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New, Action-Adventure novel release date!

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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Brown | 2 comments My goal is to get this series made into a movie someday. Please support me. Thank you.

Peace is shattered in Haven between the four races, and Anthony Trapp and a few elite comrades go on the run, trying to rally two non-combatant races together to defeat the power hungry Zien Raynes and his ruthless Baborian army.

For all martial arts lovers, this story is about striving to overcome impossible odds with only faith and an iron-will, while displaying the diversity of multiple fighting styles.

Volume 1 of the trilogy will be released on August 27th 2012 with publisher: Argus Enterprises International. You can also follow me on

Thank you,
Andrew Brown

message 2: by Joshua, Random cat mod (new)

Joshua (remymarin) | 13 comments Mod
sounds cool. are you the author?

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Brown | 2 comments Doremy wrote: "sounds cool. are you the author?"

Yeah, this is my first novel. I'm hoping to write full time someday. I appreciate the positive feedback. I'm also new to goodreads, so its great to hear from you :)

You can check my author bio and see the cover for my book on or

message 4: by Joshua, Random cat mod (last edited Jun 04, 2012 05:14PM) (new)

Joshua (remymarin) | 13 comments Mod
I'm also a author! (and pretty new to this site.) I'm not published, not even close, but what i'm writing now is a steampunk/fantasy novel about airship pirates and evil warlocks. (I should be writing it now.) I hope both of our books get turned into movies someday!

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