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message 1: by Gal (new)

Gal Flying Lessons with Professor Melodie. No spamming here. Get your brooms!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

((YAYYY. Sorry I haven't put this up before....forgot :\))

message 3: by Gal (new)

Gal ((That's okay :D))

message 4: by Gal (new)

Gal Professor Melodie stood up impatiently, holding her broomstick proudly on her side. She was getting a bit bored waiting for the late students, but she wasn't gonna throw detentions from the very first lesson.

message 5: by Gal (new)

Gal Professor Melodie, seeing the first year student showing up, smiled warmly and continue checking out to see whether the other students were coming up soon.

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