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"Nothing is easy to overcome in life, because, if it is, it's not for you." ~Nyghtmare

We all need advice every now and then. So here you can ask and recieve advice. Remember, we all care.

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Um, okay I'll start.
I kind of have a crush on my best friend's crush. Should I tell her or keep it to myself, becuase her comments about him being in love with her are starting to bug me.

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Hmm...I've had that same thing happen to me before. What I did was just ignore the comments and acted like I didn't care until she stopped. But if that doesn't work, maybe just tell her that the comments are bothering you. If she asks why, you could tell the truth, but if you don't want to you could just say they're getting repetitive, and you get the idea.

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Thanks Ashlyn. You're awesome;)

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Oh, I know. just kidding ;)

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