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That Kiss in the Rain
Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee Dr Ratan Jun 03, 2012 10:54AM
The novel looked like the same old normal romantic love stories one has ever read. The storyline reflects the approach of a Bollywood movie, but as it progressed it showed the various shades of life. The novel beautifully portrayed the attitude of the young men of today's generation especialy in their most passionate stage, particularly when they experience adolescence or in their teens. The story neatly ends with a positive message. There is no dissatisfaction as such only that nothing is fulfilled in a very gorgeous way. But the end is perfect and it leaves us with a feeling, that life has to go on in spite of all obstructions and impediments,all frustrations and disillusionments.

Starting as all other romantic novels, but story turns round like an ring road. Pallavi a brave girl & knows how to survive in this brutal world, swadha my favorite character, haasil one woman man. Its well written story but want to read the next part, If it comes! I found it incomplete as story.

I like the story. Its has a bold and modern story.

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