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HELP! Tavern: Pete/Wallace meeting

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message 1: by tim d. (new)

tim d. i started this book, was really into it then the part where Zula and Pete meet with Richard in a tavern and Pete goes off to make the exchange with Wallace comes up. HOW can Zula NOT notice the duffel bag Pete carries back over to the table? There's no mention of it?? She doesn't notice the gash in his finger from cracking the CD in half???

Am I missing something? Is this explained later on?? I was really enjoying this book until i reached this point and I'm having a really tough time moving on.

Someone... please... help.

Danielle It did seem strange to me too, but at the the time Zula had no reason to suspect Peter was up to something, don't worry, she does soon. Take a deep breath and move on, the story really picks up the pace from this point. I loved the book and could hardly put it down until I had finished.

message 3: by tim d. (new)

tim d. LOL- Thanks Danielle! The pace has been excellent so far, it's just soooo incomprehensible to me that not just 1 but 2 people wouldn't notice something like that. Very, very strange.

Andrew she knew something was up, she just didn't know what it was and isn't a control freak and so she didn't push for answers right away.

Leastwise, that's how I interpreted it.

message 5: by Mike (new) - rated it 1 star

Mike Franklin Sadly I didn't like this book and a large part of the reason is that I found numerous implausible bits like that in it.

Clay This book is what used to be referred to as a ripping yarn. Stephenson fills your head with lots of knowledge on different subjects as he fills out and fills you in on his characters. What Some refer to as " information dump" . He researches the details very deeply so you feel like you are actually learning something about something you might have never realized could be interesting. This is balanced out by heaps of action and multiple story lines that you know are all going to be woven together in a wild climax. I loved this book and think he is at the top of his game. Well after the Baroque Cycle, that is.

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