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Chariot Rides

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SpreadYourWings Name:


What tribute i feeling:
What tribute does:
What tribute does with other tribute:

HAVE FUN:):):):):):):)

message 2: by Cielle (new)

Cielle Tonae (Pebblesplash) | 4 comments Name:Cesslla

Chariot:?(I'm confused)
Costume:Grey dress that seems to open up into a white pearl
Makeup:A light blush,and light blue eyeshadow

What tribute i feeling:slighty nervous
What tribute does:Waves,shows off the dress
What tribute does with other tribute:Smiles a little bit at him

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Jun 04, 2012 06:05PM) (new)

apparently i was misinformed, and dist. 9 is *grain*,!!!!

Name: Lauren
District: 9 (grain)

A golden chariot with the natural wood streaks, and a glossy finish

Grecian inspired white chiffon wrap dress that flows.
Has a bunch of thin gold band crisscrossing at the empire waist-line and two gold rings at the shoulders, draping the excess material over the shoulders
Very elegant

concealer cover nonexistant blemishes and foundation creating porcelain skin
bronzer..lots and lots of bronzer...
a soft pink lip-stain
sparkly plum eyeshadow that compliments her eyes
fake lashes and extra mascara

Hair: perfect ringlets, down the back
a golden laurel of wheat, like stalks the sets off the slight blue the her black hair

What tribute i feeling: anxious, scared, ready to cry. she wants to be a contender and knows the games ( mind games) start now, so she is putting a blank mask to carefully conceal her emotions
What tribute does:stands stiffly. attempts to wave
when she sees a kind face. desperately missing her mother
tries not to cry
What tribute does with other tribute: ignores him. she feels he is *way* out of her league, and she cannot get distracted by his perfect bod and how tall he feels, and how every molecule feels as if it is electrically charged when he is near...

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Jenna Ray

District: 5 (power)

Chariot:The chariot is covered in electric currents. the electricity is actually an illusion that makes it look like the chariot is being electrocuted.

Costume: Her costume is pitch black but just like the chariot it looks like she is being electrocuted.

Makeup: Light blue eye shadow, light pink lip gloss with SPARKLES!! little bit of blush, mascara to bring out her eyes.

Hair: Her hair is let down lose but with a clip on each side of her hair just to show off some natural curls. She has added some SPARKLES to her hair to add to the effect.

What tribute i feeling: she is very scared and just wants to get it over with. she does not feel comfortable when other people are out there are staring at her. she want to run away back home but she will not act like a coward in front of all the people out there.she wants to cry but that will show how scared she is.

What tribute does: when the chariot gets going she puts on her best smile and waves at the crowd.

What tribute does with other tribute: ((I don't know if he was even created yet??))

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