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The Giver and The Hunger Games

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Ali Siddiqui Hi everyone,

I have read The Giver and The Hunger Games. Now I've to compare the two books by looking at the big idea they are portraying. Any recommendation on which ideas I should focus on? I was thinking government control or government dominance.

Thanks, for contributing your thoughts.

Cassondra Dystopian (repressive) societies. Teen (well, young, since Jonas is more 12-14ish in the books) protagonists/change-agents in said societies.

I think the young protagonists is important as the authors are writing for teenagers. Just as Jonas and Katniss could change their world, perhaps part of what the authors are saying that the teens that read their books can improve our world.

Some questions to spur analysis:

What makes the society dystopian?
Why are the teenagers who are the novel's protagonists (main heroes) uniquely positioned to change/improve their societies?
What are the effects of the actions of the protagonists on their respective societies?
What are their goals? Do they achieve them?
What is the author saying about our societies through their fictional ones?

Also, consider that neither novel is set in a separate world, but rather in a "futuristic" version of this one. Are the authors warning us about something they dislike in our society to get us to avoid becoming like their ficitional ones? If so, what don't they like and how would it lead to The Community/Panem?
If they are comparing our society to theirs, who is the change-agent in our society?

Should get you through an English paper. Deep analysis of literature...such fun!

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