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message 1: by Isabelle *the face behind the crazy*, The Mark of Athena :3... I can destroy the world YAYYY!!!!- O_O (new)

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
Who will win? O.O

message 2: by Savannah (new)

Savannah | 2093 comments piper. probably

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
Well with charm speak yes (gosh is she gonna win everyone of these just because of that, geez -.-) but without it Reyna would as she is a long trained Roman warrior with tons of combat experience

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Savannah | 2093 comments yeah :)

message 5: by Savannah (new)

Savannah | 2093 comments If Reyna can defeat pirates, she can defeat Piper.

And this thought just came to me... what if she's immune to charmspeak because she learned how at Circe's island?

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regan | 1658 comments Idk, good thought. Did Reyna's sister, from the Amazon thing, Kinzie was it? Well could she charmspeak??

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I think Reyna would win...I like them both, but Reyna's a great fighter.

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regan | 1658 comments Asmaa wrote: "I think Reyna would win...I like them both, but Reyna's a great fighter."

That's what I was thinking. :)

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Kathy | 138 comments i agree

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
True, I really do wonder if she can resist that, I heard someone make that theory once before and ever since then I've wondered

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
And Reyna is probably one of the best Roman fighters ever :D

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If Reyna is not immune to charmspeak, Piper has a chance of winning. But if Reyna managed to attack her before Piper could open her mouth, Reyna wins. If Reyna is immune to charmspeak, Reyna wins. I think it's that simple.
-A very simple Scarlett Rose

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Gregory | 65 comments Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* wrote: "Who will win? O.O"

Reyna is a daughter of the war godess. This is a o brainer

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
Well u have to remember Piper can be quick too, she trained a lot a CHB now so she might be a better fighter than u think, u can't just say that just because Reyna is daughter of the war goddess she would win. Even though she hasn't show her fighting skills yet u have to remember she is a new demigod, did Percy really fight like a pro when he first got to camp. Nope. Not until the advantage of water came up. But now that he's trained he's the best sword fighter ever. Just like Percy I bet Reyna wasn't the best she could have been when she got kidnapped by pirates, she just beared with the situation and tried her best. Who's to say Piper isn't like that? She just got jumped into this whole thing so fast she couldn't even stop to say no. If she really has improven during the quest well then who knows. She might have some hidden skills as well. Never underestimate an underdog.

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Sidney | 46 comments I'm sure Reyna has more experience and skills, but Piper can charmspeak, but I think Piper wouldnt want to win that way.

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regan | 1658 comments Maybe, gahhh, this is all so tough to decide!!!!

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 1115 comments Percabeth1122 *Regan* wrote: "Maybe, gahhh, this is all so tough to decide!!!!"


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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
... Let's just call it a tie and eat some cake

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
YEAH! ^-^ *sneaks over to fridge* *opens*.... Grover?
Grover:.. Foooddddd
Me:... No wonder the cheese enchiladas went missing...

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regan | 1658 comments Lol!!!! I'm eating cake now! It's my Grandpa's 80th bday!

Althea *Go wolves and dragons!*(Coach Hedge) Inigo (eiyah_fantasyfreak) | 1115 comments Cool! Say that I said happy Birthday! It's my cousin's today!

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
It's my imaginary Friends Birthday today ._. lol jk xD Anyway YAY!!!!! B-DAYS!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO REGANS GRAMPS AND ALTHEA'S COUSIN! ^-^

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Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
^-^... Again

message 26: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Herondale (skyebluesonew) | 28 comments Idk. Piper's actually quite nice with the dagger, plus charmspeak. I don't see Reyna winning. I hope they don
t fight. I'd LOVE for Reyna to be all sad about Jason and along comes LEO!

message 27: by Isabelle *the face behind the crazy*, The Mark of Athena :3... I can destroy the world YAYYY!!!!- O_O (new)

Isabelle *the face behind the crazy* (bookmaniac1) | 6386 comments Mod
Me too I love it of them but you never know, like with Percy and Jason... *headdesks* Gotta stop thinking about that...
...Then she slaps him xD And then they get together in a somehow weird twisted way that ends with Leo having a very bruised cheek xD So YES!!!!!!!! LEYNA FOREVER!!! <3

message 28: by Sidney (last edited Sep 15, 2012 10:37PM) (new)

Sidney | 46 comments I think Reyna will feel resentful of Jason once she knows that he's got Piper and once again Piper and Reyna are two different characters to compare, so its hard to choose a side.

message 29: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (gkj19) | 116 comments Piper will win. Reyna has Skippy, Argentum, and Aurum but Piper has Katoptris, Charmspeak and an awesome flying boat. And Jason, Leo and Annabeth. Reyna also has the Romans but I still think Piper would wi.

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Lara wrote: "Piper will win. Reyna has Skippy, Argentum, and Aurum but Piper has Katoptris, Charmspeak and an awesome flying boat. And Jason, Leo and Annabeth. Reyna also has the Romans but I still think Piper ..."

That's rather unlogical. So, you're stating that Piper and the Seven stand a chance against a thousand Romans? That's certainly not what happened in MoA.

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So, a couple of days ago, I read the Mark of Athena. I didn't get a chance to do a full-on review so I'm going to take the time to do it now.

I had pretty low expectations for the Mark of Athena. Rick Riordan is a brilliant author but he really let me down with the Heroes of Olympus. I loved the plot. But the characters...meh.

So, when I started reading, I expected it to be Twlight bad. I'm glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised.


Percy - I loved him in Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He. Was. Awesomeness. In SoN, he was...different. He was more of a jerk. And when Hazel says that he has the good looks of a Roman god, I got really pissed. This is my Percy here. He does not have the good looks of a fricking Roman god. He is lovable, adorable Percy, not a Gary-Stu. And what the heck was it with all the romance? I mean, Annabeth didn't make an appearance but all he thought about was the romance between him and her. Um, they were dating for two months. They were friends for FOUR YEARS. And I was irritated because he remembered her, not his mother, just her. What is RR trying to say here? That the person he's known for all of his life is less important than his girlfriend? That was not sweet. It was irritating. But my theory is still that because she's his mortal point, he couldn't forget her. Plus, maybe Juno left him the memory of Annabeth because she would guide him, just like the memory of Thalia guided Jason.

Sorry, got off track.

In MoA, Percy rather irritated me at times. Like when he was mouthing off to Bacchus. In TLT, Percy mouthed off to Dionysus but he stopped because he knew that the god could drive him insane. He never pushed the god too far. But in MoA, despite the fact that he knew the Roman and Greek gods were different, (He admitted that in SoN when he was talking about Mars) he kept on being a smart ass.

And then Percy also annoyed me when Hercules came into the picture. I expected him to mention Zoe Nightshade. Talk to Hercules. Do something. Zoe gave up her fricking life. But Percy doesn't even mention her name. I mean, Percy's probably busy. But for him to forget the girl who sacrificed herself for him and his friends? That's supreme jerkiness right there.

I give his character 3.5/5 stars. He was okay. Not as good as I wanted. He seemed more like a filler character. He was just there. But I loved his bromance with Jason. I thought that was written rather well.

Annabeth - I like Annabeth as a character. She has flaws and she knows that. But she tries to improve them. I think I would like her as a friend, too. We would probably kill each other if we ever met as both our prides are the size of the Atlantic but she's a cool person. In fact, I rather liked her in MoA. She was simply Annabeth.

That being said, I had my own share of problems with her.

1. She mentioned that she had had a crush on Percy since she was twelve. No, no, no.

Percabeth was brilliantly written...in PJO. Part of the reason I adored it was because of their relationship. I loved how they had a complicated relationship and it wasn't all Insta!Love. And now RR is basically telling me that the wonderful Percabeth relationship was all a freaking lie?

2. She mentioned that she thought Nico had a crush on her.

That comment seemed so utterly out-of-place. It just irked me.

3. She went on and on about how Reyna was all alone and bitter and how she felt sorry for her yet she didn't do anything about it.

Come on. Siriusly? That's like saying, "I saw a puppy being beaten by it's owner. I feel sorry for her." and then not doing anything about it. She could've talked to Reyna, been kinder, something.

4. She was too powerful, for my tastes.

Not in like, the Percy way. But the fact that from a glance she could decipher that Frank and Hazel were dating but not for long and blah, blah, blah. With a skill like that, you could exploit someone's weakness and destroy them within seconds. I wouldn't have minded if she wasn't that good at reading people. But the fact that she could just look at someone and decipher who they were, how they felt, what kind of person they were, who they liked, etc. was a power overload.

Besides these problems I had with her, I liked her character. A lot. She told the story rather well. She wasn't a filler, like Percy.

4/5 stars for her.

Leo - I love Leo. He's just so realistic. Personality-wise, anyways. He's not perfect, he's the seventh wheel, but he's still a good person.

In MoA, he's matured. A lot. And I liked it - a lot. He still had the humor thing going for him but he grew up a bit, too. I could go on and on about how much I love this character. I love him as a friend and a character. I didn't really have any problems with him. However, just to be very nit-picky, I'm going to have to say this:

I didn't like how he just kept to himself. For some reason, I think that he's sort of the replacement for Grover. Because in PJO, Grover was kind of the person who called people out on their flaws. He stood up to his friends. Whenever someone's ego got too big, he decreased it. Without him, Percy's getting too cocky.

So when I read TLH, I thought, "This is it, peoples. This is the replacement for Grover. He's going to be the one to stand up to his friends."

So you can imagine my disappointment when in MoA, all he did was think about his friends' flaws. He kept quiet about his complaints. That's the type of person he is. It's not really something I hold against him because that's just who he is. It was just a personal disappointment for me.

I give him 4.5/5 stars. (That's really high in my book. To get that is an accomplishment.)

Piper - To tell you the truth, I've never really liked her. I've always wanted to. I've tried so freaking hard. I kept on repeating her positive features but I never truly liked her. I didn't hate her. Definitely not. I simply disliked her as a character - a lot. Even in the middle of The Lost Hero, I realized that I really, really disliked her.

So when I read MoA, I had low expectations for this character. Really low. But I really wanted to like her. I wanted her to be a good character.

However, she just made it so hard. She had a lot of flaws. Usually, that makes a character realistic. But with her...*sighs* everyone thinks she's perfect. She's pretty Piper and even though she has a lot of flaws, no one calls them out. No one cares. She's perfect in everyone's eyes.

1. She's selfish.

Example a. She realizes that Venus might be influencing Jason. She acknowledges that their relationship was built on fake memories. But she doesn't care. Page 473.

When you consider the possibility that your relationship with a guy might be fake and influenced by someone else, yet you don't care, well...there's something wrong with you.

Example b. When it's Jason's birthday and he has to make a wish, she hopes that he wishes that the two of them will get out of the quest alive and be together forever.

Um whoa, girl. What about Leo? Everything you've been through with Jason, Leo was mostly a part of it, too. And you call Annabeth one of your best friends yet you don't even think about her? What about Percy? Frank? Hazel? Come on, life is not a fairytale. Think about others.

Example c. "Piper eyes flashed defiantly, like anything Reyna could do, she could do." Page 213.

Come on, this isn't about Reyna. This is about the world. Just put your selfish desires away and think about other people. And Reyna's already lost. Just, please, stop.

Example d. She wants more and more alone time with Jason even though they were together almost all the time.

Example e. She doesn't put enough effort into the charmspeak to stop the Greeks and Romans from fighting because she's so afraid that Jason will go back to the Romans.

2. She's obsessed with Jason, once again.

In TLH, it was obvious that she was obsessed with Jason. She mentioned him over and over.

I own the Lost Hero and I have counted how many times they talk about each other's looks. Well, I started to but then I got tired from counting. But, in every Piper chapter that Jason makes an appearance in, Piper mentions how good-looking Jason is twice. And some of the chapters aren't even that long! Now, as for Jason mentioning Piper's looks, he mentions about 1.5 in each chapter that Piper makes an appearance in. Let's do the math, shall we? Well, there are 56 chapters in the Lost Hero. Now, Jason has two extra chapters at the end. Which means, we divide 54 by the number of POVs, which is 3. We get 18. Multiply eighteen times two and we get thirty-six. However, there are some Piper POV chapters in which Jason does not make an appearance in, therefore not giving her a chance to go on about his looks. Three of them to be exact. 18-3=15. 15*2=30. About thirty times for Piper. Of course, during some of those chapters, Piper doesn't get a chance to look at Jason, but I'm too tired to count all over again. But, roughly, this is how much Piper talks about Jason's looks. Now, for Jason. There are about five chapters in his POV in which Piper does not make an appearance. Twenty chapters in Jason's POV minus five. Fifteen. 15*1.5=22.5 Twenty two point five. That's how many times Jason mentions Piper's looks.

That's a lot. Certainly more than Percy and Annabeth. Of course, one might argue that Percy and Annabeth met in different circumstances but I've read Percy Jackson and the staff of Hermes. Percy talked about Annabeth's looks twice. One in the beginning and one near the middle. That's it. No more. And the entire story had forty pages. The Lost Hero had 557 pages and 56 chapters. That equals to about ten pages per chapter. In each chapter of the Lost Hero, Piper would talk about Jason's looks two times. Which means that, in the Staff of Hermes standards, Piper would talk about Jason's looks eight times in the short forty pages. And Jason would talk about Piper's looks six times in the story, compared to Percy's two times for Annabeth. And Percy and Annabeth were actually dating unlike Piper and Jason who liked each other but weren't actually dating. That's shallow. And Piper is convinced she's different from other Aphrodite girls. Please.

In TLH, at the campfire, when Drew called out that Jason was handsome and smart and the Aphrodite girls giggled, Piper thought, God, what a bunch of losers. How can she think that when she drooled over him during practically the entire book?

Sorry, got really off track there.

But yes, she is, once again obsessed with Jason. All she thinks about is him. That's exactly why most of my problems regarding her also regard her relationship with Jason. Because he's really all she thought about.

4. She's so fake.

Okay, so, somewhere in MoA, Annabeth comments on Piper's hair and how the white feathers braided into it look really nice against her dark hair. And then she goes on to wonder how Piper had time to do that while Annabeth barely had time to brush it.

Okay, so Piper, the apparent "tomboy" has time to freaking braid feathers in her hair? She says that she doesn't care about her looks but yet she does that? She complains about being pretty and that's why her hair is choppy but yet she continually tries to look good?

"[Piper] rushed to get dressed. By the time she got up on deck, the others had already gathered--all hastily dressed except for Coach Hedge, who had pulled the night watch.
Frank's Vancouver Winter Olympics shirt was inside out. Percy wore pajama pants and a bronze breastplate, which was an interesting fashion statement. Hazel's hair was all blown to one side as though she'd walked through a cyclone; and Leo had accidentally set himself on fire. His T-shirt was in charred tatters. His arms were smoking."

(I'll post the rest of this later. Goodreads says it's too long.)

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Here's Part 2.
Okay, so Piper, the apparent tomboy out of this group, is the only one who bothers to actually dress herself up? Everyone else rushes upstairs but Piper is the latest one? Come on. I can't believe she still calls herself a tomboy.

Since Piper's review is getting too long, I'll quickly summarize the rest of her problems.

4. She's hypocritical. She stereotypes all pretty people as mean yet she doesn't want to be stereotyped.

5. She's too perfect.

Yes, even after all of these flaws I've listed, Piper is still too perfect. Why?

Because the Mary-Sue is not judged by the reader, but by the characters. So if I notice her flaws, that doesn't make her a realistic character. But if the other characters notice her flaws and call her out on them, that makes her realistic. But no one notices her flaws. She's simply too perfect that way.

Annabeth's pride is called out many times. Thalia's little resistance to power is called out. Percy's pride and rashness is called out. Leo's insecurity and...third-wheel-ness, for lack of a better word, is called out.

Get what I'm saying?

She was more of a filler character. She didn't contribute to the plot. She was simply there, irritating me by gushing over Jason.

I give her a 1.5 out of 5 stars.

But wait! All is not hopeless for this character. If Uncle Rick makes her more realistic and have someone call her out on her flaws, then she'll be a better character. But for her to be a better person, she needs to be called out on her flaws and try to improve her character. Of course, RR has to be careful to not make her too perfect but in the "I have no flaws" way this time. He needs to balance her out.

Jason - When I first read TLH, I thought he was stealing Percy's thunder. And I hated his guts. But now that I'm more logcial, I understand that he was not really that bad of a character. He was bland, though.

In MoA, I'm happy to say that he had more of a personality. He seemed more real. I also liked his budding bromance with Percy.

Here are my problems regarding him.

1. He didn't even apologize to Reyna.

Look, I am not much of a Jason/Reyna shipper. Not anymore. But the fact that he didn't even apologize for leaving her and hurting her feelings...Come on, they were friends. The first thing he directly asks her is if he can show Piper around New Rome.

He was a jerk then.

2. He ignored his friends.

Jason is a Roman. He remembers his friends like Dakota, Gwen, Hazel, Bobby, and Reyna in TLH. But in MoA, he doesn't care about them at all. Come on.

3. He states that he's not going back to Camp Jupiter unless Piper comes with him.

There are so many things wrong with what he said. First of all, he is a Roman. Camp Jupiter is where he belongs. By stating this, he is implying that the Greeks are better than the Romans. Camp Jupiter is where his friends are. It's where his duties are. He's lived there since he was two. That is his home. And he's going to give all that up for a girl he met a couple of months ago? That's a big, big no-no.

That's really all of the problems I have with him. People disliked when he said that Percy needed an ocean to beat him but honestly, I thought that was okay. It was a flaw, was it not? It's his pride acting up. And I was okay with that.

I would rate his character 3/5. He was much, much better than in the Lost Hero but the fact that he was a jerk kind of turned him off. But, once again, he was a filler character. He didn't do much. In HoH, I hope to rate him 4/5 or maybe even more.

Hazel - I think Hazel had more of a personality in MoA, even though she didn't have a POV. She had substance, especially during her interactions with Leo. But we saw so little of her. I didn't have any problems with her.

I rate her 3.7/5 simply because she was not there too much for me to rate her anymore.

Frank - Frank was more of a filler character. He didn't have too much substance to him. I liked his jealousy of Leo, obviously, because he seemed more real. I would give him a 3.3/5.

Coach Hedge - This satyr was rather amusing at times. Other times, he was simply there. He didn't contribute to the plot that much. I didn't have any problems with him, really.

I give him a 3/5 stars.

Reyna - This character...in SoN, I adored her. I gave her 4.6/5 stars which is the highest rating I've given any of Rick's characters. Even though she appeared in 1/10th of SoN, I loved her that much, She just gave me a lasting impression, you know?

In MoA, I was breathless. When I read about her, I felt her pain. I was touched by her. She was mysterious and powerful leader but she was also a teenage girl, you know? She was brilliantly written. One of the best characters Rick's ever created. Possibly the best.

She was a great leader. She was able to put her emotions side and think about the greater good. She was reasonable, passive, stoic, and just a good person.

Problems I have with her:

There's nothing, really. Despite the fact that she's getting nothing while Perfect Piper is getting everything, there's really nothing else that I have to complain about this character.

She's bossy because she's a Roman leader. She's uptight because she's been through so much and is, once again, Roman.

The only reason I can think for someone to dislike her was because she's "getting in the way of Jason/Piper and/or Percy/Annabeth." That's the reason most people dislike her. And that's completely illogical.

I give her...*drumroll* 4.8/5 stars. That's the highest rating I've ever given any of Rick Riordan's characters.

I'm hoping that she has a POV in the next book. And she needs to get a happy ending. My OTP is Reyna/Happiness, got that?

Octavian - He has great potential. But he wasn't really an obstacle in MoA. But in HoH, he better have a bigger role. Because I love him. He's so real. He genuinely seems to care about Camp Jupiter. I am currently fangirling because I am imagining the possibilities.

I give him a 3.5/5 simply because he didn't play a big role.

Arachne - I enjoyed her character. She seemed like the real threat in MoA. However, I feel like Annabeth trapped her too easily. But I enjoyed how her flaws were brought to light and Annabeth used her brain to beat her.

4/5 stars for her.

Twin Giants - They didn't seem like they were that interesting. They were simply there.

3/5 stars.

I believe I've reviewed every character of great prominence in MoA.

Next up is the plot.

Plot: The plot was enjoyable. It tied together quite nicely. Unfortunately, because most of the characters were a little bland, the plot had nothing to bring it to life.

Here are some of my problems with it:

1. The fight scene between Jason and Percy seemed much too rushed.

It was as if Rick wrote it just so it would match the cover. There wasn't any real substance behind it.

2. It, at times, seemed like it was dragging on and on. It didn't grasp my attention like I hoped it would. In fact, at one time, I willingly put the book down for a full day and didn't bother reading it. Most of that happened in Piper's and sometimes Percy's chapters.

3. The scene between Arachne and Annabeth wasn't as juicy as I had hoped. Annabeth solved the problem much too quickly.

4. The eidolon problem was resolved rather quickly and by Piper, no less. It had the potential to become much more complicated but I was rather disappointed when Piper used her charmspeak to make them go away. Granted, they came back eventually but it was a little lacking.

All in all, I give the plot 3.5/5.

Relationships -

Percy/Annabeth - There was an abundance of Percabeth but it was written well so I couldn't bring myself to dislike it. I was a little irritated though. But I enjoyed the relationship a lot.

4/5 stars.

Jason/Piper - I know that most of you already know how I feel about this relationship. I dislike a lot. And since Piper only talks about Jason during her POV, I started disliking this relationship more and more. Please, please, end this relationship. At least end the shallowness. Do something.

1.5/5 stars.

Frank/Hazel - This was written well. It wasn't as good as Percabeth but it was nice nonetheless.

3.7/5 stars.

Leo/Hazel - This was written so well...I just loved it so much. I love how Leo gradually had feelings for Hazel.

4/5 stars.

Jason/Reyna - This relationship was written horribly, as Jason didn't even bother apologizing to Reyna. Not to mention my anger at Piper getting everything she wants and Reyna getting nothing.

1/5 stars.

Percy/Reyna - This love triangle was so unnecessary. I had such a wonderful theory that Reyna only implied that she liked Percy because she needed him to be praetor to save the camp but now...*sigh* Okay, RR, TOO MANY LOVE TRIANGLES. Please, fix this.

1/5 stars.

Annabeth/Reyna - This friendship was written rather well. I enjoyed it a lot. I loved their grudging respect. I can see the possibility of them becoming close friends.

4/5 stars.

Jason/Percy - This bromance was written well. I could sense undertones of jealousy and am curious to see how their relationship will progress.

3.7/4 stars.

Annabeth/Piper - This friendship was really annoying. So now we have Insta!Friends along with Insta!Love? It was as if RR was trying to get us to like Piper by having Annabeth like Piper. This relationship sprung out of nowhere.

1.2/5 stars.

Piper/Leo - I loved the friendship between these two. It seems as if Leo's less insecure when he's with Piper and Piper's less obsessive and more herself when she's with Leo. Brilliant friendship these two have.

4/5 stars.


It was obvious that RR was favoring the Romans over the Greeks.

1. Both Jason and Percy have Greek girlfriends.

2. Jason says he won't go back to Camp Jupiter without Piper.

3. The Romans are shown to be cruel.

4. The only two people who are shown to care a lot for Camp Jupiter is Reyna, who gets nothing, and Octavian, who's portrayed as a selfish and greedy teddy-bear killer.

5. Four out of the seven in the prophecy are Greeks.

6. Camp Half-Blood's leader, Percy, is shown to be more powerful than Camp Jupiter' leader, Jason. Like when both Nico and Hazel state that Percy is probably the most powerful demigod they've both met.

Just stop. Enough with glorifying Percy. He's starting to become a Gary-Stu. Give Jason a fair shot. Stop shoving the Romans and Jason under a bus.

I hope Uncle Rick gives the Romans a chance to shine in HoH. But then again, it says House of HADES. Which means that two of the titles have to do with Greek gods/goddesses and only one has to do with a Roman god/goddess. And even then, Neptune is really referring to Poseidon. :(

I actually prefer the Romans more than the Greeks. I don't know why. But I'm praying that all of the POVs in the next book are Romans.

I'm hoping for Jason, Frank, Hazel, and Reyna. Or maybe Octavian. No Greeks. I don't even want Percy. LET THE ROMANS GET THEIR TURN TO SHINE.

Gods, that took a long time to finish. So this is my review of MoA. Critical? Yes. Untrue? No.

For the entire book, I give it a 3/5 stars.

I hope HoH is better. I hope that I can rate it a four out of five.

As my fingers hurt from typing and I have a test to take, I better get going.


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