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Favorite thing about Edward
Annie Annie Jun 03, 2012 03:13PM
I like Edward for a lot of reasons so i just wanted to find out what other people like about him.

In the books, his undying love for Bella, His love was so amazing and solid- who wouldnt want someone as devoted as Edward from the books? That is where the popularity comes from, The movies could not hold a candle to the books. I did really like the latest one tho- Breaking Dawn Pt 1. Tho it was NOTHING compared to the book

everything about him!

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His devotion,his respectfullness,his protectiveness,and his love of music.He has a great personality.How he is loyal.

How he is a gentleman and sort of old fashioned. Also his undying love for Bella, how he would sacrifice himself for her, how after New Moon he is a changed man allowing Bella to make her own decisions. Even though he is kinda wayyyy overprotective in Twilight and the first half of New Moon he redeemed himself to me afterwards.

He's patient with his character. Never over the top. And who can do morose better than he?

"It's my job to protect you. From everyone....except my sister."

"Can't trust me."

"And so the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb."
"What a sick mesochistic Lion."

"I just beheaded and evil monster in front of you, and you're not afraid?"

"I've been waiting a century to marry you miss Swan."

"So sex was the key all along? I should've known.You're human Bella. Ruled by your hormones." no.
Books.....I would say, his pure love for bella. Though I never thought she deserved much of it.

his willingness to kill himself for bella

His love, the way he loved Bella was what sold me to him.

in the books - not being able to read Bella's mind.
in the movies - i love everything about him.

his love for Bella, willing to die for her, saving her life in the fourth film, being there when she needs him, helping her to realise that she means the world to him, and her new baby.

Through all the series, his respectfulness. In Breaking Dawn, the theme of altruistic love as character motivation for all lead characters.

In the books his devotion, In the movie i wasn't crazy about him because i found him really controlling and almost suffocating

His intellect, his devotion, his sense of humor and passion. Haven't seen the last two films, nor will I. Personal preference. Though, I must say, the last has some of my favorite lines and scenes.

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