Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, #3) Eclipse question

Was it good or bad of Bella to kiss Jacob?
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I didn't like it :-/

Neither--I think it was desperate. She feared for her friend's life, and he knew exactly how to manipulate her to get what he wanted.

I think it was childish of Jacob to give her that kind of an ultimatum (even if it was unspoken,) and it goes to show how immature he really was.

well, she might never would have realized her true feelings for jacob if she hadn't kissed him. I think that he was right- she couldn't truly make a choice until she realized that there was one. so, I think it was necessary.

and, I don't think she gave in to curiosity- he manipulated her into by intimating that he would put himself in harm's way if she didn't kiss him.

dumb. If what her and Edward is really such a great love, then she should of had the respect to not kiss jacob. She is weak, and gave in to curiosity when she knows that she would never choose jacob. lack of respect all around.

i think it was bad of her to kiss jacob because she just led him in a false hope

Just talking about Eclipse, I thought it added some drama and made it a little more interesting...but when you factor in the last book, it's kind creepy actually.

The kiss is more Jacob's fault than Bella's. He manipulated her and even admitted to it afterwards. It is Bella's fault too, but I don't really blame her, she wanted to keep her best friend who she loves safe.

I think it was good that Meyer put a Jacob/Bella romance in Eclipse because it helped Bella's character grow a little more. She realized that she did love Jacob and by recongnizing that, she owned up for her responsibilities and made her decision; to marry Edward and become a vampire.

sometimes we act on our own impulses - i think it was okay for Bella to kiss jacob because she knew he wanted it. i don't think that she is weak - she just didn't realise how strong her love for edward actually is.

It gives the book more depth :)

1. Jacob was obviously being manipulative.
2. Bella was just leading him on.

I'm just more surprised Edward took her back after the kiss, if someone I was engaged too kiss another man regardless of the reason than amount s to infidelity and given how obviously traditional Edward is, logic and story consistency would dictate he would walk away.

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it was really crazy but funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not necessarily good or bad, it was important for Bella to recognize her true feelings for Jacob. Yes she was selfish to lead him on but she didn't see any other choice because she couldn't give her whole heart to him but she also couldn't bear to be without him.

It was good...added some excitement to the series :)

it was wrong of her to lead Jacob on making him think he's in with a chance with no intention of ditching Edward.

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It's ok with me if bella kissed jacob... I love jacob rather than edward.. :)

beautiful....sorry, but the relationship was set in New Moon, it kind of had to happen, Bella did love Jacob too!

Bella was just confused... since she couldn't think of any other way to get his attention speaks for itself...but it all gets better as one moves forward with the series...

It was stupid. I mean, what was the point in the kiss between Bella and Jacob? Yes, Bella actually was immature and stupid in her part to allow that to happen because she was engaged. Besides, what was she proving? Was she letting her heart or her mind doing her thinking. It was just stupid.
Besides, I can't stand Jacob. I've always thought that Edward and Bella belong together, destiny if you will.
Actually, Jacob was stupid in his part for even asking her to make a choice between Edward and himself or tempting her to kiss him. Bella should've told Jacob,"I'm sorry Jacob I won't kiss because my heart belongs to another and you're just going have to deal with it whether you like it or not. I have to go". Then left.

I think it was a bad thing to do. Firstly, she is, at this point, engaged to Edward, so you just cant do that. Also, It was horrible of Jacob to trick her like that, and it just supports what i think about Jacob. That he is pushy and selfish. I understand why she did it becasue she didnt want Jake to die, but It was wrong

I really don't like it! When he kissed Bella it's like I want to tear the book in two ! So what I did is read fast until I arrive at a point where Jacob is not pushing himself to Bella...

I think the whole series is stupid anyways, so for me it was just another stupid additon to the book.

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