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Twilight or The Hunger Games?And why?
Weiting Weiting Jun 03, 2012 02:27PM
Hunger Games all the way!
Its awesome!

why would you ever want to compare between those book??? i love THG but i hate it when people say that THG is the next Twilight. i really dont understand why you asking this question. THG is not a romantic love story like twilight! the main question in THG is not who Katniss will chose, the question is if she will live long enough to find out.

Haidi I agree Zoe, The two are totally different and I don't compare them. I enjoyed them both for different reasons and would pick them up again to re-read ...more
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Twilight sucks and I'll tell you why:
So Bella and Edward have a baby. Vampires are dead walking corpses so they don't die and there dead so why would they need to reproduce?? Even if they did have a particularly low vampire population wouldn't they just need to bite someones neck end of story?
Anyone who knows about fantasy know that vampires don't reproduce. Vampire disenegrate in sunlight not "glisten". This is what happens when a lady with no discernible writing talent decides to rewrite horror lore and make vampires nothing more than emotional pansies who get away with stuff that others have to register with the state for..
Enough said bottom line: Twilight=sucks Hunger Games=awesome

hunger games there its clearer than twilight. in twilight i didnt know what the hell was going on except for the fact that Bella has asthma

I am an avid reader and have read both. Stephanie Mayer is a horrible dialogue writer, it felt as though the whole book was Bella said....then Edward said....then Bella replied, just not well written in that respect. I also feel that it tends to forget that women can be strong....because her lead female is a desperate teenager who looses her mind when the guy she likes is gone. It also seemed to make me feel as though she was telling teen girls that the only way they will be happy is if they have the man that they want in their life. The characters tended to be undeveloped and none of them seemed to change in any meaningful way.

On the other hand, Suzanne Collins is a great writer and gives each character depth and life. Even the less significant characters tend to have life and thought and history. Katniss is a strong lead who does great things for the good of others and, even though she is mentally shattered by her experiences, she stays strong in the face of hardship and danger and does not let the problems effect her until after the danger is passed. There is a love triangle, but it is not the center of the story and does not move the story along the way the triangle does in Twilight.

Honestly, people may hate me after this, but I say neither.

Twilight was a well written saga, and the movies were well made. In the first book, the whole thing about vampires sparkling in the sun just made me lose interest. But I kept on reading. It was obvious who Bella would choose and I do think it was a waste of paper to make four books. I don't see the characters growing like other books that I've read and the time span isn't that well either.

The Hunger Games was a well written trilogy. I haven't seen the movie yet so I can't give my opinion there. The first book was, in my opinion, the best out of the three. The characters change with the story, it is set in a good enough time span, and Suzanne Collins has that special way of writing with emotion (I did become sad when Rue died). But I just don't see the point. To me, I didn't see Katniss and Peeta grow from their experience. I didn't see the way she fell in love with him. I just saw a girl that wanted to survive and she would do anything to do that.

the Hunger Games... Twlight was a waste of my time. I have to wonder why I wasted my time reading Twlight when I coluld have been reading a book that was actually good! And I read all four of them!!! WHY DID I WASTE MY TIME???????????????????


Absolutely Hunger Games! Although, what answer do you expect to get, putting the thread on the Hunger Games? :P

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The hunger games totally..bcuz it actually has a point

I think Stephen King's quote about Harry Potter vs. Twilight applies here . . .

“Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend."

Sub "The Hunger Games" for "Harry Potter" and it still fits.

I have watched the Twilight movies but not read the books. And iv'e almost finished reading Mockingjay and the Hunger Games series but havn't yet seen the movie, waiting for it to come to DVD.....If I can wait that long.
But as much as I enjoyed the Twilight movies I am going to say :-...........

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