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Tintin in America (Tintin, #3 )
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Tintin cover fetches record-breaking 1.3m euros

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Michael | 1 comments Here's a link to an interesting news story about an auction for a Hergé original drawing of Tintin and Snowy for Tintin in America.

Sammy (thecardigankid) | 72 comments Mod
That's fascinating to read - I wish I had the kind of money to be such a collector!

It's amazing that Herge, starting out as just another newspaper cartoonist, could leave such a popular legacy with such a seemingly simple artistic style.

David Sarkies (dasarkies) | 1 comments Paying top dollar for such a collectable is probably not the best way to collect stuff. A better way is to look for something being sold way undervalue and snapping it up before anybody else stumbles across it. Then, you can auction it for top dollar (if you actually want to sell it that is). Who knows what original Herge drawings are lying in some cellar of bookshop in Europe.

Sammy (thecardigankid) | 72 comments Mod
It's fascinating to ponder the 'valuable' works which - to the unfamiliar eye - look all but worthless, isn't it? Like missing 1960s episodes of 'Doctor Who' (which fans would pay a pretty penny for), or - as Bill Bryson documents in At Home: A Short History of Private Life - priceless centuries-old items of furniture which are languishing in middle-class homes after they were sold off by increasingly impoverished nobility during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Personally, I don't really know what I'd do with something like an expensive Herge original. It's nice to visit such things in museums and galleries, but I'm happy with my collection of 'Tintin' albums and the occasional piece of old-school merchandise.

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