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A Storm of Swords - spoilers galore

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message 1: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Paull I didn't want to say too much on the "currently reading" thread because there are such shocking deaths in this book, so I thought I'd start a thread for those of us already done that want to discuss it. *WARNING* Do not read any further if you do not want to be spoiled!!!

Well, I finished this book a week ago and still feel cheated that Robb got killed. You have to admire GRRM for his fearlessness in developing the stories exactly how he wants to, disregarding common practice of keeping the "hero/heroes" alive. The Starks are the family we all relate to and want to prevail, and *poof* one is beheaded, and then *poof* two are gone. I hope to see the Frey's repaid with a vengeance, but who's gonna do it?? Arya? Jon is the commander of the night watch, so he's out...?

Really enjoying some of the other stories - Brienne, Jamie, and always, Tyrion. I've heard that AFFC is about the ironmen, and I now have to trust that GRRM will make them as interesting as everyone else...

message 2: by Ross (last edited Jun 04, 2012 05:40AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 392 comments I'm more interested in why Robb messed up a perfectly good alliance with the Freys by opting for the Westerling girl. The fact that they're bannerman to the Lannister's makes me suspect foul play, but perhaps Robb was just stupid enough to fall in love, ahh Robb, you ought to know, there's no room for sentiment in Westeros, and you must have known the Freys would not take your rejection lightly. Whoever holds the Twins effectively holds the Riverlands, regardless of how important Riverrun might be, and a key route to the South. If you go from there, and get past, I think it's Moat Cailin, then the North is open to you, in terms of pure strategy, he HAD to hold the Twins, but he didn't,tragic, heroic, romantic young fool.

message 3: by Weenie (new)

Weenie It wasn't Robb's death that bothered me - it was Caitlin's 'resurrection'...still makes me shudder!

message 4: by Ross (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) | 392 comments Yes that was rather unexpected, but at least now we have a Zombie as a good guy, err, girl! Mind you poor undead Berric had a tough time of it, no wonder he relinquished his life force for her, he deserved a good rest.

Eyehavenofilter | 764 comments Weenie ( luv yer moniker BTW ) I agree, in my mind she's gawd awful
looking and sounding, and it seems she's also psycho, and still totally revenge driven!
(The Stark family members always seem to make very bad emotionally driven decisions. Like father like son, like Mother like son, and daughter!)
Then again being brought back to life in that condition might do that to most of us?

message 6: by Maggie (last edited Jun 05, 2012 09:09AM) (new)

Maggie (lacr1mation) Woolfie, Jayne Westerling's Gma is Maggy the Frog. Methinks some sorta witch-y stuff went on. Maybe Jayne didn't realize it. But, her momma sure did. (Saying she was giving her "fertility tea" & all.

message 7: by Pedro (last edited Jun 05, 2012 05:54PM) (new)

Pedro Peixoto (pedropeixoto6) | 1 comments (Just read the first three books!)

I just had to talk with someone about this book... WOW! Just WOW!

Nothing has ever grabbed me and pulled me so much into it like this one. There wasn't a single chapter that i thought boring, and if it wasnt for some gruesome parts i could have just read it in a few days.

What to say about the Starks? Isnt there anything good coming for them? I'm really putting my hopes high for Bran...! I just had to stop reading this after the red wedding, it caught me completely by surprise. And the most awful part of this saga until this moment has to be what they've done to Robb and Cat, i couldnt just believe the old frey, black walder, lothar and bolton could have gone so low. I really dont know what to think about Cat resurrection in the end, i was never a big fan of her, but i guess we will see the "deadlier" side of her.

Daenerys is just unbelievable, after the house of the undying in book 2 every chapter of her is just more and more addictive! Loved the way she just owned Astapor and Yunkai. I hoope we now can see the rise of a queen in Meeren. For me, all the process of Daenerys coming to this point its where GRRM does his best job, its just so real.

In the wall i guess we can say that everything went really better than expected for me.
I didn't thought Jon could just leave Ygritte (her death is one of the best moments till now "You know nothing, Jon Snow", gotta love that). After some great chapters in which we see Jon being a true and mature leader keeping the wild lings away, he just had to be first choice for Lord Commander. The proposal of Stannis just smelled really bad, Melissandre, in my opinion, is one of the most enigmatic and scary characters in saga.

Just to finish, GRRM just had to made us forgive Jaime didn't he? I guess that Vargo Hoat taking his hand off was the best thing that could've happened to this character!

PS: And what about Tyrion? I really liked Tywin, but at that point i couldn't hold a huge smile for being able to finally see who he really was and for the ironic way he died.

Cant wait to start AFFC.

message 8: by Lance (new)

Lance (cooglh) | 8 comments Weenie wrote: "It wasn't Robb's death that bothered me - it was Caitlin's 'resurrection'...still makes me shudder!"

I agree and just hope there is a good storyline coming with her back to life. That is the one part so far (barely into book 4) I just am not getting is the back to life aspect of the story with her and Beric before her. I don't mind supernatural story lines just not buying this need so far.

message 9: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Paull Another thing that really bugged me was that Arya was outside the castle when they died. After months of not seeing any of her family she is thisclose to her mom and Robb and they get killed. My heart ached for her, and I fear the woman she is going to turn into.

message 10: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Smith | 5 comments I had Robb's death spoiled for me months ago before finishing the book, but can we all agree that whatever resentment we felt toward Martin for killing Robb was quickly done away by Joffrey's hilarious choking?? I just wish it would've lasted longer.

message 11: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Paull Agreed, Ashley! I'm in the middle of AFFC, and I don't think I know who poisoned him, do I???? I wish he would've been thoroughly humiliated, first.

message 12: by Karen (new)

Karen | 2 comments I thought the first half of the book was like watching paint dry then wham they started dropping like flies. I was just who next who next. They just kept dying. It was amazing. I started book 4 today and it is like ummmmmm what. I think I need to get my teeth into it as I had expected a flying start where book 3 left off. So I guess I am a tad let down after such a rush.


message 13: by Jeri (new)

Jeri Paull Karen - so right there with you. Some of the chapters are amazing, but the new(er) character's chapters are hard to get into. I am assured by those who have gone before me that each and every word is important; so I am paying attention and slogging through and am about a quarter of the way and it is better. I have heard that AFFC is not the best of the series...

message 14: by Kaylene (new)

Kaylene Bernardo | 5 comments I really loved this book! So many moments that i was like WHAT THE HELL!!!

I love that Jamie grew a backbone, esp when he save Brienne and says " im glad i only save maidens"
He is one Lannister i have learnt to love,

Jon Snow will always be my favorite and he grew so much in this book, his left with so many hard tough choices in this book that he really stands up to the challenge, A few tears were shed with Yrigitte. He really loved her and even though he had to return to Castle black i sometimes wish he stayed down in that Cave with her. "you know nothing Jon Snow" I loved that so much! The fact the Jon is commander of the wall is amazing i didn't think Sam had it in him to be so cunning... but back to Jon his commander of the wall plus his Robb's heir as far as i know.. and he doesn't know it! Love it!

Arya , never gets where she is meant to and her ending up at the twins just when they Kill Robb and Cat has me in tears! She is brave and eventually she uses that damn coin! But where will she be going? the Wall!

AND!!! they way they kill Robb , he was just a sweet King and a so honest! i really loved seeing him through Cat.! The end where Cat comes back as a zombie i would guess - i hope she takes the Frey's down one by one and leaves that old sorry man at the end!

The Imp, killed his father i mean they really just hated him because he was ugly and short!

I love the conversation of Cersei and her uncle when she asks him to be the hand! " I have to take my brother home, women" She is a bit crazy! obsessed with power but doesn't know how to handle it!

Also one thing that got me going WHAT , is that it was Jeffory all the time! That sent someone to kill Bran! Im so glad that's one king gone!

And Stannis!! Oh gosh!! at the end when they solders shout "Stannis , Stannis , Stannis" i almost fell off my chair! what the hell was he doing at the wall.

At the moment Sansa holds no interest for me! though when she Lady Lysa admits that she killed her husband and sent the letter to her sister saying that the lannisters did it, all in the name of love! Well thats one down i guess! I hope Sansa at least tries to grow a backbone of some sort

i can go on and on about the this book because i loved it so! and at times this book left me with a bitter taste in my month... I am obsessed! but here's to Martin for an amazing piece of writing! just amazing!!

Already started on A Feast For Crows!

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