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There is a great stair case that goes up each side of the building, that overlooks the first floor.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Willo made her way up the staircase, delicatly letting her fingers brush the railing. She glanced down at the first floor, already so far beneath her, and continued up, searching for a place to be alone for a little while.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane paused at the grand staircase. Looking up at it he let out a low whistle, obviously he was impressed. Shaking his head slightly he stepped over and leaned against a wall. Everyone knew that a woman's dress looked best when she was coming down the stairs, so waiting here would allow him the chance to see every lady at their best.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Willo managed to find a bathroom. She took ff her mask and splashed some water on her face,careful not to mess up her makeup, before tying it back on, fluffing the flower. She soon found herself at the top of the staircase overlooking the first floor. She leaned on the rail, looking down below, not ready to leave yet. She truthfully loved heights.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie tried not running down the stairs. She slowly walked down the stairs, keeping calm. She had spiked the punch and was a bit worried of getting caught. She didn't even look at the men near. She wasn't here to find love, she was here to ruin it and then disappear. It's the best way to go.

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane looked at the girl who seemed as though she wanted to be runnig down the stairs curiously. She acted as though she had to leave the ball before she turned into a pumpkin. Smirking he spoke loud enough for her to hear, "Careful there, Cinderella. You might loose a shoe." he said and chuckled, she certainly didnt look like any cinderella he knew.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie looked at the boy who called her Cinderella. She scowled, her black lipstick making her look even....scarier? She said,"Cinderella was wuss. She let people walk all over her and let a man take her, thinking she would be happier. She's a disgrace to all woman."

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~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Willo watched as a girl darted past her, then sighed lightly. She quickly made her way through the hallway, as to not attract attention and not to trip at the same time.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "And yet the women who did something in that story ended up alone and ugly." Shane pointed out and shrugged, "She was a princess of an era of romance." He smirked down at the girl who was rather short compared to him. "Nice hair." he said, genuinely complimenting her but the smirk making him appear to be teasing her.,

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie scowled,"Those woman were evil inside and out. That's why they didn't get their happily ever after. As for my hair, teasing is very third gradish. You'd think you would be more mature but I guess not." She had her hands on her hips as she looked up at him. She glanced around, trying to find something to ruin.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Your not even going to try, are you?" Shane asked and shook his head in dissapointment. "And here I thought you weren't stereotypical." he said and frowned. Shrugging he straightened his mask and turned as if to walk away. He didnt even bother bowing to her, after all she'd probably just insult him again.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie said,"Only good people find love. I'm not a good person." She looked down and started walking away. She wished she had her knife in her bodice, just in case. She was itching to cut something, luckily not someone.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay (whoop whoop! No weapons.)

Shane left the grand staircase, the pixie was such a liar. She didnt believe the Masquerade worked so she wouldnt try and she'd end up dissapearing. It was almost a pity, almost.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Minnie ran out and went to the second level of the grand castle.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina saw the extravagant staircase and rolled her eyes,of course everything here just had to be overly expensive,but since she was rich and spoiled she was used to all of this.Although she ignored the people there she saw that some of them wore expensive clothing especially one man.She heard a noise behind her,showing that someone was running.A girl flew past her and she glared at her,she better not bump into her.Soon she was at the top and went into a random room once more.

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Matthew (phoebus) | 245 comments Theodore walked out of the Ballroom and began his way up the staircase, not taking time to pay attention to the various people on the staircase as he made his way towards the second floor.

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Michael sighed softly and couldn't help himself that he was good riddance of leaving the dinning room. He was happy to get almost half way done with the first level and such. He really was hoping to see Ele so very much. He didn't know what to say or do but was hoping to see her. All he knew was that he thought and he really thought but wasn't for sure. Hethought that there was one more level till the maze where he would be seeing Elle. He muttered to himsel. "All I will do is wish for the best of luck. I don't know how I will get there but I will eventuatlly to see Elle of course. I just hope she thinks the same of me as I think the same of her." He said to myself getting out of there and happy his mask was on him. He walked out heading for the second level.

~♡~UninspiredAlchemist~♥~ Kierra tried to steady her feet as she walked up the stairs, staring down at them in comcentration. She hand one hand on the railing and another holding a glass of punch,which had been spiked, of course. As soon asshe had gotten there she had headed for the punch, trying to get drunk. She only had a little more to go till she was. She took another sip, managing to make it up the stairs without spilling too much. Her golden dress sparkled in the light, but it looked as if someone had thrown it through a wood shredder, which that 'someone' did with scisorrs and glue. She didnt care about her appearance or about true love. She wanted hr life to end, an if she couldnt do it any othe way, maybe this would work. Her father had been pretty fowl when she had left...

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina felt as if the first floor was getting a bit crowded for her taste, so she decided to go upstairs and look around for a bit. She lifted her skirts a bit and started to go up the stairs. Zaina saw a few girls trying to do the same thing, but from the expression on their faces, she could tell the heels made it a painful task. Zaina smiled at herself, glad she wore simple dancing slippers instead.

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((He's still hungry though :P))

Malick came down from the second floor, holding a few things from the storeroom in his arms. He really had been hungry and the ballroom had been way too full to even get anywhere near close to the dining hall. He knew that he would have to fight to get over there, but he hadn't really been in the mood. Instead, Malick had to sneak into the storeroom and took some food there instead. Too occupied with the bundle in his arms, he accidentally knocked into a girl on the way down, causing all the food to scatter down the stairs. "Oops..." he muttered softly, watching his apples almost reach the doors to the ballroom.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (( lol ))

Zaina tripped in her skirts, after losing her balance when some young man bumped into her. She bit her lip, as not to swear or say anything rude to him. Pain shot up her arm as she hit a sensitive spot on the fall. Getting up carefully, refusing to show pain she said, as sweetly as she could, "No it's fine." She picked up a fallen apple and handed it to him. "I think you dropped this." She said with a smile.

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Seeing that he had knocked the girl down, his eyes widened under his mask in worriment and shock. "Are you okay?! I am so sorry!" Malick cursed himself, helping her back up. Why in the world would he be so clumsy as to knock a lady down, it went against anything his mother had tough him. Grimacing, he took the apple from her, "Thanks."

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "No broken bones, so no harm done I suppose." Zaina said with a smile, as her eyes met his. They had turned a little darker lavender when she was angry but now they turned back to the normal lavender shade. She gave him a courtesy as best as she could on the stairs. "Who may you be?" She asked with a smile.

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Raising an eyebrow under his mask, Malick noted her lavender eyes, but wasn't about to comment on them. Who knew if she liked them or not. Nodding his head, he was glad that she hadn't broken anything, he would have been so embarrassed if he had. Malick perked up at her question, she wanted to know who he was? He almost had expected her to slap him or something. "It's Malick." He paused, smiling back at her, "And what is your name?"

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina was happy that he didn't comment on her eyes. She was a bit annoyed by that. Giving him a smile she said, "My name is Zaina." She said. "Malick is a nice name." She stated politely. He was nice enough she thought. "And how has your night been so far?" She asked kindly.

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"Zaina." Malick repeated, having never heard another person's name even remotely close to that. Purple eyes and a unique name, how many surprises did this girl have? Blushing a bit as a young woman stepped on a pastry and glared at him, he picked up the rest of the things quickly. "Actually," he paused, speaking a bit quieter because he wasn't sure if he was even allowed in the storeroom, "If you're asking if I've danced yet, then no. a bit hungry." Malick lifted her arms a bit to emphasis the now dirty food in them. He'd have to find some more later, instead throwing the rest away in the garbage, but held onto the apple Zaina had given him.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina laughed, a bit, quietly. It wasn't a mean laugh, but a warm friendly one. "I can see that." She said with a warm smile. "Are you hungry often?" She asked jokingly, raising her eyebrows under her mask. Zaina knew all about being hungry, there were a few days where there wasn't enough food. But she got by, it was her mother she was always more concerned about.

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Malick grinned, taking a bite of the apple. "Let's just say my mother calls my stomach a black hole," he said teasingly. But it had it's perks, he had learned how to cook because his mother had gotten tired of cooking so much. He didn't really see it as a bad thing, he had such a fast metabolism that it never really caught up with him.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina giggled a bit at that. "Well. I suppose that fits. Seeing how much food you were carrying up the steps." She said with a smile. "What kind of foods do you like best?" She asked, trying to get a conversation going, as she started to walk up the steps a bit, so they weren't in the way.

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Following her up a bit, he glanced up at the storeroom, wondering if he could sneak again sometime soon. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows, "You know that's right." Caught off guard on her question, Malick paused for a moment, "I guess I like fresh things more than anything. Like fruit," he said, holding up his apple to see before he took another bite out of it.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ ((Gus! =P ))

"Fruit are good." She said with a smile. And you it was easy to get fruit, though unfortunately for her, Zaina couldn't always afford the freshest or nicest fruit, especially her favorite ones. But it was a nice luxury when she could. "I like strawberries." Zaina said with a smile.

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((Haha, I knew you'd get that :P))

He smiled, running his hand through his hair. "There were some in the store room, and I'm guessing there are some in the dining room if you wanted some." Malick suggested, pointing to the room where he'd just came from. He had actually been holding some, but of course, he had to throw them away.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina, she had seen a few, but hadn't had a chance to eat any yet. She had been too busy dancing, or talking. "Hmmm, well, if you don't mind, maybe we could go to the store room?" She suggested, with a small smile. "The dining room is a bit crowded..." She added.

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Malick raised an eyebrow, but agreed with a nod of his head and turned around, starting to walk up the steps towards the store room. Suddenly thinking of a question that seemed to be asking if she'd danced with anyone yet without plain saying it, he stopped in mid-bite. "Sorry, but I forgot to ask, how has your evening been?" He really was a bit nervous and was forgetting all his mother had told him.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ She started to follow him up towards the store room, not knowing where it was. "It's been... pleasant." She said with a smile, thinking of David. "Thank you for asking." Zaina said politely as she looked over to him. Then noticing his nervousness she gave him a smile. "Why so nervous? It's not like I'm going to bite your head off." She said jokingly.

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Roman looked around, eyes lingering on the different girls. He couldn't bring himself to get up though, that was the problem. He couldn't help but notice that almost everyone that was walking around didn't have a partner.

The boys were both sitting on the stairs, legs stretched out on the steps in front of them. Spencer looked from Roman, to the girl he was staring at, and smirked. He brought two fingers to his lips, then whistled loudly, the perfect cat call-and ploy.

The girl looked over, saw Roman staring, and gave him a disgusted look before stalking off in a different direction. Roman looked over to Spence, shocked. "You are seriously being a menace. You know that? Stop drawing attention to me." he hesitated, "Especially if your going to make a bunch of girls hate me."

"If your still pining for whatshername you kissed outside, go find her. Seriously, she was pushy anyways. But if that's your type, feel free." he looked over at his brother, giving him a patronizing smile.

"I'm not pining." he muttered, rolling his eyes and averting his gaze. Roman wasn't pining...he just couldn't stop thinking about the girl. That was different.

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Catherine hurried through the front doors a few minutes later, wondering if her brother noticed that she'd been gone so long. There were still just as many people arriving now as there had been when the masquerade had first started. Stopping in mid-step, Catherine immediately saw those two brothers sitting on the steps, great, just great.... She rolled her eyes, watching as one of them whistled to some random girl. She scoffed, "Animals..." Making sure her honey blonde hair was covering her face, she made her way towards the ballroom, hoping that they wouldn't notice her. Catherine wasn't about to let that one boy that had kissed her into her head, he was just doing it to aggravate her...that's it.

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Shelby finally managed to get it up and walk her booty through the doors and for the staircase. She couldn't help but want to just stay outside the rest of the night, and wasn't quite sure she wanted to meet her future just yet, but hey he be had to be here right? Feeling uncertain she smoothed out invisible wrinkles on the front of her dress.

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Spencer was about to answer Roman, but then his eyes caught on a swiveling dress of white silky material. "Well speak of the devil." His lips widened until he was positively grinning, and he it took him two tries to whistle because he was laughing so hard. "Where you going?" he called out, knowing the girl would know he was shouting towards her.

"Would you just shut up?" Roman hissed, catching on a second to late. He followed Spencer's gaze, and shook his head. His brother would stop at nothing to embarrass him. By the way the girl was walking, head down, hair covering her face, it was obvious she didn't want to be noticed. Least of all, by the Marcella brothers.

"Oh come on, she loves you." he hesitated, pulling on his jacket. "So I'll leave you guys to it." Spencer stood, smoothing out his white undershirt and walking backwards. He gave Roman a thumbs up, and walked into someone without realizing it. "Whoops." he mumbled, spinning around to catch the person before they fell. Spencer was surprised to find himself looking at a girl in a feather light strapless green dress, and he tried not to splutter. "I'm sorry."

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Hearing whistling, Catherine squinted her eyes shut and stopped walking, knowing that they were whistling at her. Sighing, she turned around to see both of them looking straight at her. One of them said something to the other and she raised an eyebrow under her white mask, almost wishing she was closer so she could hear what he was saying...almost. Knowing that she couldn't just avoid them now, she walked over, a very bored look plastered on her face. "Must you apologize again for your brother's behavior, or was that you?" Catherine stood just below the beginning of the steps, not even going to give him the inclination that she would actually climb the steps just to have a decent conversation with him.

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Shelby made a small sound that could easily pass as a gasp and grabbed onto his shoulder to stop herself from falling. Yet he easily could've caught her small frame without her helping herself. "Oh, no its fine. I'm kind of... Out of it." she let go of him with an embarrassed pink blush staining her cheeks. With a little clear if her throat she looked down once and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Whoop, five minutes in and I've literally managed to bump into someone. she thought hopelessly to herself. Though as her eyes fluttered back up to him she couldn't deny he was good looking.

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Roman looked down at her. He was high enough at the steps that he could still sit there comfortably and see her. Not that she planned on joining him, that much was obvious. "That was him." he said, flashing a flirty smile. "But that doesn't mean I'm apologizing for what he did. I think your too up tight, and a little fun might do you good." Even if this girl was a complete snob, Roman couldn't help but notice how attractive she was. Well at least she had that going for her.

"Well I didn't mean to make it worse." he muttered. Spencer made sure she was still and balanced before he let her go, and even then he was reluctant. He looked down at her intricately patterned green mask, momentarily mesmerized before he took a step back. "Anyway. My names Spencer." he said, smiling.

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Shelby couldn't help herself but smile a bit. "Well, um, thank you for catching me, Spencer. I'm Shelby." she rose her head a bit so she could see him fully. Why she was only a good 5'3" drive her crazy every single day. Wrapping her arms behind her back she wrapped her fingers through each other. Alright, maybe the Masquerade was more than what her parents said.

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She put one hand on her waist, glancing behind to see a couple of girls looking at her with...envy? Smirking in their general direction quickly, Catherine turned back to face the man who was laying a few steps above her. He was pretty good looking, but she would never say that out loud to him, he didn't need any more encouragement. "And you think that you're fun?" He wanted to help her have fun? Hmm...that might get interesting fast. She got bored easily, but he and his brother seemed a bit...different.

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Roman followed her gaze, and bit his bottom lip so he wouldn't bust out laughing. This girl's entire persona was making his night. "I think your not giving me a chance." he remarked, shaking his head. Although it was mock anguish, he honestly liked her this way. Bitchy.

Spencer nodded, waving away her apology. He glanced back at his brother, and ended up smirking. "Gods I swear, if he ends up with that girl, I'll shoot him in the head to put him out of his misery." he said, shaking his head.

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Catherine raised an eyebrow under her mask, not like he could see it or anything. A smile was daring to rise to the surface, but she wasn't about to give him the satisifaction of making her smile, maybe later. If he thought he was going to hook her that easily, he was sadly mistaken. "So you're asking for a chance?" she asked, mocked interest clearly set into her voice. "If you must, I might give you a minute of my time."

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Shelby giggled under her breath, though she wasn't quite sure what to say to that. He sounded like he was only making conversation. So nodding a bit she ran a hand through her hair, "I should... Head, uh," she plunged towards the staircase, indicating the ballroom beyond. "Have a nice night." she gently moved past him, frowning at herself as she started up the steps.

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Roman laughed, meeting her eyes. "No, that's kind of the last thing I want from you." his smile turned into a smirk, hearing the double meaning in his words. Which was just the way he wanted it. He stood up, descending the stairs slowly, taking his time, mostly because he knew it would antagonize her even more. He didn't stop until he was less than a foot away from her. "What was that you were saying? I could have a minute?"

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A small noise escaped her throat, probably taken for a short laugh clearly saying: are you kidding me? When he started to descend the stairs, Catherine thought about backing up, but wasn't about to give him that advantage either. Crossing her arms, he was close enought that she could hear his breathing clearly. "Your definition of a minute is probably a completely different definition than mine," the words forming off of her lips smoothly and almost in a way that challenged him to take another step closer.

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Roman heard the challenge in her words, and accepted it with a smile. He took another step forward, and his chest brushed against her crossed arms. "I think the definition of minute is the same in any language." he smirked, winking at her through his mask. "The fun part is how you choose to spend it. So, I've got about 30 seconds left. What say you?"

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