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Good Audiobooks?

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Webiny So, very recently I began to like audiobooks (or at least the concept) after listening to The Help. My biggest hesitation in the past was that I might not like the narrator given and their style of reading might turn me of the story.

For example, the voice of Abileen in The Help would practically have destroyed the character for me if I hadn't read the book and seen the movie first. On the other hand the voices of both Minny and Skeeter were INCREDIBLY spot on with my imagination.

So the question is: Can you recommend a good-(ish) audiobook that I might like? As for the story anything in general fiction is good but preferably not anything really sci-fi or magical.

Thanks for any recommendations, you guys.

Ashley I started listening to audiobooks about 3 years ago, and I've come to love them! I will say that, in general, avoid anything read by the author (typically they just aren't that good). I listened to The Help instead of reading the hard copy and before I saw the movie, and I loved the voice of Abileen...I think it all depends on what you do first, read or listen. If you read, you get an image of the character in your head first, if you listen, the voice helps shape the character.

I just finished A Grown Up Kind of Pretty, which I enjoyed. The narrator has a slight southern accent, which I find soothing. If you're into the series, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series is nice to listen to because you don't have to try to pronounce all of those foreign names (that always trips me up when I'm trying to read books from another country). Also, The Time Traveler's Wife was a great audiobook, much better than the movie and I really liked the narrator. Oh, and if you like historical fiction/mysteries, Winter Garden was excellent as well. It took me a while to get into it, but once I did, I loved it.

Hope this helps!

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Deb The Number One Ladies Detective Agency series of audiobooks by Alexander McCall Smith has a narrator, Lisette Lecat, with a lovely Botswanan accent who perfectly captures the characters. And the series by Tony Hillerman about the Navajo Tribal Police is narrated by George Guidall, one of the best! I spent many a long commute enjoying both of these series.

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Dee I second the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books - Simon Vance who narrated them was awesome - in fact, he just won 2 Audies (like the oscars for audiobooks) for 2 of his narrations this year. I do recommend checking out some of the audiobook groups here, only because people differ on who they like and don't like for narrations

there are some who people rave about and I can't stand a lot of the time its individual preference - but Davina Porter, who narrates Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books is great

Webiny Thanks a lot you guys! @Ashley I appreciate the suggestions an d will have a look at those titles. And @Dee thanks for pointing out the audiobook groups! Strangely I'd not actually thought of looking for/joining one of those.

Peace :)

Deborah War Dances by Sherman Alexie and narrated by Sherman Alexie ....outstanding!!! I want to listen to his other books on audio now. His intonation and emphasis made the stories come alive for me. I didn't want this book to end!

Coleen I have to recommend "The Little Princes" By Conor Grennen. It is a true story, but Conor wrote the story, and then reads/tells it on the audio book and it is wonderful to listen to! I am glad I listened to it because of how he pronounces all the names and places in Nepalese. He does a great job telling a fabulous story, it is a fun one to listen to.

Stephanie The Sophia Kinsella audiobooks ROCK because the narrator has a fabulous English Accent!!!!

Lori Robinett My favorite is Lord of the Flies (narrated by the author). Even though I read the book, listening to it was amazing. Loved the inflections and accent of the author. Another good one is Duma Key by Stephen King (a very long book).

Sophie I know you said not about magic, but the Harry Potter narrator is the best I've heard.

I tend to like the Grisham narrators (or maybe it's the books that lend themselves well to being read aloud). The narrators tend to have southern accents and the stories are easy to follow.

Water for elephants, the Thorn Birds were two other good ones.

Gillia Flynn's novels were also good, and Lisa Unger's beautiful lies. I also liked Bill Clinton's first book, narrated by him.

The Ken Follett trilogy (very long 1000+) books were also well done, although I actually read the first two and there are many characters to keep track of

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