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The Last Olympian

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James The Last Olympian
By: Rick Riordan
Published: 2009
Genre: fantasy

This book tells the story of demigod Percy Jackson, this book is the fifth in the series called “Percy Jackson and The Olympians.” In this book Percy Jackson and his friends are preparing for a great war against their sworn enemy, Kronos. All of the campers from the demigod camp, camp half blood have now become soldiers in this war against Kronos and Luke, an old camp half blood camper. Kronos and Luke had raised an army of monsters to attack New York City, and the gateway to Mount Olympus. The home of the gods. Percy’s army friends thought they had no chance in a war against such a great adversary, but they soon see that with careful planning and teamwork that they can defeat Kronos and the Titan army.

The theme of this book is relying on friends, and teamwork. These messages are shown throughout the entire book, whether it’s two people fighting a monster or a friend helping another friend through hard times, this whole book is setup around friendship and teamwork. All of the characters in this story seriously care for one another and will sacrifice anything for them. I also believe this book sets a great example for people about making friends, and being a good friend. Almost all aspects of this book have something to do with these messages.

This book is extremely interesting and exciting, and a large group of readers would be interested in reading this book. People who enjoy action, adventure, mystery, and comedy would absolutely love this book. I recommend to anybody who loves to kept on their toes and anybody who becomes excited when it is time to read this book. The authors writing style throughout this book and the rest of the series is very different from many authors. Rick Riordan uses suspense to keep people guessing, he also writes in first person which helps people understand things that happen with the main character much easier to understand. He also made this story adventurous, funny, and many times sad, while still very suspenseful.

A quote used in this book was “ You may as well ask an artist to explain his art, or a poet to explain his poetry. It defeats the purpose, the meaning is only truly clear through the search.” I believe this means the only way of finding something you need is finding it yourself, and not getting someone else to find it for you.

I really enjoyed this book, it was one of the best books I have ever read. I believe it was the best out of the five books in the series. I enjoy the authors writing style. I especially enjoyed the amount of detail the author used to describe situations in the story, such as the battle at Manhattan and the bombing of the cruise ship. This story offers some good advice to the reader which I have taken into account, that is how this story has affected me. I have seriously enjoyed this book and the rest of the series, I hope I can read more books written by this author.

Mary Did you read the Kane Chronicles yet? They are written by Rick Riordan too and they are also really good. They are about Egyptian gods instead of Greek.

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