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message 1: by Rebecca, Group Creator (new)

Rebecca Nolan (rnolanauthor) | 396 comments Mod
Ok, so i was thinking about how many authors and publishers we have in thie group. I was also thinking about how many wonderful people often tell me they writing their first novel or story. So putting two and two together I thought we could have a publisher thread. This is where you can post about your publishing company if you have one. You can talk about your publisher, as in, what genre's they do and when they have submissions open. Or, you can ask about finding a publisher.
Now this is not a place to air personal laundry but if you know of a scam or a really, really bad company then feel free to warn others but in a respectful way, Please!
Also for those who are publishers feel free to post about upcoming anthologies etc and share links where we can all find out more about you. I know without Firefly and Wisp I would never have taken this path of writing so I am hoping that I can also make another person's dreams come true!

Thank you all!

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva King Thank you, great help!

message 3: by Carrie (new)

Carrie | 94 comments My publisher is 23 House Publishing ( They are a small press with a concentration in supernatural thrillers (though they do publish other genres when they find something really well done). They have been wonderful to work with! Each author receives 2-3 editors for editing the manuscript. Most books go through 2-3 rounds of revision before going to press. Books are available electronically and as paperbacks (and they do a traditional print run at the beginning). They are well connected with some amazing artists and invest quite a bit in some beautiful covers (I am really proud of mine, drawn by an artist out of Los Angeles). And, generally, they help guide you through everything from copyright law to distribution. For distribution, they use Ingram (which is the largest distributor of books in the US). Their contract is incredibly fair about who owns what rights. They provide lots of guidance and support on promotions. And, over all, they are just really flexible. When I have a crazy idea that needs their help (be it an adjustment in price or an ad I want to run), they are there guiding me the whole way. I could sing their praises for hours. But, if you don't believe me, they have also won several awards from the Independent Publishers Association.

Unfortunately, I do know that they are already closed to submissions through the end of 2012. But, if you will have a book ready to go in the first half of 2013 (which is the best time to approach them), I would highly, highly recommend them.

message 4: by L.M. (new)

L.M. Smith (LadyMuse82) | 176 comments Carrie wrote: "My publisher is 23 House Publishing ( They are a small press with a concentration in supernatural thrillers (though they do publish other genres when they find something rea..."

It just so happens that I do have something that will be ready around the time suggested but noted on their Guidelines page that they want max word counts of 65,000. My last book was almost 100,000 and this next one is shaping up to be even longer so I don't think they'd take me. :(

message 5: by Eva (new)

Eva King Hey I thought to let yous know that in the g company roup of making connections I was told that this publishing was going to accept summissions from next month. Here is the link.

message 6: by Pandora (new)

Pandora Richardson (pandorar) | 59 comments This is a great idea! Thanks for the information.

message 7: by Lisa, R2R Admin & Group Creator (new)

Lisa Goldman | 541 comments Mod
This is great! Thanks everyone for sharing and thanks Rebecca for coming up with the idea.

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