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message 1: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin Uminsky (benjaminu) There seems to be an issue with the Goodreads search engine in recognizing accents and enyes in a word. When using a search engine like Google, if you search for an author like "George Berguno", it will provide hits to the actual author's name "George Berguño". For GR though, if you don't type in the "enye" over the "n" in Berguno, then it won't come up with the author. Is there away for GR to address this? Does anyone have any advice? Not everyone knows how to add these kinds of foreign language characters, and it seems odd that the search would come up blank if a user does not use the special language characters when searching for an author.

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This sort of thing is a Feedback group issue, not Librarians group. Librarians have no control over this sort of thing.

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