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Tunnels dug under the cells for soldiers to have easy access to a secret way out of the castle. The end has been completely cealed off, but instead was dug out to end up at the shore. No, anyone in the shore can't find the enterance to the tunnels unless they've been in them before. It is complete black except for a few candles mounted to the dirt wall aling the path. Have fun not getting your nice clothes muddy...

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina wiped her eyes with her hands,why did no one want to be with her?She sighed unhappily and hiked up her skirts as she walked.She looked around and wondered if anyone was there,"Hello?"She called out.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina smiled,trying to hide the lonely look on her face."I just came,I hope I'm not interrupting anything.."She looked toward the entrance,"Maybe I should go,I don't want to bother you."

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina nodded and came closer to him.I think I'll stay ,you seem very nice and a perfect gentlemen if you don't mind me saying.I'm Katerina by the way,and who are you?I'm sorry if I'm being too forward."

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina smiled softly,"I'm not the type to be here.I'm the type to mess around with people.But Lately I've been down.This one guy I thought liked me after sharing my problems with him left me."

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina's smiled dimmed a bit and she shrugged her hsoulder at his question."I don't know,maybe there's just something wrong with me.""She sighed softly and sadly as she stared at her shoes.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina was getting nervous,"I-I-I'm sorry!I'm a bit nervous right now,I'm going to go back up and try to calm down.I'll see you later?I really liked talking to you by the way."And with that she turned and fled.

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Bam (bam_bam) | 155 comments Miranda stared into the blackness ahead, she heard voices above her but she assumed it was the ballroom. She had memorized how she found her way down into the tunnels and her adventurous side built up inside of her, she gulped and hesitantly walked forward into the darkness, making clicking noises with her heels as she ventured further.

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