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Michaela i loved the first book in this series and i can't wait for this one. When the book ended not telling you if Maxton chose her or not i was like WHAT?!? If she doesn't chose to be with Maxton over Aspen i will be so mad. Like Aspen broke up with you cause you gave him food and he was like i can't provide for you and dumped her. Rude. Maxton was all like sweet and adorable so chose him. Not Aspen. :). With the suspense of who is America going to be with is driving me insane!!!!!

But other than me really wanting her to be with Maxton, I really want this book to come out and I'm so exited about the cover because i LOVED the one for the selection. I hope this book doesn't come out in too long and if this book is a good a the first one was i will be really impressed.

Deanna Eaton Just from reading the first book, it could go heads or tails either way but you just have to go for Maxon Schreave. Yes he may be prince but look what he has done for America so far. Aspen may have been her first love but he was not there for her. I beleive that he was laying to her when he saw her again and that he is hidding something himself. But this book does keep me on edge and I cannot wait until the second book comes out and I will be waiting.

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I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SECOND BOOK !!! i feel like the upcoming date is torturing me !!!

Night WHY 2013!!

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