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Gina Gina's The 2012 Olympics Challenge
Challenge runs from July 1st to September 30

1. The Olympics are taking place in London, England. Read a book set in the UK -OR- read a book that is written by an author from the UK

2. Show your team spirit! Read a book by an author from your country –OR- read a book that is set in your country.

3. There’s 26 sports being played at this year’s Olympics. Read a book that’s plot involves one of these sports –OR- read a non-fiction book about one of these sports. Here is a list of the sports-

4. Greece is the birthplace of the first Olympics games. They started in 776 B.C. and were dedicated to the Olympian gods. Read a book that has a mythological character in it -OR- read a non-fiction book about mythology or ancient Greece.

5. People travel from all over the world to watch the Olympics. Read a book that has a character that goes on a journey -OR- read a book where a character watches a sporting event.

6. Read a book that has a title that starts with one of the letters in OLYMPICS

7. The Opening Ceremony is called The Isles of Wonder. Queen Elizabeth II will officially open the ceremony and a short James Bond film, featuring Daniel Craig, will be played. Read a book with an island setting, a character that’s royalty, a book that has a secret agent/spy in it, or has a character who’s name is Daniel.

8. Torch bearers will carry the Flame through more than 1,000 cities, towns and villages in the UK, before it arrives to the opening ceremony. Read a book with the word Fire or its derivative in the title or has an image of fire on the cover.

9. Read a fiction book that has the Olympics as part of the plot, read a non-fiction book about the Olympics, or a biography/memoir of any Olympic athlete.

10. Athletes spend years training for one thing, the Gold Medal. Read a book that has a character that works towards a goal, a character who wins a sporting event/race, or a book that has gold coloring on the cover.

11. Wenlock and Mandeville are the 2012 Olympics Mascots and are featured in a short cartoon titled Out of a Rainbow. Read a book that has a rainbow on the cover, or a book that has a mascot in it -OR- watch the cartoon

12. The Olympic Park will feature The ArcelorMittal Orbit, which is a 377 ft high observation tower. The steel sculpture is Britain’s largest piece of public art and is a permanent, lasting legacy of London's hosting of the 2012 Olympics. Read a book where art is a part of the plot or has a park in it -OR- read a book that has a sculpture/piece of art on the cover.

Participation levels:

Bronze Medal: 1-4 books
Silver Medal: 5-8 books
Gold Medal: 9-12 books

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Gina Gina's July Scavenger Hunt
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1. Fireworks are a popular event for the American holiday, the 4th of July. Read a book that has a colorful cover OR has fireworks in the story

2. Read a book where independence plays a part in the plot-either an independent character or a person or group striving for independence -OR- has the word independence in the title.

3. Food and picnics are a big part of the 4th of July and summertime. Read a book with an image of food on the cover, a book where food plays an important part in the plot -OR- has a title that has a food in it.

4. The 4th of July isn't the only thing that's happening in July, it's also National Ice Cream Month! Read a book that has a cover that's the color of your favorite ice cream flavor.

5. July marks the middle of summer for most countries. Read a book that involves one of your favorite summer pastimes (examples: if you like watching sports read a book where sports is part of the plot. Or if you like to hang out at the beach you could read a book that has a beach setting. Get creative with this one!)

6. July's birth stone is the ruby. Read a book that has a red cover -Or- has images of gemstones on the cover or as a part of the plot

7. Author Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24th, 1802. Read one of his books, http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/... -OR-read a book that is an adventure.

8. July is a popular month for outdoor concerts. Read a book that's plot involves music in some way -OR- read a book that has a setting that involves the protagonists spending a lot of time outside

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Gina I'm in!

Gina's 3rd Quarter Spell Out-Olympics


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