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yael Tori pulled her hoodie over her head, and stuck in her contacts that changed her eye color. She tied a mask that covered her moouh and nose. She was on the roof, and she had the portable golf club in her hand. Tori took a deep breath. Okay, only 20 minutes of courage. The government is getting a lesson. She nodded and jumped in the entrance form the roof, pointing the golf club at one of the accountants. "Nobody move." She warned.

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yael She swung the golf club at the window, and the people froze. Vandalism, breaking and entering, wow I'm on a role. One of the accountant called the police. Crap. Tori smashed the windows and took out a spray paint can, writing on the wall: Akron AWOL. Tori looked at everyone then ran off.

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Alex and so other cops went to look at the damage. He bit his lip. "Alex." A cop called, "Do you know who did this." Alex shook his head, "No, sir." he lied.
"Okay, well you can go home. I doubt that we will find the person who did this." Alex nodded and began walking home

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Sammy limped in. "Help! Someone call and ambulance!" She said, before she passed out.

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