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Growers are Tharians that have a special ability: they can control a part of nature. Mind you, they can only specialize in one thing. So maybe your person grows trees, or flowers, or ivy, or the like. But one thing. They can try to grow two things at once, but their second thing won’t work. Only one. Most growers are female, rarely has there been a known male grower.

Age: (An average Tharian is about 4 years old; which is like 30 human years. 3 years, probably 21. 2, 13 years. 1, 9 human years. Then you go into months, but I would just stick to years.)
Type: (Trees, flowers, etc.)
Appearance: (I would go into detail here. Remember, they are half-human, half feline!! Maybe a pic ***anime probably will be your best bet!*** and at least 4 sentences.)
Personality: (Again, go into detail, and at least 4 sentences.)
History: (Same as above.)
Crush: (If applicable, and you have to ask!
Spouse: (Same as above.)

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ali  ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵘᵗʰ ˢʰᵘᵗ (time_wont_fly) Name: Alissa (Ali)
Age: 16 in human years, 2 1/2 in Tharian
Gender: Female
Type: Flowers!!
Alissa is slimmed and has an hour glass shape. Her dirty blonde hair is roughly chopped, so it doesn't get in her way when she is growing flowers. Her purple-blue eyes light up her face and create the perfect feature that brings her shy, but kind personality together. She had small gentle fingers, and is light on her feet. Her appearence is well kept, and will always be. Her light brown ears and hair look almost blonde in the sunlight. Her ears are usually not sticking straight up, mostly because they are larger than usual Tharian ears.
Personality: Gentle, sweet, and kind-hearted are just a few words that would describe Alissa. She rarely ever snaps at people, much less holds grudges against people. She has a leveled head, and is fair in all of her descions. During her job she is always focussed and always knows what to do. The only drawback to her kind nature is her extreme shyness. She is mostly shy, but is trying to break out of her shell. She would be an amazing leader, due to her experteice, her level-headedness, and her calmness in tight situations. The major drawback from that would be she would lack the confidence a leader would need, due to her shyness.
History: Alissa grew up as a normal Tharian. Her mother was a grower, her father was a fighter, and her sister is a healer. She is the eldest of two children, but is the complete oposite of her sister. Her father is hard at work practicing fighting, so he rarely has time for his two daughters. Her mother teaches her everything she knows about growing. Her sister always has something to do with healing. Her family is a busy one, but they are a family none the less.
Crush: Open
Spouse: Open
Other: Alissa keeps a small journal that she writes her feelings in, like a diary. She often goes to a small oak tree in the woods to write and to practice her growing.

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) | 75 comments Mod

Accepted! Great job! :D

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Neko

Age: About 14 a.k.a 2

Gender: Female

Type: Vines and Tall Grass


Neko has Savannah grass colored hair and dirt colored eyes surrounded by pitch black lashes. She has creamy skin and rosy cheeks, and dainty features. As far as "cat goes" she has rather large ears that she keeps hidden under her hat. They look like so when not covered:
Her tail follows in the tabby pattern and is usually adorned with a bow or bells at the end. She has a fairly nice figure, but because that doesn't particularly matter to her, she just wears her big shirt, short shorts, and long boots&socks.

Personality: Neko is a bright perosn who just loves to bounce around and play play play! Her aura is pretty much beaming yellow and a gold mist! However, she can calm herself and be serious, but that requires a lot of concentration, and she doesn't like to concentrate. Neko feels that she's more alert and powerful/dangerous when she's let loose and not controlled.

History: Neko is an only child and will be for the rest of her life. Her mother and father are both healers so it was sort of unnatural and difficult to have a grower child, but they didn't really mind. Neko's family owned an Apothecary shop and was very successful, and still is. However, it's kind of hidden away on their property in their small peach orchard.

Crush: X
Spouse: X

Other: Has a small henna tattoo and her shoulder of a peach blossom.

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