't thing the author added in this love triangle to make it more likeable the twilight fands, rather to bring out strong woman like characters in Deuce, that i admire. In most novels, a girl would be in love with a guy, and as soon as another choice is added to the picture they start to self-doubt and tear themselves between two guys, which is soooooo anoying! But Deuce on the other hand, she stands her ground, shes like touch me and you die, even though she dosen't want to hurt Stalkers feelings he is aware of her choice and not once does she regret it

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Both....why cant she just have both! ;)

Fade is the better choice for her I think. Stalker is interesting, but too much like her. Fade is the perfect partner because he balances her. Yes, their situations change a little as the story progresses, but that doesn't mean much at this point. Can't wait to see where it goes in the next book.

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